W.O.D. 8.1.11

Crowds for the 2011 CrossFit Games!

Back Squat

Cash out:
@ 50% of your 1RM Back Squat complete max Back Squats in 3 minutes.

"Optimism doesn't wait on facts. It deals with prospects."
-Norman Cousins


W.O.D. 7.31.11

3Rds for time of:
Run 800 Meters
50 Sit Ups
50 Back Extensions

*Caution* This can be done on the GHD Machine, but it is kinda silly unless you are well conditioned on the GHD...and even then it might leave you like a pile on the floor.

"That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly."
-Thomas Paine


W.O.D. 7.30.11

Thrusters 65#/95#

(compare to 2.10.11)

Community Notes:
Happy Birthday Gabe!

"It's easier to demolish a house than to build one."
-Irish proverb


W.O.D. 7.29.11

Hang Power Snatch

3 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters
7 Hang Power Snatch (95#/135#)

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible."
- Arthur C. Clarke


W.O.D. 7.28.11

For time complete:
9 - 7 - 5
Wall Walks
Ground to Over head (185#/135#)

*Coaches notes: A wall walk is where you walk up the wall backwards feet first until your chest touches the wall, you must then have your chest touch the floor to complete the rep.

CrossFit is MY sport by L. Pappas.

Community Notes:
Happy Birthday Kathleen!

"It is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight-it's the size of the fight in the dog."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower


W.O.D. 7.27.11

For time complete:
Row 1000M
10 Muscle Ups

*Muscle Ups can be subbed with MU transitions (w/ or w/out) the band or jumping MU or Pull-ups (20) and Dips (20).

Cash out:
30 GHD Sit-ups
30 GHD Hip Extensions

Community Reminder:
Coach Pappas will have Endurance class tonight at 5:30PM. Meet in the Lobby.

A New Perspective by Gillian Mounsey

"It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them."
-Mark Twain

Nicole 7:56 (transition)
Mike P 5:32 (green)
Mike S 7:46 (green)
Jay E 8:27 (jumping Mu)
Todd 7:57 (Rx)
Dianne 10:48 (transition / ring dips)
Keith 9:00 jumping mu
Katie 11:51 (pu/rd)
Denise 11:00 (pu/rd)
Stephanie 10:43 (pu/rd) black
Tom H 14:53 (pu/rd)
Joy 10:17 mu transitions and pu
Tracy 8:30 mu transition practices
Kim G. 10:10 (pu/rd) green
Rhonda (pu/rd) green
Terri 11:49 (pu/rd) black
Rob Ph 4:59 trans
Mike F 7:36 trans
Kill B 7:25 jump/MU
Brian R. 6:32 trans
Ross 11:08 Rx (congrats on your first MU- welcome to the club)
Tidmore 6:04 trans/pink
Becca 6:33 trans/dip
Kelli 7:02 trans
Margot 7:19 trans/dip
Plentus 8:05 Rx

Mark your calendars for the August CF Endurance Classes with Coach Pappas :

Wednesday 8/10 @6:30PM
Monday 8/22 @5:30PM

and don't forget about this weeks session on:
Wednesday 7/27 @5:30PM


W.O.D. 7.26.11

"Constantly Varied"
"Alien Invasion"
...you decide...or choose the caption!

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (55#/75#)
Push Press (55#/75#)

Community Notes:
Congrats to Charles for getting on the 100 + DU board with 103!

"Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might have been."
-Arthur Mitchell Ransome

Howard 11:10
Kristin T 9:04
Jay E 5:26
Todd B 11:57
Mike P 12:18
Kara 14:40
Victor 14:54
Keith 11:50
Olan 9:17
Alison 11:14
Rob Pl 7:52
Sam B 6:43
Chris B 12:01
Joe A 10:12
Paul F 12:14
Aimee 5:53
Donkey 11:28
Dorothy 10:21
Rob Ph 8:58
Shoeless 10:29
Travis 12:53
Jeff 8:30
Mel 12:55
Megs 11:24
Shawn 7:00
Mike F. 8:28
Steph V. 6:46
Tim P. 6:46
Tim H. 14:15
Kate 7:59
Plentus 5:58
Sharon 13:51
Jen S. 8:07
LP 7:58

Mike S 16:33 (55#)
Kim G 10:05 (45#)
Becca 19:45 (45#)
Charles 12:28@ 55
Nathan 5:10 @ PVC
JNa 12:18 @ 35
Dan B 10:10 @ 45
Steph J 10:07 @ 25
Gina 12:16 @ 45
JP 12:44 Ouchie at 9's @ 55
Joe C. 13:54 65#
Bonnie 17:08 45#
Diego 15:03 60#
Lizzie 12:52 45#
Denise 13:59 45#
Rachael 14:32 45#
Stasie 22:33 22#
Erika 8:40 45#


W.O.D. 7.25.11

We checked out Iron Cross Athletics this weekend, you should too!
...Nikki & John are offering some Open Gym hours, click here to check 'em out!


at 80% of your one RM perform 3 on the minute for 6 minutes

Mobility Monday:
Join Jeff at 5:30PM & 6:30PM. We are going back to the back. We'll use stretches and the foam roller to increase mobility in the upper and lower back. As always, bring questions.

CrossFit in Forbes by Patrick Rishe

"Be patient. Your fitness level is something that is going to generally take a long time to get to where you think you want it. And when you are there, you will want it higher.

Don’t define yourself by your numbers and your times. Define yourself by who you are and what you are about. CrossFit is something that you do, it is not who you are. That can help keep things in good perspective."
-Chris Spealler

Cline 150
Mike P 195
Kristin T 120
Tom Sk 242.5
Joy 83
Ciera 93
Becca 73
Tom H 155
Keith 215
Aimee 145
Cate 135
Tim P. 215
Mike V. 245
Jason 235
John G. 175 pr
Steph J 35
Dorothy 120
Mel 110
Mike T? ouchie
Brian R. 185 pr
Travis 135
Karen 105
Rob Ph 175
Jeff 165
Joe C. 135
Becky 35
Olan 185
Diego 115
Vinny 210
Flounder 115
Kathleen 95
Sandy 70
Bonnie 60
Tidmore 125
Jen S. 120
Shoeless 175
Steph V. 160
Nick C. 115
Laura 105
Sheng Ching 135
Dan B 95
Tim Hen 165
Randy 95
Sharon 118
Tracy (formwork)
Jess S 93
JNa 83
Donkey 125
Erika 85
Kate 115
Rob Pl 215
Charles 115
Tim Gantz 190
Mark 155

The time has come to CROWN our new royalty!

Just a reminder that we will be hosting the King & Queen of Prussia competition on August 13th. This competition will consist of three workouts and is open to all non-coaching members of CF KoP. This is our annual event for the KoP community and is one that you should not miss. We will run the workouts over the course of the day and we will end it with a "Stink and Drink" celebrating the new court.

WOD 1: "Storm the Banks"
Row 750M
75 Kettlebell Swings(55#/35#)
Row 500M
50 Kettlebell Swings(55#/35#)
Row 250
25 Kettlebell Swings(55#/35#)

WOD 2: "Load the Catapult"
200m Run
5000/3000lbs shoulder to overhead anyhow
Lord's weight options (65/95/135#)
Lady's weight options (35/65/95#)
200m Run

WOD 3: "Defend the Throne"
50 Deadlifts (135#/95#)
50 Burpees over the bar
50 Sit-ups (unanchored butterfly)
50 Air Squats
50 Single Unders
50 Jumping Pull-ups

Registration will start at 9:30AM and the first workout will begin at 10:00AM sharp. We ask that you sign up before August 9th to be eligible for the competition. This will give us sufficient time to make heat assignments and find judges. Signing up is FREE and you get an exclusive T-shirt available only to those that compete. After all the dust has settled, the stink and drink and awards ceremony will start at 3:00PM.

Even if you are not competing, we strongly encourage you to come to the event and support your fellow CFKoP fellow athletes. All family and friends are welcome. It is the best event we host every year and it is our way of saying thank you for the community you help build.


W.O.D. 7.24.11

Our CFKids practicing Pull-ups and Deadlifts...
CFKids class today at 11:00AM!

9 rounds for time of:
5 Deadlifts (225#/155#)
5 Handstand push-ups

"Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery."
-Dr. Joyce Brothers

Kim G 5:27 (105#/30 in box), 10
Vincent Vincent 6:03 (225#/25 in box), 9
Karen L. 5:18 (115#, 3 ab mats), 10
Nicole Mc 7:53 (?, 2 ab mats DC), 9
John G 10:25 (225#, 10 lb plate + abmat), 10
Peterbutt 12:49 (225#, 10 lb plate + abmat), 12
Lindsey Peterbutt 12:02 (135#, 2 abmats), 11
Sam B. 13:39 Rx+ (parallette HSPU), 14
Danny 8:38 Rx
Kristy 8:54 (115#/21 in box), 7
Sandy 7:13 (90#, 2 abmats), 8
Jess C 8:37 (103#, HSPU attempts), 11
Rob P 11:41 Rx, 6
JB 7:13 (155#, 25 in box)


W.O.D. 7.23.11

Summer Sweat Angels!

7 rounds:
:40 row for meters @ 90-95% effort
:20 rest
:40 double-unders
:20 rest
:40 hollow rock holds
:20 rest


"Number 1 and Number 2: A Day of Training" with Graham Holmberg and Rich Froning Jr., CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

"Do not be desirous of having things done quickly. Do not look at small advantages. Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly. Looking at small advantages prevents great affairs from being accomplished."
- Confucius


W.O.D. 7.22.11

Congratulations to Keith and Sharon who now have Kipping Pull-ups!
Nick C. waving his DB in the air!!

21-15 and 9:
Left-arm Dumbbell snatch, (45#/25#)
Right-arm Dumbbell snatch, (45#/25#)

Snatch Balance

Coaches Notes:
The Dumbbell snatch should be a full squat. For the Snatch Balance use a light to moderate weight. The snatch balance will require you to initiate the movement with a strong dip and drive, then dive under the bar and move the feet to land in the slightly wider catching stance with the bar overhead—all explosively and in an instant.

"It's only when I am doing my work that I am truly alive."
-Federico Fellini

Nick 27:15 (30#)
Olan 23:20 (45#) NEDC (not even DC)
Ciera 22:24 (15#/jump)
Becca 20:20 (15#/green)
Victor 22:55 (25/20#/green)
Steph J. 24:36 (10#/blk)
Keith 26:31 (Rx)
Mike P 15:09 (25#)
Kathleen 18:13 (15#, purple band)
Krista 16:51 (15#, jumping pu)
Jay E 14:48 (green band)
Mike S 21:11 (25#, red band)
Kim G 16:52 (20#, green)
Peterbutt 17:17 (35#)
Kevin B 17:30 (35#, C2B)
Megan B 15:57 (15#, purple)
Megs 12:03 (20#)
Nina 15:30 (MF)
Clay 13:40 (35#)
LeviKate with a K 16:10 Rx
Rob Ph 16:48 (blk band)
Mike F. 17:56 (35#)
Jerry 15:29 (35#, squat depth)
Shawn 12:45 (20# form, Rx pullups)
Liz 19:01 (20# DC, Rx pullups)
Alex T 18:00 (15#, green)
Mark R 16:05 (30#, rx pullups)
Joe A 27:43 (45#, full squat/power, CTB pullups)
Becky 22:39 (15#, Rx pullups)
Miranda 21:52 (25#, ring rows)
Rob P 22:40 (35#, dead hangs)
Tim H 21:14 (25#, black)
Brendan 19:02 (25#, Rx pullups)
Cline 21:07 (25#, green)


W.O.D. 7.21.11

Kevin B...one wall climb away from 6 rounds!

CrossFit Kids on the Cargo Net



AMRAP in 15 minutes
1 Wall Ascent (6ft/8ft)
10 Kettlebell Swings (35#/55#)
1 Wall Ascent (6ft/8ft)
10 Burpees

Cash out:
Reverse Hyper 3 sets of 20 reps

Community Notes:
Click here to check out the Philadelphia GoRuck Challenge. Is anyone up for getting a team together? Do you have questions? Post to comments.

Check out the results from the Warrior Challenge over the weekend and a few photos.

How Jacked is your Kid? By Eric Spitznagel

"A clever person turns great troubles into little ones and little ones into none at all."
-Chinese proverb

Kara 5 (box)
Nicole S 3 (ropewall)
Doreen 5 Rx
JB 5 Rx
Mike P 6 Rx
Laura 8 Rx+(45#kb)
Kevin B 5 Rx
Olan 5 Rx+ (70#kb)
Keith B 5 (45# 6')
Sharon 4 Rx
Diego 5 (35# 6")
Victor 6 (55# gb)
Jordan 8 Rx+ (70#kb)


W.O.D. 7.20.11

Our Summer collection is now available at CFKoP-
Get 'em while they are hot @ $25.

"WOW Donkey- did you really get your folding degree at the GAP?

1 RM Bench Press


4 Rounds for time of:

10 Barbell Floor Press 95#/65#
20 Floor Windshield Wipers (R+L=1 rep)

(compare to 1.22.11)

Coaching Notes:
Floor press is a bench press without a bench. Elbows/Triceps touch the floor at the bottom position, then press out to full arm extension at the top. From there (when you complete 10 reps), hold that position while you sweep your feet, together, from one plate at the end of the barbell, to the other plate on the other side of the bar. Muscular endurance will be tested as the sets increase. Make sure elbows touch on the floor press and feet touch the weights during the windshield wipers.

"Illusion is the dust the devil throws in the eyes of the foolish"
-Minna Antrim

Kim G 78, 10:33 (33#)
Rachel B 83, 8:31 (45)
Doreen 85, 11:24 Rx
Nicole S 90, 11:00 (45)
Mike S 130, 13:39 (65)
Mike P 215, 7:44 Rx
Nina 145, 10:44 (95/75)
Rob P 235, 7:00 rx
Mel 120, 7:06 dc
Keith 205 10:00 rx
Todd 195 11:49 rx dc
Aim 130 7:32 rx
Denise 73 8:51 (35)
Katie 78 9:20 (35)
Becca 85 9:20 (35)
Ciera 85 8:27 (35)
Victor 185 12:21 (75)
Mike T 255 5:56 rx
Joe D 205 9:23 (75)
Kevin B 275 5:00 dc
Sharon 138 12:10 rx
Tom H 175 8:11 (75)
Donkey 110, 8:28 rx
Joy 75 10:03 (35)
JZ 150/11:24 Rx
Clay 255/8:44 Rx
Brian 190(pr)/7:38form
Josh 235/8:58 form
Rob Ph. 225/8:03 form
Karen 125/10:15 form
John G. 195 10:31 form
Steph 135/9:36 form
Kathleen 82/6:06 @35 form
Mike F 285/8:59 DC form
Diego 145/10:32 form
Ken 135/14:42@65
Flounder 165/13:43@75
Tim H. 180/9:43
Chris S. 275/8:53
Kate (not Katie) 125/8:26
Sandy 75/9:08@45
Bekah 90/9:09
Vincent 205/8:41
Stasie 55/3:50@35 and half wipers
Howard 235/8:19
Travis 145/10:15
Brendan 155/7:08
Terri 55/5:55@35 and half wipers
Jerry -/9:28
TP ?/6:27
KSB 100/8:25@45
Kristin T 115/10:58@55
Randy 135/9:35
Erika 76/11:35
Lindsey 95/10:38@45
Sheng Ching 105/12:58@53
Jess S. 65/9:57
Dan B (the OTHER DANNY) 205/9:15@75
Charles 145/13:12@55
Jess C. 90/10:48@45
Allison 135/5:57@55
Mark 175/9:18@75

Today's Photos:
Windshield Wipers
Todd and Mel get it done!

CF Endurance Results

"Ever wonder what your mile time might be?"

Tonight the CFE class did a 1 mile time trial (TT), in order to get a mile time and see where they were at...everyone ran the fastest mile they could along the river. CFE class will revisit it in about 6 weeks and seek the improvements, similar to the baseline WOD we do with everyone at intro sessions.

Kate Conn 6:32 (smokin)
Chris Tidmore 6:33 (ultra distance runner)
Megs 7:49 (wow)
Rachael H 7:58 (building endurance)
Howard 8:31 (mean kick)

Then because it was a TT, they had FULL rest, so like 5-7minutes.
Then 3x400m intervals.


W.O.D. 7.19.11

Killa & Liz

Three rounds for time of:
135/95 pound Overhead squat, 10 reps
50 Double-unders

2010 Northwest Regional Event 1

Community Notes:
CF Endurance Class with Coach Pappas is tonight at 6:30PM during our regular CF Class which will be occurring at the same time. CFE counts as a regular class.

"If you don't have confidence, you'll always find a way not to win."
- Carl Lewis

Jay E 13:21 Rx
Nina 14:48 Rx
Megs 6:26 (65#)
Mike S 12:15 (45#/SU)
Mike P 9:53 (75#/SU)
Nicole S 17:47 (65#/DU)
Kevin B 14:15 (95)
Meg B. 11:19 (15)
John G 14:24 (115/95)
Keith 14:15 rx
Victor 9:08 (45, SUx3)
Donkey 11:15 (65, SUx3)
KARA 7:51 (45, SUx3)
Aimee 6:16 rx
Cate 8:34 rx
Panos 7:35 (115, SUx3)
Jason 4:48 Rx
JZ 8:42 (95/SU)
Clay 7:29 (95)
Dorothy 6:29 (75)
Mel 8:24 (55/SU)
Arin 8:19 (35/SU)
Rob Ph 6:07 (135/SU)
Jeff 7:35 (95)
Olan 13:03 (115)
Karen 9:15 (65)
Sharon 11:00 (35)
Steph V. 10:08 (25DU)
Killa B 6:27 (75)
Brendan 5:45 (75)
Liz 10:14 (65)
Breanna 7:35 (45/SU)
Alison 18:03 (35/DUA)
Sandy 7:28 (45/SU)
Miranda 7:20 (75)
Toddy B. 6:54 (65)
Shawn 7:32 DC
Jason B. 8:20 115#
Rob P. 8:37 95#
Travis 12:36 85/su
Erica 7:35 45/su
KSB 12:09 65#
Kristy 6:35 35/su
Drew 9:33 45/su(50)
Danny 3:57 Rx
Charles 9:42 65#
Kristin T. 13:57 75#


W.O.D. 7.18.11

Summer Sledding

800 M Run
21 2-fer WallBalls (14#/20#)
21 DB Step-ups (25#/45#)
400 M Run
15 2-fer WallBalls (14#/20#)
15 DB Step-ups (25#/45#)
200M Run
9 2-fer WallBalls (14#/20#)
9 DB Step-ups (25#/45#)

*Box size for the step up is 20"/24"

Mobility Monday:
Shoulders! Today we'll work on how to "reset" the shoulder, and how to look at and fix internal rotation problems. This work will help keep soreness down and help in the Olympic lifts. Join Jeff at 6:30PM tonight.

Community Notes:
Welcome back Coaches Plentus and Pappas!!!!

Check out the Spartan Race & The Partner Throwdown
...both occurring on September 10th.

"You only ever grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone."
- Percy Cerutty

Tom S 24:32 (20",DC)
Jay E 24:10 (21")
Mike P 19:55 Rx
Cline 20:25 (25#DB)
Karen 22:00 (10#WB,StepUps)
Laura 18:35 (DC 2-fers)
Tom H 21:38 (40#db,14#WB)
Steph J 19:57 (20db,6#wb)
Joy 19:41 (15#db, 14#wb)
Victor 21:46 (30#db, 14#wb)
Ciera 25:12 (15#db,8#wb)
Tim P 15:32 Rx
Rachael 21:38 (10#/21")
Gina 21:15 (10#/18#)
Brendan 19:29 (14#/35#)
Becky 21:20 (12#/15#/17")
Shawn 19:20 Rx
Lizzie 19:55 (10#/20#)
Steph E. (19:38 (8#)
Kate 15:37 Rx
Chris T. 17:37 (10#/35#)
Flounder 19:41 (12#/25#/20")
Tim H 22:50 (14#/35#/25")
Terri 21:24 (8#/15#/17")
Olan 23:46
Kathleen 18:50 (8#,20#,21")
Dorothy 20:43 (10#wb)
Brian R 19:07 (20#,40#,25")
Travis 16:13 (17" 45,15)
Joe C 12:45 (10#20# 24")
Alex T 17:30 (20,40,)
Rob Ph 21:00 (21",40#)
Aislinn 17:11 (6,15,21")
JZ 21:55 ((14# 35#)
Jeff H 22:15 ( 20,35# 24")
Jen K (17:53) 6# 15 17"
Becca 21:10 (10# 15# 20")
Mike T 17:28 ( 25" 40# 25/20)
Josh 16:17 (24" 20# 30#)
Mike F 21:40 (21")
Arin 23:20 ( 8/6wb 20/10)
Kevin B 20:55 Rx
Rob 18:20 Rx
Kristy 22:59 (8#,10# 13:)
Sam B 16:48 Rx
Bonnie 19:40 (10#,15#,13" row)
Randy 23:45 (8# 20# 20")
Jp 20:20 (14# 20# 25")
Kristin T 15:00 Rx
Danny 15:47 Rx
Justin 19:30 Rx
Jess S 23:13 scaled
Erika 23:19 (8# 21")
Charles 22:30 (14# 25# 25")
Diego 18:49 (15#wb 35#db 20")
Kristin Sb 19:48 scaled
Nathan 22:10 scaled
Nick 18:26 (14# 35# 20")
Dan B 17:39 (14# 30# 21")


W.O.D. 7.17.11

Split Jerk

Cash out:
for time:
50 Kettlebells Swings

*Choose weight according to level and ability challenge yourself to a heavier weight than normal!!!

"You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning."
- Billy Wilder

Jeff 190
Ken 135 3:51/55#
Lindsey Peterbutt 103 3:06/35#
Peterbutt 205 4:26/70#
Joe C 135 (form), 3:45/55#
Jess S 93 2:26/45#
Steve Z 85 2:42/45/35#
Mark 175 (form) 3:24/55#
Cindy 100 2:07 26.5
Jason L 265 5:00/97#
Jess C 115 3:35/45#
Tim H 145 3:44/55#
Shoeless 165 2:55/70#
Kim G 95 3:07/45#


W.O.D. 7.16.11

Arin on the Tire Sled!

Lesha - home stretch!

Krista fighting for the Pull-ups!

Justin K. - PULL!!


KoP Dash
Cargo Net climb
Wall Ascent 6ft
Wall Ascent 8ft
Rope Climb
Flying Pull-up bars
Tire Sled Drag 100 feet (95#/135#)
Monkey Bars
20 Burpees
100M outdoor sled pull (135#/200#)
100 M Prowler push (100#/200#)
100M Tire flips
400M Sandbag Run

You receive two scores, one will be total time for completion of all of the above and the second score will be a point total for each station you complete as prescribed. If you cannot complete a station you will do 7 burpees in place of that station. There will be some scaled options if necessary.

Scoring example
Athlete A = 8:47 10 points

Community Notes:
Good luck to all the CFKoP Athletes competing in the Warrior Dash - Miranda, Jen S., Shoeless, Todd & Mike V!

Happy belated birthday to Josh S & Flounder!!!

"Comfort is the difference between the way things are and the way we expect them to be. Comfort is an illusion. It is neither present nor welcome here."
-Mike Burgener

Tim H. 12:29 scaled
Arin 20:48 scaled
Megs 30:33 8 Rx
Jay E. 39:53 8 Rx
Josh Sw. 11:33 scaled
Cline 22:00 10
Aimee 19:36 11 Rx
David 26:34 11 Rx
Christine 24:23 10Rx
Becca 28:20 scaled
Krista 22:30 scaled
Ciera 21:40 scaled
Peterbutt 22:55 Rx
Lesha 24:04 10 Rx
Joe L. 23:09 12 Rx
Howard 32:21 8
Hanna 21:09 10 Rx
Ken 31:29 11
Justin 33:17 10

Athlete of the Month-Kristin Trostle-“Kristin T.”

When I first joined CrossFit KOP in June 2010, I knew I would like it. The thing I didn’t know was how much I would LOVE it, become OBSESSED with it and how much it would IMPACT my life. When I say that CrossFit has changed my life for the better, it is an understatement. Words cannot express how critical CrossFit has been in my growth as an individual and an athlete. I have never wanted to work out and hang out at the gym so much! I have developed a greater appreciation for strength and pushing my body to the limits. My continued improvements in movements, lifts and WODs at the gym have helped me to develop a greater confidence in myself, which permeates through to all facets of my life – work, family, relationships, etc. I finally feel like the strong and confident woman that I always wanted to be!

I am constantly challenged at every WOD and excited/motivated by the variety in exercises. Besides the benefits of the intense work outs, I love the community. CrossFit KOP offers such a great and supportive community. I truly feel like I am part of a team, a family and a network….something that I haven’t had since team sports in high school! The coaching and continued words of encouragement have helped me to push myself beyond even my wildest expectations! I enjoy sharing in others’ successes just as much as my own! I feel like I am constantly learning and growing from everyone around me and overall I just feel so lucky that I found CrossFit KOP!

In addition to the workouts, I have also become committed to improving my nutrition through CrossFit. About 3 months ago, I noticed that the “package” memberships (Gold/Silver/Bronze) offer a FREE 20 minute monthly nutritional counseling session that I hadn’t been taking advantage of for almost a year! So I contacted Aimee and in our first meeting, she explained the principals of the ZONE diet. She provided a food list with portion sizes and lots of great tips! Basically, on the ZONE you can eat ALL foods, but you need to monitor the portion sizes and be sure to eat protein, carbohydrates and fat with every meal/snack. I have been interested in nutrition my whole life and over the last 5 years, my daily diet has been generally healthy with emphasis on whole foods, but I had difficulty with shedding those extra pounds! When I started following the ZONE diet, I found that the missing “ingredient” for me was the portion sizes and focusing on adding the good fats into my daily meals! I have found that it has been so EASY to follow the guidelines of ZONE because I feel SO good! I feel that my blood sugar is balanced and this makes me balanced in life in general! My energy levels are elevated and the best part….I AM NEVER HUNGRY! As long as I eat my meals and my snacks, I am happy. I definitely don’t crave sugar like I used to (um yes, I used to think that I needed chocolate/ice cream/desserts every night)! Ultimately, I feel like I am fueling my body with the right balance of nutrients so that it can perform at its best! I have hit PR’s like never before in the gym, and I want to continue to feed my body this way because I have never felt better! Over the last 3 months or so, I have been following this plan and I’ve lost almost 15 pounds! For the first time in my life, I feel that this weight loss is sustainable because I have found the right balance in my nutrition and workouts. Thanks Aimee, for offering such great support and advice! You have helped me so much!

I feel like I’ve been looking my whole life for the community, work outs and nutritional guidance that CrossFit KOP offers and I’ve finally found it! I am constantly inspired by all of the coaches and members and I know that CrossFit will continue to be an important part of my life for many years to come!

Get to Know Kristin T. – Q &A:

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Current Location: King of Prussia, PA

Age: 28

Occupation: Accounting

College: Penn State

Did you ever play sports? I played Field Hockey and Lacrosse in high school…..and then Beer Pong and Flip Cup in college (do they count?!)

When did you start CrossFit? June 2010 (a little over a year ago!)

What is your biggest achievement at CrossFit? Pull-ups! I started CrossFit on the thickest band and now I can now do kipping unassisted pull-ups! Amazing! I didn’t know that would be possible for me! In fact, I did 82 at the Angie work out!! I have never done that many in my life! Huge PR!

What do you feel that you still need to work on? Hand-stand push-ups…..and not to mention, muscle-ups. Both movements are really difficult for me and I think it will take a lot of time/patience/practice before I am able to do these Rx.

What is your favorite time of day to WOD? You will see me hanging out with the early morning crew at 6 AM. We have a breakfast club going on! It is often cooler in the mornings the summer! If not the mornings, I will come to the 6:30 pm.

What's your favorite WOD? This is a tough one, but I will have to go with “Karen” (150 wallballs for time). This was my FIRST Rx’d WOD (pre-ZONE) and I improved my time by almost 1.5 min last time I did it (post-ZONE)!

What’s your least favorite WOD? I don’t have one in particular, but generally, I am not a fan of any with hand-stand push-ups or muscle-ups.

What’s your favorite lift? Deadlift! This is the lift where I’ve see the greatest improvements over the course of my first year with CrossFit.

What’s your least favorite lift? Bench press. I struggle with this one a lot.

Any other PR’s since ZONE? Rx’d Grace (never knew this was possible!), PR’d my 5k time, and major improvements in pull-ups/toes to bar/rope climbs/wall climbs!


W.O.D. 7.15.11



Killa B.

Josh S.

Queen Cate

AMRAP in 15 Minutes:
5 Hang Cleans (105#/155#)
5 Front Squats (105#/155#)
5 Push Jerks (105#/155#)

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."
- Harvey Fierstein

Peterbutt 5 (135#)
Mike P 8 (75# form)
Mike S 6 (75#)
Nina 7 (95#)
Kim G 6 (65/45#)
Tom H. 4 (115#)
David 6 (115#)
Christine 7 (75#)
Tamas 9 (80#) form
Megs 6 (75#)
Jeff 6 (125#)
Joy 9 (35#)
Jen S. 6 Rx
Olan 5 (135#)
Cate 8 Rx
Aimee 9 Rx
Jason 7 Rx
Brian R. 6 (135#)
Travis 6 (95#)
JP 5 (95#)
Joe C. 6 (75#)
Denise 10 (55#)
Liz 6 (65#)
Nick 7 (75#)
Killa B. 5 Rx
J-na 10 (45#)
Donkey 8 (75#)
Ashley 15 (55#)
Kelli 10 (35#)
Laura 12 (35#)
Graeme 14 (35#)
Kathleen 9 (53#)
Steph (Rx) 6
Drew (75) 6
Danny (Rx) 9
Shawn ((135) 7
Rachael (45) 11
Rob P (Rx) 6
Sam B (Rx) 5
Jason B (135) 6
Sheng-Ching (75) 7
Becky (35) 7
Sharon (85) 6
Chris B (115) 6
Jay E (Rx) 7
Arin (35) 7


W.O.D. 7.14.11

Shoeless sets it up!

Sharon - Bad A$$ at 245X3

Mike T. grinds it out!

Keith during & after...

Sumo Deadlift

then (...it's time to go sledding)

your choice for time:
400M with body weight on barbell
400M sled pull with body weight on sled

Community Notes:
Our July CrossFit Endurance classes will be held on....Tues 7/19 @ 6:30pm & Wed 7/27 @ 5:30pm

"Remember, success is not measured by heights attained but by obstacles overcome. We're going to pass through many obstacles in our lives: good days, bad days. But the successful person will overcome those obstacles and constantly move forward."
-Bruce Jenner, American Olympian

Brynsie: 255 (5:36 sled)
Mel: 185 (7:45 barbell)
Mike P: 325 (3:45 sled)
JP: 205 (5:01 sled 200m)
Dianne: 115 (4:26 45# barbell)
Doreen: 175 (7:16 sled)
Diego: 225 (9:28 100#/135# sled)
Shoeless: 355 (4:52 125# barbell)
Mike T: 325 (4:25 BW barbell)
Keith B: 295 (9:47 BW sled)
Sharon: 225 245x3 (9:28 145#/sled/200M)


W.O.D. 7.13.11

Tamas, Jerry and John G. swinging from the pull-up bars

...yes another benchmark!

100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

(compare to 3.30.11)

Community Notes:
We are offering a FREE Yoga class with Tori on August 28th at 12:00PM. All members and non-members are welcome.

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
-C.S. Lewis

Mike P (RX) 27:21
Howard (50green/50ringrow) 24:18
Pat(50 black/50ringrow) 29:11
Jay E (green) 26:28
Mike S(50box pushup,red band) 29:58
Chris T (green) 27:53
Kim G(50green/50ringrow) 26:40
Nina (50pu,thin black) 24:47
Ciera 29:54 (jumping pu, knees)
Victor 34:08 green
Kevin B 25:52 rx
Dorothy 27:40 rx
Terry 14:30 (50 of everything, black band, knees)
Jen S 24:00 rx
Olan 25:25rx
Tom H 31:23 (black band)
Keith 31:34 rx
John G. 26:32 rx
Patrick P. 27:42 rx
Becca 17:32 (1/2 tealband)
Tamas 27:30 DC
Jerry 24:55 Rx
Kathleen 29:58 (blue/floss/knees)
Jeff 22:41 rx
WW 30:00 25/100/100/100
Kate 27:42 rx
CC 10:34 (1/2 Tealskunk)
JZ 27:07 Rx
Stacie 25:13 (1/2, black band, knees)
Todd B. 21:20 Rx
Rachael 30:10 (black, knees)
Steph V 36:17 (50 blue/50 green pulllups, 50 blue band/50 knee pushups)
Andrea B. 15:41 (1/2, ring rows/knees)
Flounder 36:38 (green + thin black band)
Tim H 35:11 (black band)
Miranda 31:35 (some ring rows after ripping)
Sandy 22:58 (purple + green bands/knees)
Alison 28:00 (black band)
Alex 30:40 (green band/knees)
Mark 30:20 (green band)
Nick 34:30 (thin blue band)
Shoeless 31:08 Rx
Vinny 19:59 Rx
Cline 22:55 (green, 50 pushups, 50 pullups, 100 situps, 100 squats)
Dan B. 30:04 (1/2, mf, knees)
Sam B. 14:42 Rx
Jess S. 29:55 (green+red bands, knees)
Jess C. 32:10 (thick black band/some knee pushups)
Charles 34:08 DC (100/50/100/100 all Rx motion)
Arin 21:41 (1/2, 2 black bands, knees)
Lindsey Peterbutt 32:20 (green, knees)
Danielle H. 29:12 (black/knees)
Sheng-Cheng 36:01 (black/knees)
Kristin T. 31:18 (mf)


W.O.D. 7.12.11

FGB insanity!

Fight Gone Bad

Consists of 3 rounds x 5 exercises executed one minute intervals. There is a 1 minute rest interval between rounds.

The stations are:

1. Wall-ball: 20/14 pound ball, 10/8 ft target.
2. Sumo deadlift high-pull: 75/55 pounds
3. Box Jump: 21"
4. Push-press: 75/55 pounds
5. Row: calories

(compare to 5.19.10)
(compare to 9.24.10)

Check Out:
The History of the CrossFit Games

“When you reach the top, keep climbing.”

Matt D, Shawns friend: 130 (2 rounds)
Nicole S 207 Rx
Chris T 185 Rx (21in box)
Mike S 201 (14#WB/45#PP/55# SDHP)
Mike P 230 Rx
Howard 197 DC
Megs 244 Rx
Doreen 201 Rx
Kristin T 291 Rx
Kim G 167 Rx
Shawn 294 Rx
Nina 286 Rx
Ciera 185 rx
Mel 242 rx
Keith 226 rx
Kevin B 259 rx
Tom H 214 rx
Victor 215 rx
Jeff 218 rx
Joy 209 (dc wb, 33 pp)
Chris Th 208 rx
Kara 212 rx
Francine 197 (6wb, 15pp, 17 bj, 22sdhp)
Jerry 276 rx
Cate 263 rx
Panos 274 rx
Rob Ph 265 Rx
Patti 245 scale
Kevin 284 Rx
Diego 195 scale
Rachael 227 scale
Mike F 261 Rx
WW ?
Shoeless 208 Rx
Olan 266 Rx
Tim G 200 DC
Mike V 355 Rx
Vinny 303 Rx
Aimee 234 men's weight to 9ft target
Roman 242 Rx
Chris S 247 ?
Karen 223 scale
Kate 287 Rx
Ken 200 scale
Tim H 218 DC
Jen S 288 Rx
John G 220 Rx
Liz 200 Rx
Chucky 228 scale
Danny 369 Rx
JNA 250 scale
Travis 228 DC
Plu 310 Rx
Mark 238 DC
Alex 248 scale
Gina 171 DC
Erika 155 (Pukie!)
Donk 237 DC
To quote Aretha Franklin..."R-E-S-P-E-C-T"

We have a great deal of respect for every athlete who walks through the doors at CFKoP. The time and dedication we put into our continued education and into our coaching staff is unparalleled. We have also invested a lot of time, money and heart into the equipment and maintenance of the facility. All of this so that we can provide you with the best atmosphere and cleanest gym possible.

What we ask of you in return is to respect the equipment and the space you work out in. The following class does not want to work out in your sweaty mess...please clean it up. No one wants to sit their nice clothes in a chalky mess...please clean it up. We love to have the little ones around as they are too a part of our community but if your kids make a mess...please clean it up. No one wants to use the bloody bar you just scraped your knees on it...please clean it up. No one wants to pick up your nasty tape left in the corner after your pull-ups went bad... However coaches, family and several members of the gym are left to do all of this...we scrub mats, disinfect bars, throw away trash, clean the messes in the bathroom & pick up after you have left for the evening so the gym looks as good as it can for the next day.

This is our community and it is your gym, please treat it like you would your own home.

Thank you for your cooperation.


W.O.D. 7.11.11

reps of
Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean
Handstand Push-ups

Mobility Monday:
Lower Legs. Today we'll focus on the lower leg and work to increase range of motion, and decrease pain, in the calf and foot. We'll use balls and foam rollers to get the gnarliest parts and ease muscles that may be tight from oly lifting or running. Meet Jeff at 5:30PM & 6:30PM for Mobility Work after class.

Community Notes:
Congratulations to Donkey, Cate, Mike V, Dom, Jason & Aimee who all completed the Mobility Certification with Kelly Starrett on Sunday. If you haven't ever checked it out, look at what mobilitywod.com has to offer!

Have you checked out our survey? Click here to post your thoughts.

"To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail."
—Abraham Maslow

Doreen: 7:50 (20/2ab)
Jay E: 11:18 (50/2ab)
Kristin T: 8:49 (25/3ab)
Diego 13:08 (25/21"box)
Kara 12:58 (25/kick-up)
Chris T. 12:58 (25/kick-up)
Melissa D. 14:14(15/10/kick-up)
Keith B. 16:32 (45/2ab+25#)
Bonnie N. 14:22 (15#/21"box)
Mel 9:35 (25/2AB+25#)
Becca 20:40 (20#/kick-up
Kevin 19:05 (55)
Killa B. 17:47 (35/1ab/10#)
Arin 15:46 (15/ROM)
Jackie 15:42 (20/push-up)
Joy 18:10 (15/3AB/ROM)
Brian R. 16:34 (40/45#)
Rob Ph 15:32 (50/2AB)
Kathleen 15:21 (20/21"box)
Tamas (30#/2AB RoM)
Rob P: 18:39 40/Rx HSPU / CO: 3:21
Sam B: 18:06 45/Paralettes / CO: 2:22
Jess S: 14:02 15/kick ups / CO 3:52
Sheng Ching: 11:30 25/box / CO 5:14
T.Howard: 16:08 30/abmat / CO 2:33
Dan B: 8:46 25/box / CO 3:35
Jen S: 14:14 25/abmat+10#bumper / CO 2:18
Nathan: 10 (21 round only) 8#/knee p.u. CO 4:09 (21 only)
Pooch: 10:52 (30/box) / CO 3:30
Justin 16:50 35/45+abmat / CO 3:01
Danielle H: 9:36 (15/box) / CO 3:45
Mike F. 12:20 (55/box)
Kate C. 13:03 (35/15ABmat)
Liz 12:38 (20/lots of ABs)
Nick 12:41 (25/45AB)
Becky 11:03 (15/ROM)
Terri 7:24 (10/Box)
Steph V. 12:47 (26.5Kbs/PU)
Patrick 10:35 (30/Abmat)
Megs 11:00 (25/15abmat)
Denise 10:16 (15/ROM)
Katie FM 11:13 (15/box)
Flounder 10:33 (15/box)
Miranda 11:05 (25/25ABmat)
Rachael 12:24 (25/35ABmat)
Tim H. 10:44 (25/box)
Sandy 8:09 (15/45#)
Chris S. 16:20 (50/DC)
Victor 11:45 (25/box)


W.O.D. 7.10.11

Back Squat


In 5 minutes complete the following AMRAP:
3 Back Squats at 70% of your 1RM
6 Clapping Push-ups

Face the Fin by Lisbeth D.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."
—Ambrose Redmoon

CFKoP Member Survey:

A. Is there an interest in adding a regular CrossFit class on Thursday night?

B. Would you like to see a Westside Barbell Class added to the schedule? In our Westside class we would offer a rotating series of strength and assistance moves targeting specific muscle groups. Lifts will include Deadlift, Bench, Squat and a HUGE variety of assistance work.

C. Would you like to see us continue the format of the Regular Barbell Strength class? and the current time/day?


W.O.D. 7.9.11

Five rounds for time of:
1 Rope climb, 20 feet
5 Ring dips
15 Toes to bar
20 Walking lunges

CrossFit Manifesto:

Regimens built from functional exercises at high intensity and constantly varied structure -

Produce a superior cardiorespiratory adaptation
Are essential to fitness and health
Constitute the most effective rehabilitation from injury
Comprise the only truly safe protocols
Elicit an inordinate neuroendocrine response
Are singularly unique in developing core strength
Yield unparalleled general physical preparedness or fitness

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
—Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry

Todd: 14:36
Joe A: 25:35
Sam D: 19:15
JZ: 19:40

Jen S: 19:04

Shoe: 28:02
Howard: 21:45
Krista: 23:30
Dianne: 23:29
Dorothy: 20:59
Rhonda: 21:44
Nicole: 23:20
Tamas: 25:00
SAZ: 29:05
Danielle S: 16:15
KSB: 21:00
Arin: 14:28
Vincent Vincent: 20:24


W.O.D. 7.8.11

For time complete:
30 Power Cleans 135#/95#
30 Power Snatch 95#/65#
800m Run
30 Push Press 95#/65#
30 Deadlifts 135#/95#

*Use one bar and adjust weight as necessary for your workout.

Community Notes:
Reminder to all CFKoP members - we are hosting the King and Queen of Prussia on 8/13 (Gang this is for you!). Click here for more details. All athletes at the gym should compete! Last year it was the best event we hosted, T-shirts for participants, food and a stink and drink following the event. Who's in? Who will be crowned this year. Remember CFKoP coaches do not compete in this. John and Cate will give up their crowns on 8/12 for the new reign to begin on 8/13. Cick here to see last years workouts and results.

CrossFit King of Prussia will be hosting a Level 1 Certification on October 1st and 2nd - click here to sign up today.

CrossFit King of Prussia will be hosting a CrossFit Olympic lifting certification on October 22nd and 23rd - click here to sign up today.

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.
-John Wooden

Mike S. 24:51 (85/55/95DL)
Mike P. 19:31 (95/65/135DL)
Peterbutt 19:40 Rx
Nicole S. 22:45 (85/65/95DL)
Chris T. 16:59 (95/65)
Meghann 22:26 (75/65)
Todd B. 17:03 Rx
Kristin T. 16:47 Rx
Cate 12:56 Rx
Aimee 13:02 Rx
Pat 22:19 Rx weight 1000 Row
Nina 13:42 Rx
Diego 25:00 (35/45/75)
Nick C. 21:01 (85/65)
Tom H. 24:16 (110/80)
Donkey 19:00 Rx
Nicole 15:34 (22/42/72)
Jack 14:29 Rx
Victor 21:02 (95/20/30#DB)
Sharon 24:13 (76/46/56/95)
JB 16:50 (95/65)
Keith 21:18 Rx
Kathleen 23:06 (65/45)
Joy 15:51 (42/22/row 1000M)
J.Na: 18:58 (55/35/35/95)
JZ 18:34 (115/75/75/135)
Jeff 18:50 (115/95/95/135)
Chris S: 15:19 Rx
Sandy 20:05 (45/35/45/85)
Alex 18:10 (25/25/25/55)
Mark 19:39 (95/75/75/125)
Jason B 13:18 Rx
Sam B: 15:22 Rx
Rob P: 14:21 Rx
Chris B: 21:03 (115/95/95/135)
KSB: 22:35 (85/55/45/95)
Nathan 16:10 (PVC)
Joe A: 18:59 Rx
Vinny: 13:29 Rx
Jerry 19:07 Rx
Steph V. 12:47 Rx
JP 23:42 (95/65)
Elyse 17:59 (85/65)
Brian R. 18:26 (115)
Rob Ph 15:49 Rx
WW 26:45 (125/95)
Josh S. 18:39 (105/75)
Shoeless 19:00 Rx
Mike Fab 15:14 Rx


Diego welcome to classes!
Joy learning the push press
A big welcome to Jack & Nicole from CrossFit Oahu


W.O.D. 7.7.11

Interval rowers!

Joe D. back at the nooner!

Row 150M x 6
rest 1 minute between intervals


"The Baseline"
500M Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

Community Reminder:
Today is the first Thursday of the month, Open gym will run from 5PM - 7PM. All CFKoP members are welcome.

Check out these archives - CrossFit San Francisco plays with Overhead strength
[mov] [wmv]

"Spirit ... has fifty times the strength and staying power of brawn and muscle."
- Unknown

Mike P 5:14 Rx
Steve Z. 9:12 KB/Ring Row
Jay E. 5:31 Rx
Nina 6:48 floss
Peterson 5:35 Rx
Nick 5:47 Rx
Kara 6:35 Blue
Dianne 8:35 green
Kevin B. 4:45 DC
Tim (visitor from NEPA) 4:44 Rx
Nicole Mc 6:18 Green
Dorothy 5:33 Rx
Karen 7:32 Green
Joe D. 8:02 blue
Rhonda 5:32 green
Keith 7:06 Rx
Jen S. 6:21 Rx + GHD
Olan 4:22 Rx
Donkey 6:01 Rx
Sharon 7:19 Mental floss
Kate 4:55 DC
Victor 6:34 band
Gina 6:06 green/knees