King and Queen Challenges

See you all Saturday, July 21st to complete the following challenges with your fellow competitors...

WOD 1:
For time, Lords will take 9,000 pounds from ground to overhead, while Ladies will take 5,000 pounds. 

 The weight selections are as follows:
155# for 59 reps
135# for 67 reps
105# for 86 reps
75# for 120 reps 

105# for 48 reps
95# for 53 reps
65# for 77 reps
45# for 112 reps 

WOD 2:
To attain the throne, the members of the court will encounter many trials and tribulations. All will fail but those that are most worthy will get back up the fastest. 
 The next test for future royalty is as follows: 
 50 Deadlifts 
 Double Jump Bar Facing Burpees 
50 Deadlifts 

 For this challenge, there will be a 10-minute time cap. Each rep not completed, will add another second to the final time. Lords will lift a 135# and Ladies will lift a 95# 

Master's Warpath
25 Deadlifts  (65/95#)
Jumping Pull-ups
25 Deadlifts (65/95#)

 WOD 3: 
Brazen Bull 
 3 Rounds for time of: 
400 Meter Run 
20 Alternating (10R/10L) Weighted Dumbbell Step-ups (45/25#) 
20 Dumbbell Thrusters (45/25#)

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