For Time:
50 Air Squats
10 Power Cleans 135/205#
50 Air Squats
10 Power Cleans 135/205#
50 Air Squats
10 Power Cleans 135/205#

Community Note:
Open gym will run this Sunday 3.3 from 11AM-1PM. This is FREE for current members ONLY.  This is a time to work on skill, strength or missed WODs.

"There are those that look at things the way they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not."
-Robert F. Kennedy

Chip 12:01 RX
Bree 11:32 #85
Lauren D 11:42 #75
Diane 11:23 #75
Coxhead 8:53 RX
Kim C. 13:17 #75
Barb 10:02 #75
Stacy 11:35 #85
Mr. W 12:27 #135
Mrs. W 11:40 Scaled
Gina 9:29 85
KT 9:01 115
Klutch 9:42 165
Kim G 13:06 95
Rebecca 10:49 85
Steve Z 10:42 85/rom
Lauren M 8:57 85
Bridget 8:16/17inbox
Pete 8:16 145
Nick C 10:55 145
Jay 10:44 Rx
Andrea 13:43 83/Rom
Joe C 11:23 155
Sharon 11:52 105
Stan 12:00 75
Sam B 7:58 185
Chris A 11:24 145
PH 12:13 175
Justin R 13:26 165
Andrew Y 12:25 135
Dee 8:45 95
Arin 10:38 95
Jess S 10:40 75
Smizzy 12:05 55
Rich 10:35 form/mbc
Mike Fab 10:38 185
Travis 12:30 135
King 8:50 145
JC 14:20 #95
Jessi 15:55 Form
Oleg 12:36 #165
Tim H. 12:12 #135
Kyle @ 11:06 #95
Robin 14:26 #63
Miranduh! 11:38 #110
Brian 13:17 #95
Shannon 11:02 #55
Jaime 12:47 #55
Erika 9:19 #95
Matt 16:50 #135
Ryan 10:24 #135
Leslie 11:33 #105

New CFKoP Shorts

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CFKoP has shorts now--get yours today!



Push Press

AMRAP in 8 Minutes
10 Push Press @ 70% of your 5 RM
20 Box Jumps

Due to the success of last years NEON wod, we will be celebrating again on 3.12. Click here to see what people wore last year and get your outfit ready for 2013!

The 2013 Open is 6 days away, Daylight savings is 11 days away and the beginning of "CF Endurance Track Workouts" with Coach Tim are only a week away, it's time to get excited!

All endurance classes will meet at the Upper Merion track and count as a regular class:
Wed 3/6 5:30 PM
Wed 3/20 5:30 PM
Wed 3/27 6:30 PM
Wed 4/10 5:30 PM
Mon 4/15 6:30 PM
Mon 4/29 6:30 PM 

"There is just one life for each of us: our own."

Kristin T 115, 4+8
Wax 175, dnf
Dinger 115, 3+5
Gabby 75, 3+8
Ellie H 80, 3+27
Kathleen 80, 3+14
David L 120, 3 rounds
Alona 75, 4+2
Nick C 125, 3+10
Peter W 150, 4+10
Lauren M 90(5RMpr), 3+16
Oleg 165, 3+8
Jay E 255, 2+3
Tori 83, 4+14
Kara 63, 3+18
Stacy 95, 3+23
Diane 120, 3+20
Kim C 95, 4
Steve M 115, 3+8
Byrnsie 185, 4
Becky 85, 3+25
Jessie 78, 4+8
Sharon 115, 3+1
Tim McC 135, 4+28
Jess S 83, 3+5
Anja 63.5, 4+1
Luke 150, 3+8
Chris A 135, 4+3
Kelly 63, 4+5
Ryan S 135, 3+16
Ben, 150, 2+26
Megs 100, 4+6
Alison 135, 5+3
Kate C 125, 5
Faby 165, 4+20
Ryan B 225, 3+8
Patrick form
Andrew 95, 3+5
Vinny 200, 3+18
Nick 115, 3+10
Gene 215, 3+12
Peterson 145, 3+15
Mrs. Peterson 75, 3+6
Mateo 135, 4+5
Mike P. 145 PR, 4+8
Jonathan 165 PR, 3+5
Breanna 85 PR, 3+20
Reggie 85 PR, 3+8
Karen 75, 2+14
Travis 155, 4+5
Roman 145, 4+1
Rob Ph 205/215x3, 3+17
WW 135, 4+1



"Paleo-kits keep Plentus light on his feet"
Have you checked out our vending machine lately?

50 Deadlifts (185/275#)
50 Ring dips
5 Rope climbs (20 feet)

The work can be completed in any order, your score is the time to complete all exercises.


"All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty.  Duty is the essence of manhood."
-General George S. Patton

Mike P 12:40 Rx
Gina 12:41 145 RP band
Jen K 17:13 95 RP band
Kim G 15:49 165 RP band
Klutch 13:41 225
King 18:14 185 band
Justin R 14:07 225 RP band
Mike S 18:47 145 band
Rebecca 15:18 135 15' band
KT 16:50 scale
Chip 17:38 RX
Lauren D 15:39 #115/Scale
Amanda 12:39 #103/Scale
David 15:08 #135/Cargo/Scale
Jim C 19:40 225
Steve M. 185/sc
Byrnsey 17:19 225
Tim IntheCan 18:12 Rx
Lisa A 16:03 125/sc
Chris A 15:46 185/sc
Sarah W 17:41 95/sc
Pam 13:27 155/Sc
Andrew Y 13:46 155/rp/para
Patrick 17:53 Rx
Geoff 12:43 205#
Kate K 13:26 135/scaled dips
Gene 275 17:08 two 15'
Kate C 20:26 Rx
Flounder 11:25 225/rp/scale
Nick 15:56 145/rp/scale
Sheldon 17:10 90/rp/scale
Kyle W 14:40 175/rp/scale
Ryan P 15:05 225/scales
Sandy 16:36 125/rp/scale
Robin 16:01 183/rp/scale
Manisha 16:54 100/rp/scale
Oleg ?
Mike T 11:56 Rx
Matt B 13:51 225/scale
Mike W 21:46 185/scale dips
Tidmore 16:47 205/scale dip
Matt 20:59 225/rp/scale
Conn 17:17 195/scale
Jessi 16:25 scale
Oleg 16:53 rp
Borden 21:12 255/rp/band
Shoeless ??
Albert ??
Faby 12:41 Rx
Joe C 16:05 205/15'/band
Kathleen 11:20 115/rp/band
Erika 17:28 135/band
Leslie 12:14 155/rp/band
Anne 11:37 105/rp/band
Fayth 12:41 125/rp/band
Jack 17:28 135/15'/scale
Travis 18:09 245 mf
Shawn 12:40 185 15'
Arin 16:16 155 band rp
Ryan B 9:35 rp
PH 13:49 rp band
Jessey 11:31 115 rp band
Regi 9:25 85 band rp
Bridget 12:15 115 band rp
Tim P 12:17 Rx
Olan boot scale
Joy 13:08 185 1/2DL reps band rp



Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
95/135 pound Squat snatch

 "The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Justin R 8:49 85#, transitions
John Hu 10:05, 95/jmu
King 9:13 105/jmu
Jay E 7:44 jmu
Peter 9:31 95/jmu
Gina 8:49 65/trans
Kathleen 8:59 55/trans
Dinger 7:52 55/trans
Diane 12:07 #65 RR/Dips
Steph V ? #95 RR/Dips
Chip 10:32 #115 JMU
Christie 12:28 #35 RR/Dips
Kara 11:58 #35 RR/Dips
Nick 4:27 Scaled
David 11:23 #35 RR/Dips
Sharon 14:26 (15#/JMU)
Andrea 15:01 (33#/Dips/PU)
Mike W 14:01 (MU/MUA-53#)
Vinny 9:40 Rx
LP 14:02 75/scale
Joe P 12:42 63/scale
Gabby 8:42 40/scale
Lindsey P 7:58 scaled
Gene 13:07 rom mu
Oleg 8:45 115/jump
Tim H 7:04 75/scale
Stan 10:35 55/scale
Smizzy 7:29 35/scale
Luke 10:04 75/mut
Ryan 7:44 jmu
Tim P. 11:41 Rx
JZ 12:19 85/jmu
Richard 9:30 55/scale
Karen 8:25 35/sale
Regi 7:39 45/scale
Bridget 9:18 35/scale
Peterson 10:01 75/scale
Jess C. 10:11 60/scale
Kyle 7:17 53/scale jmu
Andrew 10:37 65/scale
Denise 7:12 55/mut
Al 12:20 115
Jackie 11:37 65/scale
Kelly 11:46 35/scale
Faby 11:36 Rx
Miranda 8:41 75/mut
Kate K. 9:42 75/mut
Dan M. 9:29 75/jmu
Mel 9:58 65/mut
Brian J. 10:49 75/jmu
Shannon 13:30 35/scale
Jaime 13:40 35/scale
Leslie 14:28 45/scale
Kathleen 15:15 18/scale

Bridgeport Barbell Club

Check out our newest shirts- get 'em while they are RED HOT!
The Bridgeport Barbell Club runs on Mondays and Fridays at 7:30PM, Thursdays 6:30PM and Saturdays at 11:00AM, these classes are typically coached by Paul and Vinny.

There is always a programmed strength workout on the board. If you do not follow WestSide, Wendler, or any other strength program... There is always something for you! We hope to see you there.

Get Ready for the Reebok CrossFit Open 2013

The First workout of the open will be announced in 8 days- Are you READY? 

The open runs from March 6th to April 7th 2013. CrossFit KoP is 57 athletes strong. If you are on the fence about signing up, now is the time to do it, you will not regret it! Check out games.crossfit.com to sign up and for up to the minute information. The following are a few details that will help you get through the open at CFKoP (It's a little wordy, but hang in there, you need the info).

CrossFit will announce the workouts on Wednesday of each week. You have until Sunday to enter your score and your score MUST be validated. If you are completing the Open WOD at CFKoP Jason and I take care of the validation process. If you are doing the workout at another affiliate your score can still count for CFKoP you just need to be signed up under our team and make sure that the gym in which you completed the workout in validates your score.

CrossFit King of Prussia is hosting the WOD on the following Saturdays 3/9, 3/23, 3/30 and 4/6 starting at 9AM and running throughout the morning until the completion of the heats. This will count as a regular class and will be the programmed WOD that day. We will host Friday 3/15- all day, based on using our facility for a CF-L1 that weekend (3/16-3/17).

Due to the generosity of your coaches we are able to offer the additional times ("make up sessions") to complete the workout if you cannot make it on the dedicated Saturday sessions listed above.  I strongly encourage the Saturday participation as the camaraderie and the excitement of the Open is found in the community that exists and is present on Saturdays!

Thursday 7AM - Steph
Friday 6AM- Megs
Friday 7:30PM- Paul

*You must contact the coach for the "make up" sessions and let them know you are coming, again this counts as a class.

ICA- CrossFit Phoenixville has opened their doors to us for Saturday 3/16 since we are hosting the CrossFit Level 1 and doing the open WOD on Friday 3/15 of that week only, if you would like to participate at their gym for Saturday 3/16 ONLY* please note the following message from Nikki "Since our box is small I'll need them to contact us in advance, so we can spread people out throughout all the class times (9, 10, and 11am). If there is a good amount of interest from your crew we'll add a noon class as well. Generally let them know our 9 and 10am classes are busy, but 11 and 12 will have more room." If you are interested in this Nikki's email is nicole.sieller@gmail.com.

Good luck gang, lets get a team to Regionals for the 4th year in a row!

Get to know your coaches- Plentus

1      How long have you been doing Crossfit?
                  My first workout was five years ago on January 31, 2008. It was in grad school and in the school gym I did a mainsite WOD. It involved deadlifts, handstand push ups, pull ups, and thrusters. I scaled everything a great deal and was still dying. It was awesome. A year and a half later I joined KoP with Ditty and started coaching shortly after that.

2      What certifications do you have?
                  CF Level I, CF Football, CF Kids, USA Weightlifting. Also attended oly lifting clinics by Natalie Burgener, EC Synkowski, and James Hobart and nutrition seminars by Robb Wolf and Whole9.

3      What future certifications do you want to get?
                  I’m not concerned as much about a piece of paper as much as learning for the sake of learning. With that said, I’m heading to PaleoFX in March 2013 for a paleo nerd-athon with coach Laura and I think listening to and learning from Louis Simmons could be very cool.

4      What are your favorite things to coach?
                  Any barbell lift, olympic or power. People see that I’m a small guy, so they assume I like running and gymnastic stuff, but I dig the heavy stuff much more, probably because little guys aren’t “supposed” to be strong. There are so many nuances and technical things to see and correct and I think people like seeing improvement with lifts because you either make the lift or you don’t.

5      Why do you like coaching?
                  I like coaching to see people succeed. When they have that “lightbulb moment” whether it’s lifting or nutrition or gymnastics or whatever, it’s awesome to see. When people do things that they never thought possible, that’s very cool for us as coaches to witness. Many CrossFitters have never done olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, etc, so CrossFit acts kind of like a gateway drug...a GOOD gateway drug.

6      How would you classify your style?
                  It depends on a lot of things; I’m not going to coach 3 people doing snatch work the same way I would 25 people doing Fran. You need to read the class and figure out what they need. Sometimes that’s a goofy coach who makes jokes to lighten the mood and other times you need to be more serious and keep people on point. This goes for individual coaching, too. Some people love to get yelled at and others hate it. I just had one member “shush” me recently during one of her sets of backsquats: lesson learned! Across all scenarios though, I believe the biggest role  of a coach is to “see and correct” and I try to work on that constantly. Anyone can throw a workout on a whiteboard and run a class, but seeing and correcting is what separates “coaches” from “facilitators” in my opinion.

7      Other interests outside of Crossfit?
                  I can read a lot, but nowadays it’s mostly blogs and information on the web rather than books.  If I find something I’m interested in, I’ll research the heck out of it and try to know as much as I can about it. I also just got into photography about a year ago, so I am working on those skills. Travel is awesome: Cambodia, South Africa, El Salvador, Peru, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia have all been great...trying to figure out summer plans! I also really like movies. If you haven’t been to Movie Tavern, make it a priority!

8      What are you top 2 Crossfit goals for 2013?
                  To rehab from my shoulder surgery and just get back in the game with more consistent workouts. I haven’t done a pull up in 7 months and I think it would be awesome if I could physically do one at all!

9      Favorite Crossfit memory?
                  An obvious one would be competing in Regionals last year. Danny and I were in the first heat of the first workout of the weekend and the energy of the place was just electric. But I would also say back at Transaxle, we were just goofing off with muscle ups  and finding a max box jump. Someone yelled “just tuck your knees!” as if it’s that simple. Thanks, I’ll just tuck my knees for this 53in. box.

10   What's your "day" job?
                  High school guidance counselor - specifically for college and career. I had been a civil engineering major for almost 3 years before realizing I needed a more people-centric job. Both counseling and CrossFit have helped fulfill that realization.

11   What would you be doing for exercise without Crossfit?
Shake Weight.

12   Favorite cheat foods?
                  Give me ice cream and I’ll do a magic trick: make it disappear!



5 Rounds for time of:
250M Row
10 Walking Lunges
10 WallBalls (14/20# to 9ft/10ft)
25 Double Unders

"When we can't dream any longer, we die."
-Emma Goldman

Mike S. 21:51 14# DUA
King 13:41 Rx
Gina 17:36 Rx
Justin 16:00 Rx
Pat P. 21:03 DUA
Dinger 19:34 18# su
Nick C. 14:34 Rx
Gabby 22:12 Rx
Lauren 19:52 DUA
Jay E. 19:19 Rx
Pete W. 11:46 Rx
Mark C. 18:28 su
Megs 13:44
Alison 13:16 sub db ppress.
Kate K 13:51
Gene 17:11
Patrick 13:42
Faby 9:54 Rx
Andrew Y 15:53
Mike P 13:55 Rx
Jess S 18:51 (14# SU)
Jason C 16:55
Sandy 18:34
Alona 17:11
Tidmore 13:18(14#,SU)
Anne 21:07 10#su
Fayth 20:05 10#su
Mark B 14:40 su
Ryan B 13:07 Rx
WW 14:30 Rx 1 rnd run
Arin 22:07 Rx
Roman 16:19 DUA
Anja 18:09 8# su
Vinny 10:44 Rx
Conn 16:54 Rx
Borden 14:19 Rx
Shannon 17:52 8# su
Jaime 17:42 8# su
Matt B 16:44 DUA
Ryan S 20:ish Rx
Charles 19:48 14#
Matt 21:30 su
Mike T 11:02 Rx
Derreck 21:52 Rx
Miranda 16:21 Rx
Manisha 17:49 10# su
Kara 19:50 10# DU/DUA
Flounder 17:19 DUA/Row
Chip 16:53 Rx
Barb 20:00 Rx
Sarah W 27:51 (15WB, 0lunges)
Mike W 15:36 Rx
Diane 22:15 DUA
Amanda 21:19 (12/15 DU)
Jonathan 16:44 (14#)
Sharon 23:15 Rx
Wax 14:17 (run)
KT 13:22 Rx
Rebecca 17:15 Rx
Mike Fab 15:40 Rx
Jack 10:40 (14/DUA)
Beth O 22:36 12#DB
Jessie 20:54 Rx
Jessey 19:34 (DUA)
Rob PH- Pukie
Erika 17:18 (20DU)
Lauren D 20:30 (ROM/DUA)



Hang Snatch 

Cash Out:
for time:
Hang Snatch @ 80% of your 1RM
Rope Climbs

"Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see."
-William Newton Clark

LP 100/10:26
Erika 65/8:21 rp
Pete W 135/13:22
Jackie 95/7:30 rp
Tim H 100/6:39 rp
Balmer 145/9:57
Derreck 135/10:51
Mateo 115/8:40 rp
Jack 65/9:46 rp
Diane 100/9:05 rp



Teams of 4 complete the following for time:
150 ABmat Sit ups
150 Back extensions
150 Ring rows
150 Overhead Squats (65/95#)
150 Thrusters (65/95#)
150 Double Unders 

Two athletes work at one time to complete the work, the exercises can be done in any order.

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do." 

Gene/Flounder/Arin 29:38
Elena, Rinat, Kim G, Ellie 22:18
Aimee/Beth/Roni/Barb 18:38
Vin/Sarah/Ryan/Andrea 16:35
Alison/Megs/Kate/Faby 16:14
Keith/KT/Jess/Rebecca 19:24
Kyle W/MR.T/Justin/Allison 17:34



Snatch Grip Deadlift

Cash Out:
for time:
40 Burpees over the bar
20 Snatch Grip Deadlifts at 70% of your 1 RM

"Truth is simply whatever you can bring yourself to believe."
-Alice Childress

AZ Andy 205, 7:08
Gina 175, 7:15
Ellie 185, 6:28
Kim 195, 5:46
Kathleen 145, 6:56
Alona 165, 6:56
Gabby 143, 7:04
Ross 225, 4:58
Lauren M 195, 7:22
Pete 275, 3:58
Mark C 260, 4:37
Nick C. 295 7:00
Kara 143 7:06
Chris T 143 7:04
Wax 215 --
Jackie 225 7:00
Diann 205 7:16
sarah sch 100, 6:21
Jonathan sch 245, 6:31
Chris A 285
Lisa A 173, 7:27
Bre 155, 7:00
Jeremy 275, 9:07
Ryan B 425 6:12
Justin R 295 6:14
Jenn Smizzy 65 5:38 front squat
Sharon 235 7:14
Keith 405-5:30
Mike P 370-4:02
Luke 345-5:43
Joe C. 315-6:00
Peterson 335-6:19
Robin 173-6:10
Ryan P. 325-5:02
Dan M. 275-6:00
Tidmore 245-4:08
Kate C. 225-3:42
Manisha 138-5:20




Death by Pull-up

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.

For an added challenge wear a weight vest.

Your score is the total number of minutes completed- which will indicate the amount of pull-ups reached.
"The cleverly expressed opposite of any generally accepted idea is worth a fortune to somebody."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ross 7
Gina 9
Dinger 10
KT 12
Rebecca 11 (2MF)
David L 10 C2B
Chip 12
Lauren Mer. 12 bluebnd
Peter W 12
Oleg 15
Nick C 13
Gab 9 (MF)
Tori 11 (blue/floss)
Tim Mcc 12
Kara 11 (blue)
Dianne 7 (green)
Bre 7 Rx
Jessey 7 (blue/2)
Byrnsie 13 Rx
Rinat 12 rx
Chris A 11 Rx
Lauren D 11 (teal)
Becky 14 rx
Justin H 13
Ryan S 14
Travis 13
Megs 15
Mike T 18 (20#vest)
Arin 6
Sharon 9
Cory 12 (scale)
Ben 10
Jeremy 6 (scale)
Miranda 8 (scale deadhang)
Robin 12 (scale)
Kim C :)
John C MU's
Alison 9
Kyle W 10ROM
Mike P 20
Faby 15
Kate K 14
Luke 8
Joe P 12
Manisha 10 (scale)
Gene 9 deadhang
Keith 14
Aimee 13
PH form
Casey 9 green bnd
Joe C 13
Mark 13
Ryan 11
Shawn 6
Bridget 13 JPU



10-1 Front Squat (65/95#)
1-10 Back squat (65/95#) 
with 10 front rack lunges between each set (using the same weight)*

*these are not walking lunges

"If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten." 
-Tony Robbins

Tim H 20:27 65#
Robin 30:27 35#
Flounder 23:42 65#
Tidmore 15:30 65#
Faby 24:04 Rx (200)
Kyle W 17:36 65#
Tim P 14:30 no lunges 115#
Sandy 26:11 45#
Jess S 22:02 45#
Mateo 19:35 80#
LP 12:42 75# scale reps
Luke 27:04 65#
Trung 18:40 35# half reps
Albert 18:40 Rx
Conn 24:18 75#
Jaime 16:18 35#
Shannon 16:20 35#
David 17:59 75#
Alona 20:56 55#
Kyle B 19:43 25# vest
Chip 15:20 95# scale
Dan M 22:40 65#
Jack 22:30 65# scale
Leslie 25:57 45#
Bridget 9:20 35# scale
Ben 22:30 65# 
Rob PH 29:11 Rx(200)
Arin 28:25 45(200)
Kim G 35:34 45(200)
Roman 21:37 75(100)
Diane 25:54 65(100)
Casey 32:51 50(100)
Joe C 24:28 75(100)
Laurel 35:34 45#/200
Pam 29:17 Rx/200
Becky 33:45 Rx /100
Schaefer 31:27 Rx/200
Tim Mc 14:58 Rx/100
Lauren D 23:39 #45 (100)
Nick 26:12 #75 (200)
Rinat 29:56 #95 (200) RX
Travis 28:09 #75 (100)
Amanda 22:08 #35 (100)
Jonathan 21:13 #65 (100)
Mr. W 28:35 #95 (100)
Mrs. W 25:22 #35 (100)
Kara 20:45 #35 (100)
Dianne 24:49 #35 (100)
Jason 36:23 Rx
Cris A 33:28 Rx
Derrick 47:05 Rx
Klutch 33:15 Rx
Justin 30:46 65#
Mike S 35:28 45#
KT 24:34 Rx
Rebecca S 38:20 55#
Joe (CT) 32:59 75#
Dinger 31:15 65#
Jay E 34:25 Rx
Pete 29:56 Rx
Kathleen 33:15 45#/scale
Gina 28:59 55#
Oleg 41:05 Rx
Roni 25:00 scale
Gene 26:43 Rx (200)
Kate C 14:50 Rx
Kate K 17:22 80# started at 8/3
Lauren B 26:42 45#
Ryan P 22:45 75#



The Lyons Press Medley

Shoulder Press-Push Press-Push Jerk

Keeping a barbell in your hands throughout the sequence of the 3 movements, perform 3 reps of Shoulder Press, 3 reps of Push Press and 3 reps of Push Jerks prior to re-racking the barbell. You will add weight to the barbell based on your level and ability. Perform the same sequence (3SP/3PP/3PJ) and re-rack. You will continue to increase the weight on the bar and the weight will eventually get to the point you cannot perform the Shoulder Press. At this point continue the Press Medley with only the Push Press and Push Jerk (3PP/3PJ). When the weight gets too heavy that you you fail on the Push Press you will continue the Press Medley with Push Jerks (3 reps) only.

"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not." 
-James Gordon

David L 95/125/145
Ross R 125/145/145
Kristin T 85/115/135
Lauren M 75/95/105
Ellie 65/75/80
Gina 65/75/90
King 115/145/165
Justin R 125/165/185
Mike S 85/105/105
Amanda 65/90/105
David 85/practice
Sharon 85/105/120
Aimee 90/115/135
Cate 110/120/ouchie
Jason 135/185/235 (split)
Jack 95/105/125
Travis 95/155/165
Allison B 60/80/85
Gene 175/185/185
Brynsie 155/155/155
Ryan 185/255/285
Tre 95/105/115
Vinny 155/185/185 ouch
Kate C 90/120/135
Kate K 80/100/115
Sheldon 73 form
Maria 75/85/95
Jen K 60/60/65
Dee Dee 65/85/95
Stan 80/85/100
Erika 65/85/100
Albert 155/185/225
Diane 85/115/135
Manisha 50/55/60
Derreck 160/195/215
Liz 60/65/70
Mike T 155/195/225
Shannon 55/65/75
Jaime 45/60/65
Leslie 75/95/105
Linda 55/60/?
Kathy 50/55/60
Brian J 135/145/165
Chip 155/190/205
Faby 145/185/215
Dan L 145/170/185
Justin H 135/155/175
Keith B 155/185/205
Oleg 135/175/195
Cory 85/95/110
Jason H 85/90/95
Miranda 80 115/125
Tim H 115/125/155
Smizzy 50/53/65

Get to Know Your Coaches

Tim Pappas

How long have you been doing Crossfit?

July 2008
What certifications do you have?  

CF Endurance Level , CF-Level 1 Trainer, USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach, PA Health/Physical Education Teaching K-12

What future certifications do you want to get?

USATriathlon Level 1 Coaching, Mobility Certification, CrossFit Kids

What are your favorite things to coach?

One of my favorite things to coach is when I am able to see an athlete struggling through a WOD and I am able to coach them all the way through to the end, and push them to their unknown boundaries. It’s coaching them where I know they can go with just a little prodding; otherwise they might not go there, and not realize their full potential.  Also I love coaching our CF Endurance track workouts at the Upper Merion Track. It’s a great feeling when members can start to breathe better during the WODs because they have worked on some sprint intervals to build up that lung capacity.  Oh, and coaching the WODs Helen, Kelly, Nancy, Michael, and Eva, naturally.

Why do you like coaching?

I get a sense of accomplishment in making our athletes better. The way that I coach could lead to the possibility or drive that makes the members aspire to do better, and make reaching goals that much more exciting and passionate to get to.

How would you classify your style?

I would love to say I lead a military driven class because that’s what I want to do, but my ideal class is just a bit more relaxed than that. I really take pride in coaching a structured class and using time management to get in everything that we all want to get in during a time block.

Other interests outside of Crossfit?

My running and racing background my whole life has led to a passion in the sport of Triathlon the past 4 years especially. This means 10-12 hours per week in the pool with swim intervals, getting out on the bike for some longer rides a few times per week, and of course 10-12 x 400m repeats at the track to keep the speed up. I miss the box community a lot during the March-September Triathlon season, but truly love and enjoy being outside to swim, bike, and run.

I have enjoyed cooking and grilling more and more each year, and adapting the Paleo diet and lifestyle the past few years has helped with all of this as well!

What are you top 2 Crossfit goals for 2013?

I would love to have 10 strung muscle-ups as a goal, the last 3 times I’ve tried I got 9 :(   Secondly I’ve been working on a 15 rep bodyweight overhead squat. I only seem to get to 12 so far. Lastly, I want to get to chase Plentus for 200 double-unders, but I think I need a little more practice for that.

Favorite Crossfit memory?

So many, it’s very hard to nail down a specific few. But I did enjoy working with Aimee during 2009 to build CF-KOP into a powerhouse box and tactical training center. I think the best memories are the community events and traditions that you all have become a part of and we still use today and will use for years to come. Nothing really beats cheering on a member to pick up that bar one more time, or get that one more rep.

What's your "day" job?

I teach 2-3 days per week Health and Phys Ed within the Upper Merion School district. What I truly enjoy doing is working with the high school freshman/sophomore classes, where I can create interesting lessons about the benefits of fitness and good nutrition, and also making the right choices at that age. I incorporate a lot of topics I have learned from the CrossFit community over the years into this for some great real life examples.

Along with this, I really enjoy coaching the Upper Merion high school winter and spring track teams. Although this runs from November to June, it’s quite fulfilling and fun to work with them.

What would you be doing for exercise without Crossfit?

Wow-- this is a great one in which Laura and I talk about quite often.  Back in June of 2008 we met Aimee while she was teaching a spinning class at the Fairmount Athletic Club and we did some functional fitness movements in the lobby while jumping on and off the bikes. Had we not done that stuff, I would be doing more LSD (long slow distance) and not getting the best bang for the buck workouts in. Our bodies and mindset would not be “strong as a whole” and maybe we would not have changed our diet for the better at all! I would surely not be as strong as I feel, and would not have a higher sense of pain threshold since doing CrossFit.

Favorite cheat foods?
Oh man, 2 five guys double cheeseburgers. Once in a while I would do this after a monster “brick” workout, just so I can crave it even more. A brick is a stacking 2 disciplines (usually a bike then run) immediately following each other to prep the body for race day and the muscle confusion of the fast switch of getting off a bike and then getting right into a quick stride.  The time domains depending on the race distance you are training for can range from an 8 mile bike and an 800m run, to a 2 hour bike and a 6-8 mile run which I did regularly during IRONMAN training last year, so you can easily get “hungry” (...understatement)



3 Rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (70/55#)
12 Handstand Push-ups

"The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice." 
-George Eliot

Steve Z 15:47 row/35#/sb
Justin 11:55 55#/sb
Dinger 11:28 44#/sb
Kathleen 15:07 row/44#/sb
Pete 13:18 sb
Nick 15:08 55#/ab
Jay E. 20:56 Rx
Oleg 12:01 sb
Alex L. 14:45 44#/ab
Barb 18:18 44#/kick up
Beth O 14:22 18/GHD
Kelvin 14:14 55#/ROM
Gene 14:29 Rx
Nick Z 11:04/GHD 45#55#
Jonathan 11:10 44#/AbMat Situp
Mike Fab 17:12 70/Kick up
Jackie 14:24 44/SB
Laurel D 13:02 35#/SB
Lauren D 12:35 35#/SB 
Kathleen 15:06 26/SB
David C 16:40 35#/18 ROM
Bob G 11:58 (35# box)
Roman 12:33 (sb)
Shawn 21:44 70/55/ROM
WW 20:25 70/Wallwalk/kick up
Travis 17:44 70/ROM
Mark B 18:16 70/ROM
Jessey 13:58 35#/SB
Flounder 15:47 55#/kick up
Ryan B 21:05 Row/70/ROM
Rinat 14:25 55 ab
Erika 14:44 45 sb
Robin 16:47 35 sb
Cory 12:55 45 box 20"
Faby 10:30 Rx
Kate K 13:38 Pull-ups
Dan L 14:11 plate
Brian R 14:50 Rx
Patrick 14:50 Rx
Sandy 16:07 35 2 ab
Kate C 14:30 Rx
Jess S 16:00 35 sb
Ryan S 13:49 55 SBx2
Vinny 16:30 Rx
Conn 14:42 rom
Borden 15:22 53 kick ups
Miranda 16:58 sb
Chris A 13:29 sb
Shannon 12:29 26 sb
Jaime 12:40 26 sb
Trung 18:10 26 sb
Ben 13:54 55 ab+plates
Derreck14:38 sb



St. Valentines Day Massacre
Each partner must share the work load and complete a portion of the below while the other partner continually holds a bumper plate over head. (Ladies#25/Gentlemen#45). We will scale the load overhead if necessary. If the bumper plate touches the ground at any time, each partner must complete 50 burpees. The bumper plate cannot rest on any object or body part, it must be held over head. Exercises can be completed in any order.

50 Wallballs (14/20#)
75 Kettelbell swings (35/55#)
100 Push Ups
150 Sit-Ups
200 Squats
800M Run

This Sunday, February 17th we will execute the Valentines Day WOD at both the 9AM and 10AM classes. Feel free to bring your significant other, partner, friend, child, relative or enemy...to give CrossFit a try. Even if you don't come with a partner, You will be paired up with someone. We will scale this based on level and ability for new comers. This is a FREE class for first timers who come with a current CFKoP member!!

(compare to (2.14.12 or 2.13.11 or 2.13.10 or 2.14.09 or 6.24.09)

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."
-Albert Einstein

Shawn/Liz 27:21
Alison/Balmer 22:48
Derreck/Klutch 24:33
Rinat/Elena 26:41 Rx
Oleg/Jessi 30:27
Mike P/Mrs. P 26:52 Rx?
Erika/Manisha 27:00
Kathy/Alex 25:42
Linda/Kevin 35:32
Pete/King 22:59 Rx
Roni/Cris 20:40 Rx?
Jackie/Lindsey 28:15
Peterson/Mom 32:15
Shannon/Jaime 31:30
WW/Steve Z 29:25
John/Kim 28:50
Kate K/Faby 22:39
Rye Bread/Megs 21:58
Kelly G/Matt G 29:03
Jesse/Alona 28:39



"Hope for Kenya"

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
50 Squats
30 Push-ups
15 Pull-ups

Community Notes:
Doors open at 8:15 AM, first heats will kick off at 9:00AM. Registration and heat assignments will be set up as you arrive. Voluntary donation of $20, all proceeds of the day will go to "Hope for Kenya". Click here to donate online.  Bridgeport Barbell Club will occur at 1:00PM following the event.

"When resources are degraded, we start competing for them, whether it is at the local level in Kenya, where we had tribal clashes over land and water, or at the global level, where we are fighting over water, oil, and minerals. So one way to promote peace is to promote sustainable management and equitable distribution of resources."
-Wangari Maathai



 The Hope for Kenya crew...

 Dylan comes from Long Island and takes the WOD by storm!

Supporting the 15,000 with FA!

A few of your CFKoP coaches!



Back Squat

3 attempts at Max L-sit hold

Community Reminder:
Tomorrow is our HOPE for Kenya WOD. Heats will start at 9AM and run through about 12:30PM.  Voluntary donation is $20. Click here to donate online.   Our goal is to raise $14K, enough to build a school in Kenya. We will have great raffle prizes at the event!

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."
-Michael Jordan

Ellie 120/13seconds
Gina 145, 7sec
Mike S 130, --
Ross R 145, 10sec
Kristin T 155, --
Peter W 225, 2sec
Dinger 175, 2sec
Barb Form/14Sec
Allison 132PR/30Sec
Chris A Form/14Sec
Travis 215
King 215/30seconds
Casey 100/40seconds bent knees
Sharon 163/31seconds
Andrea 173/6seconds
Dianne 113/8seconds
Travis 215
King 215/30seconds
Casey 100/40seconds bent knees
Sharon 163/31seconds
Andrea 173/6seconds
Dianne 113/8seconds
 John C 335/38seconds
Kim 103
Dan L 265/23seconds
Ryan P. 285 PR-34sec
Cory 170PR-9sec
Kate K 155PR-16sec
Lauren B. 126PR-9sec (Whoa)
Oleg 245PR-27sec
Balmer 300PR-10sec
Faby 275PR-21sec
Leslie 145PR-16
Manisha 83PR-47sec
Erika 123-40sec
Brian 135-26sec
Alison 185-12sec
JZ 205 - 0sec
Bre 125 - 24sec
Ryan S 225 - 20sec
Keith 345 - 32sec
Sarah S 70-30sec



For time:
500M Row
100 Double Unders

Turkish Get Up:

“A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.” 
― Ray Davis

Matt B 6:40 (attempts/su), 35db
Alona 7:33 (att/su), 40db
Dinger 7:50 (att/su), 40db
David L 8:53 (su), 50db
Kristin T 4:49 Rx, 60db right
Peter W 3:36 Rx, 60R/50
Patrick 5:58 Rx, 70#
Miranda 5:05 Rx, 65#
Dan M 3:45 Rx, 45#
Stan 6:23 su, 45r/35l
Jess S 8:21 du/su --
Kate K 5:45 Rx, 45#
Luke 7:29 att/su, 70#
Arin 5:42 su, 35r
Alison 4:03 Rx --
Flounder 5:42 duatt, 60#
Faby 3:20 Rx, 100 r/l
Vinny 3:00 Rx, 100 right db
Chip 8:49 Rx/65 DB
Megs 4:36 Rx/30DB
Kara 7:02 50 DU/18KB
Brian H 8:00 Attempts/26KB
Laurel 6:45 50 Attempts/10KB
Dianne 10:18  50 Attempts/18 KB
Amanda 6:47 50 DU26 KB
Jonathan 5:54 Rx/18 KB
Aimee 4:06 Rx
Becky 7:38 50 DU/35#R
Casey 11:35 50 DUAttempts /20 R/L
Tim P. 3:20 Rx/100# dbr
Ryan 4:41 Rx 65#db
Breanna 6:17 1/2 44# kb
Jess 6:03 dua/44#kb
Gene 7:35 1/2 85r/70l
WW 4:52 Rx 55#db
Rob Ph. 7:22 Rx 90# db
Travis 8:09 Rx 75/55
Steph V. 7:17 1/2 60#
Jason H. 5:29 Rx 85/75 bar
Olan 5:50 Rx 70kb
Nick 5:02 su 55# db

CrossFit Level 1

The next CrossFit Level One course at CrossFit King of Prussia will be held on April 13th and April 14th. Click here to sign up today.



Complete 5 Knees to Elbows and perform max rep Clean and Jerks at 105/155# on the minute. 

The goal is to complete 50 Clean and Jerks.

*At the beginning of every minute perform 5 knees to elbows for the rest of the minute perform as many clean and jerks as you can during that minute. At the beginning of the next minute perform 5 knees to elbows and then max rep clean and jerks and so on until you reach 50 total clean and jerks. 

Your score is the total time to complete 50 Clean and Jerks. 

"In life you are either a passenger or a pilot, it's your choice.

Ross 11:45 115/Rom
Rebecca 90/KTE scale
Kim 16:33 83/KTE scale
Gina 14:56 80/Rom
Roni 12:00 30 reps 90/KTE scale
Cris 18:53 135
Matt B 12:46 135/Rom
Mike S 16:51 75/Kte scale
Kathleen 10:59 70/Rom
Mr. W 15:52 (115)
Mrs. W 15:32 (35) Scaled K2E
Megs 12:58 (85)
Kelvin 13:43 (135)
Chip 13:00 (135)
Allison 13:42 (65)
Leslie 13:59 @85
Jack 12:50 75/ROM
Kate K 12:38 105 K2E/3reps
Chris A 11:49 105 ROM
Kyle B 15:51 15db
Sam B 8:57 Rx
WW 13:57 115 ROM
Travis 15:38 135 scale
Mike Fab 13:53 ROM
Joy 9:00 30reps 85 ROM
Ryan P 12:42 115
Lauren B. 8:58 53 scale
Brennan 7:57 Rx
LP 10:44 95#
Faby 11:42 Rx
Cory 19:01 100# scale
Tidmore 12:39 115#
Kyle W 10:36 95# scale
Luke 19:45 95# scale
Joe P 15:41 105#
Shoeless 15:55 95# rom
Mateo 14:20 100#
Gene 12:49 Rx
Mike T: 12:28 Rx
Joe C: 15:51 125#
Rob PH 9:58 ROM/135#
Schaefer 16:47 Rx
Jim C. 13:50 135#
Pam 14:56 ROM/83#



Five rounds for time of:
155/225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
Run 400 meters
15 GHD Sit-ups

Community Notes:
Paleo 101 - Fundamentals of Nutrition will be held on Wednesday, February 13th @6:30 pm. If you have recently completed Fundamentals it includes a FREE nutrition session. Meet Laura in the lobby on Wednesday at 6:30PM.

On Saturday the HOPE for Kenya WOD will begin at 9:00AM. Registration will take place upon arrival. We are raising money for CrossFit to build Schools in Kenya. Click here to donate and read more about the event, every little bit gets us closer to our goal of $14,000--the amount necessary to build a school.

The Valentines Day Massacre will occur on Sunday February 17th. This is a partner WOD, spouses, friends and significant others are welcome and we encourage you to finally get them to check out what you do!!!

"There is always room at the top"
-Daniel Webster

 Lauren Merr. 25:38 (145/situps)
Kristin T 19:16 Rx
Mike P 18:46 Rx
Rebecca 21:23 situps
Ellie 20:08 (125)
Gina 21:27 situps
Dinger 21:06 (135/situps)
Mark C 23:14 (200)
Peter 21:51 Rx
David L 19:11 (135,situps)
Tim914 M. 19:51 Rx
Casey 20:40 (73/su)
Travis 20:39 (ghd rom)
JZ 23:28 (205)
Jack 22:06 (143/su)
Paul 15:48 (scale)
Roman 19:43 (185)
Joe C 22:07 (185)
Ryan 19:41 (1 non GHD rd)
Megs 13:43 (scale)
Doug S 19:42 (185 su)
WW 22:56 (205 su)
Brynsie 21:22 (rx)
Olan 23:40 (rx)
Ph 20:28 (225/su)
Joy 11:17 (scale)
Steve M 22:19 (185)
Justin R 23:53 (185)
Smizzy 24:11 (83)
Lauren 22:13 (95 ab)
Barb 28:33 (155/135)
Chris T 25:20 (70kb ab)
Tim M 20:21 (rx)
Schaefer 18:44 (rx)
Jessey 20:39 (115)
Sarah W 30:17 (4rds 53kb)
Kara 24:16 (83 ab)
Mike W 27:27 (185)
Jonathan 23:41 (115 ab)
Erika 22:26 95
Matt B 24:43 205
Mark B 18:47 185 ab
Kyle W 22:07 165 ab
Brian R 20:47 185 ab
Faby 16:08 Rx
Balmer 17:26 Rx
Alison 21:13 ab
Albert 20:40 T2B
Kate K 22:28 Rx
Stan 29:43 155 ab
Tre 29:15 155 T2B
Jen K 26:47 103 ab
Big Al 27:16 225 ab
Dan M 22:01 185
Brian J 22:00 135 ab
Jaime 23:40 95 ab
Shannon 23:40 95 ab
Leslie 24:20 135 ab row
Anne 25:58 115 ab
Faythe 24:52 115 ab
Linda 25:03 105 su
Miranda 25:02 Rx
Kathy 26:04 65 su
Charles 24:42 115 su
Chris A 23:34 185
Vinny 18:13 Rx
Oleg 24:56 Rx
Gene 18:30 Rx
Alona 19:49 105/scale
Klutch 20:58 su
Peterbutt 22:31 su
Kate C 19:13 Rx
Tidmore 20:04 185/su
Andrew Y 23:29 135/su

Get to Know Your Coaches

  Jason Lyons

1.    How long have you been doing Crossfit?
Since July of 2008

2.    What certifications do you have?
Certified CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Coaches Prep Course, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Olympic Lifting and other clinics, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Gymnastics (Tucker), Gymnastics (Paoli), CrossFit Football, Concept II Rowing

3.    What future certifications do you want to get?
CrossFit Level 2 if they reintroduce it, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Rowing

4.    What are your favorite things to coach?
I like to teach just about anything.  If I have to pick one thing, it is probably something related to a barbell.

5.    Why do you like coaching?
There are fewer things better than seeing someone do something for the first time because of your instruction.  Every person is unique and it takes a different cue to get through to everyone…I like the challenge of finding the right cue. 

6.    How would you classify your style?
Non sugar coated.  I only say “good” when it is actually good.  I will often say “better”.  I like to have a good time and joke around with people before class but when the clock starts, it is all business.  Some people may think I am mean and demanding.  I like to think that you respect those that demand the most from you.  You don’t need to like me as long as you respect me. 

7.    Other interests outside of Crossfit?
I like reading, music, traveling, beer and wine and my family.  My dream job is a tour reviewer for Pearl Jam or a writer for Fromers. 

8.    What are you top 2 Crossfit goals for 2013?
I want to work out 3 times a week consistently and I would like to drop 10+ pounds

9.    Favorite Crossfit memory?
The first time Andrea ran a 400m unassisted after being told she could not do it by “medical professionals”.   I cried when she got back and I get goosebumps when I write about it. 

10. What's your "day" job?
I am an R&D manager for a global specialty chemical producer.  My group is involved in the research and development of additives for a variety of plastics. 

11. What would you be doing for exercise without Crossfit?
Aimee quite literally saved my life.  I would probably be doing nothing and getting morbidly obese on my couch.  She opened my eyes and made me believe that I could actually like to exercise. 

12. Favorite cheat foods?
Beer, wine, good chocolate and french fries.