W.O.D. 7.16.11

Arin on the Tire Sled!

Lesha - home stretch!

Krista fighting for the Pull-ups!

Justin K. - PULL!!


KoP Dash
Cargo Net climb
Wall Ascent 6ft
Wall Ascent 8ft
Rope Climb
Flying Pull-up bars
Tire Sled Drag 100 feet (95#/135#)
Monkey Bars
20 Burpees
100M outdoor sled pull (135#/200#)
100 M Prowler push (100#/200#)
100M Tire flips
400M Sandbag Run

You receive two scores, one will be total time for completion of all of the above and the second score will be a point total for each station you complete as prescribed. If you cannot complete a station you will do 7 burpees in place of that station. There will be some scaled options if necessary.

Scoring example
Athlete A = 8:47 10 points

Community Notes:
Good luck to all the CFKoP Athletes competing in the Warrior Dash - Miranda, Jen S., Shoeless, Todd & Mike V!

Happy belated birthday to Josh S & Flounder!!!

"Comfort is the difference between the way things are and the way we expect them to be. Comfort is an illusion. It is neither present nor welcome here."
-Mike Burgener

Tim H. 12:29 scaled
Arin 20:48 scaled
Megs 30:33 8 Rx
Jay E. 39:53 8 Rx
Josh Sw. 11:33 scaled
Cline 22:00 10
Aimee 19:36 11 Rx
David 26:34 11 Rx
Christine 24:23 10Rx
Becca 28:20 scaled
Krista 22:30 scaled
Ciera 21:40 scaled
Peterbutt 22:55 Rx
Lesha 24:04 10 Rx
Joe L. 23:09 12 Rx
Howard 32:21 8
Hanna 21:09 10 Rx
Ken 31:29 11
Justin 33:17 10


Megs said...

THat was spicy spicy spicy

Tamas said...


Melanie said...

Shoeless, Miranda and Todd- hope the Warrior Challenge was great! I really missed you guys today. Can't wait to hear about it.

shoe said...

Happy belated Josh and Flounder! Both great guys to have around at the gym.

Peterson said...

Important question:

Is "shoe" just "shoeless" wearing only one shoe?

I'm guessing that these two are mortal enemies. It get's even scarier when "shoes" joins the party. Or "vibrams." And it's a free-for-all when "socks" arrives!

Steph v said...

Peterson are you drunk?? If so don't drive the St. Peterson mobile!!

Peterson said...

That was actually a Peterbutt family special! Lindsey added the socks joke...

Tamas said...

Please put my stats on the board.... I felt it... :)

Becca said...

Mine wasn't scaled. Jason can attest as he watched me lying on the floor, trying not to throw up, after I finished.

Cline said...

Let the record show that I scaled the weights, but not the exercises.