W.O.D. 7.27.18

Deadlifts (155/225)
Handstand Push- Ups

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Community Note:
All classes tomorrow will be held in the Annex (110C DeKalb). Meet and park there; on the same side as the Annex.

This weekend (July 27-29th) the USA Weightlifting American Open Series takes place right here in King of Prussia at the Valley Forge Casino.

Wishing all the PRs and white lights for our Bridgeport Barbell Club and CrossFit King of Prussia’s athletes and coaches competing this weekend at the American Open Series II at the Valley Forge Casino this weekend!

If you can't make it in person, watch them live at https://www.teamusa.org/usa-weightlifting/live 

 Grace Andrews- 58kg- 8:00am- Blue
 Sydney Hilliard- 58kg- 10:15am- Blue
Angelo Kelly- 69kg- 12:30pm-Stars
Aimee Lyons- 58kg- 4:50pm- Red
Michal Komeni- 53kg- 7:20pm-White
Keith Bombar- 85kg- 1:20pm- Blue
 Tia Billet- 90kg- 8:20pm- Blue
 Jim Calciano- 105kg- 8:10pm Stars
 Rachel Spring- 90kg- 9:00am- White
 Dan Faby- 105kg- 11:20am-Blue
Briana Koza- 11:20am- White

This meet draws lifters from all over the country and is the first level of competition lifters can qualify for at a national level.

CLICK HERE to find out more details on the event.
Good Luck to all the lifters!!!

What you lack in talent can be make up with desire, hustle and giving 110% all of the time.
-Don Zimmer


Manisha said...

Jeremy D 6:55 1abm PR!
Holly F 9:00 135# PR!
Kevin B 5:56 1abm
Jason P 10:33 2abm
Ben M 9:06 165/2abm PR!
Susan A 9:25 125#/2abm

Megan O 2:51 Rx
Sam B 5:55 2abm
Becky 11:00 125/3abm
Sean S 9:39 Rx

Jenna said...

Laura s 7:02 (103, 2ab)
Colleen 8:25 (125,15-12-9 stink)
Nikki m 6:15 rx
Neil do 7:26 (sb)
Jess m 4:51 (115,7/7/7 1 ab)
Matt d 8:12 (185,sb)
Kevin l =)
Laura a 8:30 (125)
Missy 7:35 (110, hold/ sb)
Alex b 7:17 (125, 2ab)

Ina 6:18 (110, 3ab)
Gordy 6:04 (185/ 1ab)
Pam g 6:51 rx
Dana d 6:16 (125, space ship)
Mike Roth 10:49 (185, 2ab) pr!
Mike mc 6:20 (83, push up)
Jackie h 6:45 (push ups)
Tori e 8:57 (125, 2ab)
Jonathan t 8:00 (222#,40#)

Unknown said...

Thank you CrossFit KOP for being my box away from my box for the past 2 weeks!! Hope to drop in again the next time I'm in the area.

Aimee Lyons said...

Anna 5:46 125#
Tim 9:04 snake PU
Rich 3:45 RX PR
Taylor 5:58 RX
Cal 5:36 3AB
Pete 4:39 RX PR
Cherie 6:19 115# sub press 20#
Kevin T 7:20 185#
JP 6:49 RX

Jenna said...

Jenna 5:50 rx

Justin Campanelli said...

Luke: 6:09 RX (Thanks for dropping in!)
Lauralee: 3:25 RX (Thanks for dropping in!)
Patricia P: 6:43 75 lb, HS hold+ 1/2 box push up
Kevin H: 6:40 RX
Alex: 8:44 First kick up to the wall!
Cameron H: 8:03 155, 3ab

Jeff P: 3:46 RX
Andrew M: 3:26 3rd board spot!
Jilla: 3:33 3rd board spot!
Mike: 6:25 165, 30 seated press
Josh M: 5:05 RX
Mike L: 6:00 145 pushup
Kat: 9:58 (105 15-12-9 pushup! first pushups in wod
Noel: 11:53 185 1 Ab mat
Kyle:7:43 1 ab mat stink bug

Justin Campanelli said...

Erika R: 8:48 85 pushup
Josh S: 6:56 125 2ab
Alona: 9:52 1ab

7:30 (85 stink bug, pull up
Mae: 4:18 (155 hex, seated press