W.O.D. 2.1.15

3min AMRAP of: 
 3 Snatches (115/75)
 6 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20")

 4min Rest 

 3min AMRAP of: 
 3 Snatches (135/95)
 6 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20")

 4min Rest 

 3min AMRAP of:
 3 Snatches (155/105)
 6 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20")

 For Total Reps

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” 
 ― A.A. Milne


W.O.D. 1.31.15

In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq.  

"Badger" -- Test Day- Record Results
 Complete three rounds for time of: 
65/95 pound Squat clean, 30 reps 
30 Pull-ups 
Run 800 meters

“Our critics make us strong!
Our fears make us bold!
Our haters make us wise!
Our foes make us active!
Our obstacles make us passionate!
Our losses make us wealthy!
Our disappointments make us appointed!
Our unseen treasures give us a known peace!
 Whatever is designed against us will work for us!”
 ― Israelmore Ayivor



W.O.D. 1.30.15

Handstand holds, shoulder taps, Handstand Push-ups and Handstand walks...athletes choice

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: 
Row 15 calories
5 Push jerks (125/185)

7 Years, 7 Lessons by Chris Plentus

“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.”
 ― J. Sidlow Baxter


W.O.D. 1.29.15

18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of: 
115/75-lb. power cleans 
One-legged squats, right leg 
One-legged squats, left leg

Community Notes:

“Often it isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out, it's the little pebble in your shoe.”
 ― Muhammad Ali


W.O.D. 1.28.15

Test Day- 3 RM Press

"Leg Sprint"
500 Meter Row
50 Wallballs (14/20# to 9/10ft)
500 Meter Row

“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.” 
 ― T.F. Hodge,


W.O.D. 1.27.15

Take 10 Minutes to work on your Ring Dips.

Complete two rounds every three minutes of:

Deadlifts (95/135) and Double Unders (the rep scheme will increase by 2 Deadlifts and 5 Double Unders every three minutes, the workout is over when you cannot complete the work in three minutes)

0:00-2:59 (10 Deadlifts 20 Double Unders)
3:00-5:59 (12 Deadlifts 25 Double Unders)
6:00-8:59 (14 Deadlifts 30 Double Unders)
9:00-11:59 (16 Deadlifts 35 Double Unders)
12:00-14:59  (18 Deadlifts 40 Double Unders)
15:00-17:59  (20 Deadlifts 45 Double Unders)
18:00-20:59  (22 Deadlifts 50 Double Unders)...etc

Score is total time.

“A bruise is a lesson... and each lesson makes us better.” 
 ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


Stay posted on the Blog and Facebook page for updates on the SNOW and classes tomorrow at CrossFit King of Prussia.



What? When? Why? How? Participation in the CrossFit Open

The Open is 5 weeks of workouts programmed by CrossFit HQ that EVERYONE around the world will participate in. This is the beginning of the qualifying process for the CrossFit Games, but the coolest part is you don't need to have intentions of competing against the fittest, the fun lies in competing at your own gym against your friends and then "leader boarding" to compare scores to friends from other gyms and your favorite athletes.

The Open will run from Feb. 26-March 30, 2015
15.1: Feb. 26 -March 2
15.2: March 5-9
15.3: March 12-16
15.4: March 19-23
15.5: March 26-30

During these 5 weeks, the workouts will be announced on Thursday evening's live at games.crossfit.com.  Following the announcement, CrossFit King of Prussia will program these workouts on Friday for ALL classes.  Each Friday evening we will host a "social" throw-down and we will have open heats from 4:30-7:30PM where athletes can come together to watch, support your friends and/or do the Open workouts. Since 2011 the Open has been hosted in this manner and it has been an amazing community event at CFKoP. If you cannot make it on Friday, you can re-do it on Saturday or Sunday at 11:00AM or at any coordinated time with a coach.

We have heard several people asking why they should compete in the Open when they do not have a chance of getting to Regionals.  There are a variety of answers to this question but we will only post a few here

1) Many of us competed in something at some point in our lives.  The Open is a chance to relive that excitement.  Just as many of us pay to play in some recreational league, many that enjoy CrossFit pay to play in the Open.
2) During the Open, the sky is the limit in regards to what you can accomplish.  We have seen time and time again someone get their first toes to bar, chest to bar pull-up or something else.  The Open simply elevates your game to achieve things that you may have thought were not possible yet.
3) The intensity at the gym during the Open night is second to none.  Seeing people come out to support others and push others to beat their own time is what this community is all about and the Open epitomizes that.
4) Participating in the Open enables you to compare yourself to others around the world.  Are you the fittest John Smith in the world?  How many people did you beat in your age bracket?  Did you beat anyone in another age bracket?  There is a lot that you can learn about yourself.
5) And most importantly, it is fun.  Regardless of where you think you will finish, you will strive to do your best, you will want to beat someone you know, you will get butterflies in your stomach all over again and when all is said and done, you will grab a cold one, be thankful that it is over and then cheer on your friends to realize their full potential.

Click here to register today and join the fun!
Click here to find out more about the scaled division.
Click here to find out more about the teen division.

W.O.D. 1.26.15

Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Shoulder to Overhead (65/95#)
(7 minute cap)

rest 5 Minutes

Toes to Bar
Power Snatch (65/95#)
(7 minute cap)

Coaches notes:
Your score will be configured as one of the two below:
7:00 cap 36 reps/7:00 cap 40 reps
If you finish prior the 7 minute cap you have earned some extra rest....

“Remember happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think.” 
 -Dale Carnegie


W.O.D. 1.25.15

Congratulations to our lifters who competed at the Frank Spellman Classic! Jocelyn went 6 for 6 with new PR's in both lifts and a silver medal, Jovina did the same and got a gold medal, and Sarah PRed her clean and jerk, got a gold medal and qualified for masters nationals in April. 

Take 20 Minutes to get to your working 1RM
Clean + Double Jerk

Accessory Work 
 "Core Carousel"

 3 Rounds of:
1:00 Plank (add weight if possible)
0:30 Rest
1:00 KB Farmer Carry (choose a heavy KB or DB)
0:30 Rest
1:00 AB Mat Sit-up
0:30 Rest

 Athletes can start at any of the stations (including the "rest" stations) and rotate through the movements as necessary.

Community Note:
Please meet and park at the Annex, 110C, DeKalb for all classes today. 

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.
-Zig Ziglar


W.O.D. 1.24.15

Spend 10 Minutes working on Shoulder Mobility. 

Saturday Chipper
 For Time: 
120 Double Unders 
90 Air Squats 
60 Push-ups 
30 Pull-ups 
15 Clean and Jerks (165/105) 
30 Pull-ups 
60 Push-ups 
90 Air Squats 
120 Double Unders 

Community Note:
Please meet and park at the Annex, 110C, DeKalb for all classes today. 

"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."
-Mark Twain


W.O.D. 1.23.15

Cash out-Tabata wallball--sit up Mash up

Skill work
Ring Muscle Up
Spend 15 minutes working on technique or proper scaling.

30 Muscle Ups for time

Athlete Note:
Don't let this workout scare you away.  It's important to work on higher level skills; you will never get proficient if you do not spend some of your efforts focused on the more complex gymnastic movements. 

Community Note:
All weekend classes will be held in the Annex 110C DeKalb; CrossFit King of Prussia will be hosting a Level 1 Seminar. 

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
-Marilyn Monroe