W.O.D. 7.30.11

Thrusters 65#/95#

(compare to 2.10.11)

Community Notes:
Happy Birthday Gabe!

"It's easier to demolish a house than to build one."
-Irish proverb


Vinny said...

Looking forward to meeting Fran for the first time in my crossfit career...whats she like?

Kathleen said...

Happy birthday Gabe!!!!

donkey said...

Vinny: she's a vicious liar. she pretends she loves you but she doesn't love anyone. cold.

On a more positive note, happy birthday, Gabe!

Megs said...

Vinny, if your lungs don't burn and you aren't coughing for hours after, you didnt do her hard enough.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

Dorothy said...

Yes!!! I am going to murder fran!

Happy birthday Gabe. I hope it is epic! I miss seeing you at the box.

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!

Melanie said...

Vinny, Fran is definitely a cold bitch. You think she is all warm and fuzzy in round 1 and then you hit the 15's and you're like WTF happened Fran? I thought we had something going here!
You'll crush it though so get after her with all you got.

Melanie said...

Gabe! Happy birthday buddy! I hope you are having a fantastic summer and I hope you have an even better birthday. Looking forward to seeing you back at the 4:30 soon!

Jason Lyons said...

Cycling in next cf wod at games. Love it.

Jeff said...

9AM class (Fran/PVC jumping PU Fran):


Dorothy 9:33/4:13
Sam B. 3:56
Vinny 4:39


Stasie 11:58 (25#/blk band)/4:29
Krista 10:17 (25#/jumping pu)/4:50
Kim G 11:20 (45#/green)/4:28
Ken 11:26 (65#/black and green)/5:14
Howard 7:32 (95#/jumping with band)/2:51
Kathleen 7:41 (45#)/3:51
Rachael 8:25 (45#/purple)/3:07
Sheng-Ching 12:16 (53#/blk)/5:37
Joe C 13:04 (75#/green)/5:02
Diane ??

10AM class:


Chris Bell 13:56
Shawn 4:34
Mike T 7:25
Jason B. 8:54
Rob P. 5:15
Miranda 10:28
Jeff 9:58


Steph E. 8:13 (33#/green)
Steph V. 9:10 (MF)
Jay E 10:28 (95#/DC)
Ciera 11:02 (33#/jumping pu)
Elyse 9:00 (55#)
Jess S 10:11 (45#/green)
Josh 10:34 (95#/DC)
Lizzie 8:47 (45#)
Cindy 8:21 (35#/jumping pu)

Great work everyone with a benchmark WOD!

Shoeless said...

Happy birthday Gabe!

Miranda said...

happy birthday Gabe!