The Other CF Total 
1 Rep Max Clean 
1 Rep Max Bench Press 
1 Rep Max Overhead Squat 

Score is total weight added together from all three lifts.

Community Reminders:
Open WOD will be on 4.6 at 9:00AM.
Open GYM will be on 4.7 from 11:00AM-1:00PM.

You have to take it as it happens, but you should try to make it happen the way you want to take it.
-German proverb

 Mike P. 215-230-115=560
Justin 230-195-135-560
Gina 105-105-75=285
Ellie 115-85-75=275
Oleg 165-230-155=550
Lauren 120pr-105-110pr=335
Chip 245-285pr-175pr=705
Jay E. 245-315-185=745
Alex 105-155pr-125=385
Pete W. 195pr-185-155=535
Nick 185-185-145=515
Jack 45-145-125 = 315
King 205-185-165 = 555
Dan 225-225-205 = 655
Kelly 113-113-135 = 361
Manisha 35-63-63 = 161
Jason H 185-160-165 = 510
Bombar 305-225-205 = 735
Bill 525
Roni 295
Cris 545
Christ 269
Diane 360
Joy 290
Kara 269
David Scaled
Barb 260
Mel 310
Paul 755
Regi 300
Allison B 230
Arin 305
Megs 295
Fayth 220
Anne 195
Taylor 215
Byrnsey 675
Ryan B 1,005
Patrick P 225/245/125=575
Luke 215/185/125=525
Jess S 95/70/75=240
Cory 125/145/85=355
Dave N 65/155/95=315
JZ 155/155/135=445
Flounder 175/185/125=485
Jason Ly 235/225/235=695




CrossFit King of Prussia is CLOSED for Easter Sunday. We will re-open on Monday with our regular schedule. 

"Easter tells us that life is to be interpreted not simply in terms of things but in terms of ideals." 
-Charles M. Crowe



Workout 13.4

MEN - includes Masters Men up to 54 years old
Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:
135 pound Clean and jerk, 3 reps
3 Toes-to-bar
135 pound Clean and jerk, 6 reps
6 Toes-to-bar
135 pound Clean and jerk, 9 reps
9 Toes-to-bar
135 pound Clean and jerk, 12 reps
12 Toes-to-bar
135 pound Clean and jerk, 15 reps
15 Toes-to-bar
135 pound Clean and jerk, 18 reps
18 Toes-to-bar...This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.

WOMEN - includes Masters Women up to 54 years old
Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:
95 pound Clean and jerk, 3 reps
3 Toes-to-bar
95 pound Clean and jerk, 6 reps
6 Toes-to-bar
95 pound Clean and jerk, 9 reps
9 Toes-to-bar
95 pound Clean and jerk, 12 reps
12 Toes-to-bar
95 pound Clean and jerk, 15 reps
15 Toes-to-bar
95 pound Clean and jerk, 18 reps
18 Toes-to-bar...This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.

We will start heats at 9:00AM! See you then!

"No farmer ever plowed a field by turning it over in his mind."
-George E. Woodbury

Chip 61
Alona 20
Rinat 43
Joe C. 56
Steve Z Scale
Tracy 41 Scale
Manisha 38 #55
King 67
Jna 25
Flounder 38
Mike P 65
Joe P 39
Kathleen 3
Jack 19
Jim C 59
Shawn 55
Denise 45
Jess C 60
Balmer 75
Kim G 31
Andrea 61
Nick C 61
Borden 66
Conn 53
Tobin 81
Rita 3
Sarah J. 26
Gene 71
Kate K 60
Dan L.
Luke 45
Oleg 68
Tom 86
Ryan B 84
Faby 72
Becky 60
Alex L 60
Mike S.
Alison 17
Vinny 84
Kate C 76
Megs 44




10 Rounds for time of:
Monkey Bar Traverse (one way)
15 Sit ups
15 Double Unders*

*Scale up and practice your Triple Unders to get ready for when they show up in a WoD!

"If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it!"
-Jonathan Winters

Lam 16:22 Rx
Mike S 21:52 Almost!
Matt B 23:41
Cris 17:20 Rx
Bridget 16:18 SU/barhang
Gabby 22:21 Rx
Peter 13:55 Rx
Brendan 26:51 Rx
Casey 36:26 Sc
Sharon 16:31 RX
Andrea 23:48 Scale
Jason H 15:38 RX
Erika 21:06 DUA
Jen K 25:10 BearCrawl
Justin R 13:23 RX
Chris A 17:29 DUA
Lizzie 15:45 RX
Regi 18:09 RX
Jeremy 15:40 RX
Katrina 22:02 Scale
Becky 19:29 DUA
Paul 12:45 RX
PH 16:11 MBS
Richard 17:50SU
Roman 15:39RX
Dave 22:34SU MBS
Tracy 16:39 SU/Holds
Tim O 14:15SU
Andrew Y 15:05Holds
Jamie 18:26 Scale
Shannon 18:36 Scale
Manisha 17:33 Scale



3 Rounds for time of:
800 Meter Run
10 Handstand Push-ups
1 Rope Climb (20 feet)

Community Reminders:
We will host the OPEN workout on Saturday (3.30) starting at 9AM.
We will be CLOSED on Sunday for Easter (3.31). 

"It is one thing to be gifted and quite another thing to be worthy of one's own gift."
-Nadia Boulanger

Alex 17:42 Rx
King 16:33 Rx
Lauren M 17:57 ropepulls,SB
Chip 18:24 SB
Gabby 21:45 pulls
Alona 16:20 15', SB
Pablo 25:22 (SB/Pulls)
Fayth 24:09 (Pulls/SB-kickup)
Dianne 16:09 (400M, SB, pulls)
John 13:55 (2AB/15")
George 15:10 SBbox/1/2 rope
Cory 15:59 SBbox//RP
Brett 17:39 SBbox/15'rope
Tori 20:12 2AB, 1/2 rope
Tracy 17:59 RR/Sbbox
Gene 15:23 row
WW 17:31 sb/15ft
Ph 17:28 sb/rp
Chris D. 19:40 sb/rp
Kyle 15:57 sb
Peterson 16:58 2mat

CrossFit Endurance

4x200m then
3x300m then
20 tuck jumps then
2x400m 20 air squats
1x500 then



30 Box Jumps (20"/24")
30 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans (25#/45#)
30 Dumbbell Push Press (25#/45#)
30 Kettlebell Swings (35#/55#)
30 Push-Ups
30 Sit Ups
30 Toes to Bar
30 Dumbbell Front Squats
30 Double Unders
30 Burpees

Community Notes:
CrossFit King of Prussia will be CLOSED on Easter Sunday (3.31).

“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goals: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.”
- Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

King 19:53 Rx
Lauren 26:56 T2B ROM
Justin 27:51 scale
Oleg 22:23 Rx
Mike P 17:43 Rx
Steve Z 28:43 scale
Pat P 29:37 scale
Kathleen 22:47 20# T2B ROM
Al 15:45 Rx
Mike S 31:46 scale
Jay E 22:37 scale
Steve M 33:09 DUA
John W. 22:20 DUA/ROMSq
Pam 24:31 Rx
Mark B 21:59 35
Chris A 24:39 30#/DUA/ROMt2b



Back Squat

Cash Out:
3 Rounds for time of:
5 Back Squats (@ 70% of your 5 RM)
15 GHD Hip Extensions

 Soles of the Year-Kyle Bryant in the Times Herald.  

Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude.
Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness.
Thankfulness may consist merely of words.
Gratitude is shown in acts.
-Henri Frederic Amiel

Matt B 165
Gina 135
Rebecca 105form
Pat P 255
Peter W 215
Roni 135
Mike P 305
Dinger 165
Sean L 235
Chip 305PR!! 4:31
Steph V. 210
Fayth 95 4:12
Kara 103 3:11
Christ 93 3:13
Anne 95 3:52
Jonathan 225 4:21
Bre 115 5:12
Joy 115 4:40
PH 315 3:17
Megs 1:55 2:53
Nick 185 3:48
Sharon 145 3:11
Joe C 185 3:31
Dan L 250 3:11
George 105 2:17
Tim O 185 2:40
COry 155 2:59
Diane 225 3:03
Taylor 90 2:55
Jeremy 165 2:42
Amanda 125 2:30
Kate C 155 2:20
Vinny 275 2:24
Manisha 80 3:01
Dave 125 2:58
Laura 125 2:32
Jen K 105 PR 3:35
Kelly G 125 PR Wooo!!! 3:12
Jackie PR :) 2:42
Matt G 250 4:19
Oleg 235 3:15
Nick C 205 3:24
Balmer 260 2:17
Faby 225 2:01
Kyle B 90 PR 4:19
Kate K 155 2:44
Leslie 125 4:22
JaIme 135 4:32
Shannon 125 3:26
Bridget form 4:09

CFKoP Open Recap Week 3

Week 3 of the Open brought us the first repeat of the year.  Some people were excited and some were upset.  I was in the later category but the reason was because I knew that my work capacity decreased over the past year.  For better or for worse, benchmarks show us the efficacy of our training program.  When you slack off, the data clearly points it out for you.  You can either get depressed or use it as motivation going forward.  I hope all of you, like me, have identified one of your drivers for the 2013 calendar year.  That being said, 80% of the public that did 12.4 improved when doing it again in 13.3.  That is an amazing stat and if you were one of those, congratulations.  But do not rest there, your journey is only beginning and there is much more fun ahead of us.  After three workouts, we are beginning to see some shifts in the rankings.  There are gigantic swings every week so make sure that you are giving everything you have time and time again.  Below you will find the link for the CFKoP regional results after 13.3. 

As you will see, CrossFit KoP had a major set-back this week.  We are not mathematically eliminated from the competition but we would need some major PR's in the following two weeks to have a chance.  It was disappointing to see about 10 people drop from the competition this week.  I cannot stress how important it is to submit your score, no matter what it is.  Be one of the few that complete all of the workouts and be proud in that accomplishment.  Again, having the heart and bravery to do the Open puts you WAY ahead of the millions sitting on their couch looking at their unused gym membership.  

One thing that I hope we have all learned from this experience is that being number 1 in the gym is not enough to get us to the next level anymore.  The level of competition entering the sport of CrossFit continues to rise.  There is no doubt in my mind that we have the talent to rise to the occasion but it will take a change in mentality in how we train.  We need to view time spent in the doors of CF KoP as training, not gaming.  We need to continually push and test our limits so that we can continually improve and at much faster rates.  We cannot be afraid to fail because at that threshold is where magic happens.  To help in this regard, Aimee and I will be doing a competitors class at CF KoP starting shortly after the end of the Open.  This class will initially be open to the top 6 men and top 6 women in CF KoP as defined by Regional rankings.  The competitors class will be designed to challenge you more than you have been in the past, particularly in weight and volume.   If you didn't finish in the top 6, don't worry, as this class develops there will be periodic challenges that qualify additional members of the gym to participate.  Get excited, get pumped, get ready; 2013 may not be our year but we will make damn sure 2014 is! More details will follow after the open.

Click here for the ladies gym rankings. Click here for the men's gym rankings.

Get to know your coaches- Mike T.

1.     How long have you been doing Crossfit? Since 2008.  My wife introduced it to me when we were living in San Jose, CA.  She kicked my butt in our first WOD together, and I was hooked.

2.     What certifications do you have? – I completed my L1 in July 2011

3.     What future certifications do you want to get?  I would like to get a Gymnastics cert.

4.     What are your favorite things to coach?  My strength is bodyweight movements.  I think I have a lot of form and efficiency tips to help people get better at these types of movements including pull ups, muscle ups, burpees, and pushups.

5.     Why do you like coaching?  My favorite part of coaching is when that “light bulb” goes on for someone.  When someone can see that they are capable of so much more than they initially thought they were. 

6.     How would you classify your style?  Easy going, yet direct.  I think everyone (me included) needs a push now and then. 

7.     Other interests outside of Crossfit?  I love to do home improvements and see all the changes you can make to your home to improve it.  I also love spending time with my wife Beth and our daughter Emily.

8.     What are you top 2 Crossfit goals for 2013?  I want to do well in the 2013 Open and the SuperFit Games at KOP.  I have a great partner in Sam B. and am pumped to compete with him.

9.     Favorite Crossfit memory?  Completing a 245# Clean and Jerk at the 2012 Summer Slam.  I had never attempted that weight and only had one chance to do it.  It was a proud moment!

10.  What's your "day" job?  I have been in Industrial Gas Sales for 6 years.  Unfortunately, the company I was with recently downsized and I was laid off. 

11.  What would you be doing for exercise without Crossfit?  I would revert to my old “meathead” ways.  Lifting “back and bi’s”, “chest and tri’s”, super sets, negatives, and cable machines.  Ahh, Memories……..!

12.  Favorite cheat foods?  My diet is extremely loose, but I would say Gummy Worms and Peanut M&M’s!!!



 "If your happy and you know it clap your hands"

5 Rounds for time of:
15 Hang Power Snatches 75/115
15 Clapping Push-ups

Community Notes:
Click here to register for the next Level 1 Seminar that CrossFit King of Prussia is hosting. The Seminar will take place on May 4th and 5th.

CrossFit Endurance will occur this week on Wednesday 3.27 at 6:30PM at the Upper Merion Track.

The Reebok CrossFit Open Wod 13.4 will be held this Saturday starting at 9AM.
“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” 
― George Bernard Shaw

Mike P. 16:52 95#
Wax 8:46 3rds 95#
Pat P. 15:20 85#/PU ROM
KT 10:47 64#/ Hand Release PU
Chip 16:31 Rx
King 12:07 75#
Lauren 15:46 65#/PU ROM
Pete 12:05 75#
David 19:07 33#/Clap/PU
Chris T 14:37 45#PU
Jack 20:08 45#/RoMPU
Diane13:49 65#/PU
Sharon 21:13 53# Clap/PU
Kara 14:23 40#/RoMPU
Ryan 18:52 135# Rx+
Rob Ph 18:42 115#Clap-rom
Justin R. 18:10 85# RoMPU
Taylor 16:16 22#ROMPU
Vinny 15:58 Rx
Sarah 15:09 scale
Kate C 16:06 Rx
Brett 18:08 75#
Kathleen 14:17(53#Handrelease)
Sam B 11:55 75#,clapping
Sandy 16:06 50#
Jess S 18:02
Flounder 15:40 75#rom
Cory 19:40 65#
Peterson 16:58 95#clapping
Joe C 23:51 95 PU
Erika 18:18 65 PU
Geoff 19:28 105
Regi 16:56 55 PU
Bre 18:55 55 PU
WW 22:58 75 ROM
Mike Fab 16:37 95
Dan L 19:15 Rx
Stacy 18:15 55 MPU
Derreck 19:20 PU
Conn 18:23 85 PU
Borden 15:37 75 PU
Shannon 10:36 55 PU
Dee 18:00 65 HRPU
Stasie 16:20 45 knees
Nick C 17:55 95
Gene 18:15 Rx
LP 15:16 Rx
Jaime 12:47 25 knees



Bench Press

Cash out:
For time: 
20 Kettlebell swings 55/70
30 Toes to bar 
Run 400 meters

“The journey begins with a single step; the way itself is endless”

Kim G 75/5:30
Arin 95/7:03
Diane 112.5/6:48
Jackie 110/6:02
Linda 80/7:12
Maura 100/7:08
Gene 315/5:35
Rich 160/6:34
Ryan 365/5:38
Dan L 225PR/3:45
Balmer 260/4:09
Jess S 60/7:46
Erika 95/5:40
Steve Z 105/6:48
Jack 135/ 6:16
Reggi 100/ 5:14
Manisha 50/5:51
Shannon 80/5:15
Jaime 80/4:56



CrossFit Games Open 13.3 

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall ball shots, 14/20 pound ball 9/10 ft target
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

 Get all the information about the workout and standards, here.

(compare to Open WOD 12.4)

Community Notes:
We will start the heats for the open WOD at 9:00AM and continue until all athletes have completed the workout. 

"No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave."
Calvin Coolidge

Cate K
Aimee 211
Joe C 220
Flounder 131
Joe P
Jason 208
Mark C
JNa 132
JenJen 143
Kelly G
Matt G
Gene D 188
Alex L
Kathleen 199
Denise 240
Laura 243
Andrea B 240
KT 240
Bre 110
Conn 150
Ryan B 240
Patrick 211
Keith 245
Ditty 143
Derreck 153
Dan 123
Mike W 182
Alona 167
Sarah 95
Sam B 247
Mike T 249
TP 245
Vin 249
Jay E 180
Dan L 242
Rich 241

 The rings are waiting...
 DeeDee cruises all the way to 240!
 Laura locks three out!
Q: Wonder if this will make me lighter for the muscle up...?

 Way to go guys!



The Maltz Challenge

· 400 meter run
· 50 pull ups
· 100m fireman's carry or 200 meter farmer's walk with 50#/25# dumbbells
· 50 dips
· 100 push ups
· 50 knees to elbows
· 100 sit-ups
· 400 meter run

Click here to compare to past Maltz Challenges and click here to compare to last year.

Coaches Notes:
This workout can be done as a team if necessary.

On March 23, 2003, Master Sergeant Michael Maltz, a U.S. Air Force PJ (Para-rescue) was killed in action in a helicopter crash along with 5 of his brother PJ's while attempting a rescue mission of injured/sick children in the mountains of Afghanistan. MSGT Maltz is the late brother of Derrick Maltz, Special Agent in Charge of SOD. According to those who were close to him, MSGT Maltz possessed an enormous amount of strength and stamina. Bearing this in mind, a workout was specifically developed that would be particularly challenging in honor of him. The 4th Annual MALTZ CHALLENGE is being held today by DEA Offices around the world in honor of MSGT Maltz and others who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, we at CrossFit King of Prussia will honor Master Sergeant Michael Maltz by completing this WOD in his honor. Bearing this in mind, a workout was specifically developed that would be particularly challenging in honor of him.

A guilty conscience is a hidden enemy.
-American Indian proverb

Ph 30:03 scale
Fayth/Anne 29:03 scale
Fab 37:03 scale
Roman 29:12 scale
"BAM" Lam & Brian R 27:08 sc
Oleg 33:12 Rx
Chip 37:20 ROM
Mark C & Peter 28:00 sc
Nick c 40:00 ROM
Jeff F 27:25
Jeff D 35:54
Jerry 26:12 Rx
Alex 36:00
John 46:04
Prince 34:48
Carl 34:50
Laurel 27:00 1/2Sc
Mark B 26:53 Sc
Eric 27:25
Chris A 41:23
Pat 39:08
Rinat 32:08 RX
Amanda/Jessie 22:10sc
Kara/Christ 23:06sc
Lisa C 37:45sc
Tim O 39:46 Sc
Miranda Sc
Matt G + Kelly 25:45 Sc
Tidmore & Aman 24:02 Sc
Cory 31:35 Sc
Sandy 33:36 Sc
Stephen 25:59
Cris A 28:54 Rx
Maniesha 20:26 1/2sc
Kyle 30:11 Sc/Pukie




500 Meter Row
50 Double Unders
400 Meter Row 
40 Double Unders
300 Meter Row 
30 Double Unders
200 Meter Row 
20 Double Unders
100 Meter Row
10 Double Unders

Muscle Up

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do."

Brooke 11:15su/du 
KT 9:43 Rx 
Rebecca 11:57 Rx 
Steve Z 19:03 su 
 Alex L 11:50 su 
Lauren Mer. 16:04 su/du 
Jay E 14:58 Rx 
Peter W 8:58 Rx
Justin R 11:31 Rx
Laurel D 16:20 SU
Lisa C 21:25 DUA/SU/DU
Jonathan 17:35 Rx
Casey 23:19 DUA/DU
Nick Z 9:17 Rx
Ciera 18:54 DUA
Rinat 9:26 Rx
Steve M 14:19 SU/DUA
Alona 17:52 1/2 DU
Becky 26:18 Rx
Mark W 14:48 SU/DUA
Diane P. 12:50  SU/SU
Patrick 12:14 Rx
Chris A 13:53 DUA
Andrew 11:28 Rx
Derrek 12:00 Rx
Brett 13:50 DUA/SU
Jen P (OH) 11:33 Rx
Fayth 14:01 SU/DU
Megs 10:43 Rx
Taylor 14:01 Su/DUA
Liz 12:50 Rx
Keith 9:30 Rx
Rye Bread 11:13 RX
Joe C 12:54 RX
Stacy 14:09 RX
Breanna 15:37 DUA
PH 15:25 DUA
Peterson 8:43 RX
Lindsey 13:59 Su

Post 13.2 Results

All of you may have noticed that the post the other day showed us how we ranked within the gym but it does not necessarily reflect how you rank in the Region.  Since many of you care about that, I present the following since I am so nice.  You will notice that the ranking are different in many cases.  When looking at this list, do not focus on what your number is...you are moving your body and that is better than a LARGE percentage of the population so be proud and happy.  Congratulations...you are CrossFit.  Also, I must apologize in advance...since I sort by regional rank, I have no choice but to separate the "masters" from the larger population despite the fact that in many cases they are scoring better than those in the regular population.  Sorry, for your ranking, you will need to resort to the gym ranking.  Without further ado, click on the following link to see how things are shaping up. 

Next up in 13.3.  It is another repeat of last year and one that introduced the elusive muscle-up into the competition.  Will someone get their first one?  Come out and see on Saturday!  

Philly Cow Share Update

With BBQ season upon us, are there any other members interested in an 1/8th share of beef from Philly Cow Share (http://www.phillycowshare.com/eighth-cowshare)? We have 2 shares left!!!!

The cost is $348.50. Money would be due 3/27 with delivery scheduled for KOP on 4/3. If you are interested, please add your name and email address onto the spreadsheet no later than Saturday

Link for spreadhseet: 

Friends and family are also able to take advantage of this offer!



 The new "ladies" T-shirts have arrived!!!
get yours today...

AMRAP in 15 minutes
1 Wall Ascent (6ft/8ft)
10 Kettlebell Swings (55#/70#)
1 Wall Ascent (6ft/8ft)
10 Burpees

Cash out:
Reverse Hyper 3 sets of 20 reps

"The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow."
-H.G. Wells

Kathleen 5+9 (44)
Tidmore 5+5 RX
Ellie 6 (44)
Kim G 5+1 (box)
Oleg 7+12 RX
Mike S 5 (55)
Roni 5+11 RX
Pete 7 RX
Gina 7 (box)
Alona 6 (45)
Cris A 7+9 RX
Jonathan 5+1
Mr. W 5+6
Mrs. W 3+13
David 5
Rinat 6+2
Amanda 5
Jessie 5+11
John W 6+ 12 55#
Dianne 4+17 Pullups/26#
Laurel 5+12 17'box/35#
Anja 5+1 sub PU/wall 26
Westwood 6 Rx
Joe C 6 Rx
Mark B 6 55
PH 5+17 sub PU/wall
Jessey should scale



Welcome to John- a new resident nooner!

Clean and Jerk

Cash out:
3 Clean and Jerks on the minute for 7 Minutes at 75% of your 1RM.

"Do not believe in something solely because someone has told you so, or tradition has it, or because many others do it. Test for yourself, experience for yourself."
-Kalama Sutta

Ellie 105
Gina 105
Wong 185
King 195
Gary 215
Erika 115
Byrnsey 205
Christ 98
Kara 103PR
Coxhead 275PR
Amanda 115
John W. 155
Sharon 125
Keith 245
Mrs. Peterson 98 PPPR
Mike P 170 PR
Lam form
Andrew 155
Jason H 130
Brett 145
Maura 110
Taylor 40 form
Diane 135
Tim O 175
Smizzy 80
Jason 230
Nick A 95
Karen 65
Ryan 310
Regi 85
LP 130
Justin R 215
Kate C 145
Jack 145
Joe C 185
Bridget 65
Peterbutt 205
Matt B 185
Matt W 155
Dee 115
Jackie 120 PR
Stasie 85
Kyle W 115
Kate K 145 PR
Jess C 133 PR
Big All 225
Anne B 80
Fayth 95
Linda 80
Shannon 90
Jaime 85
Al V 225

13.2 Recap

This week the Open brought us a box and a barbell.  The workout was an AMRAP in 10 minutes of 5 shoulder to overhead (115/75#), 10 deadlifts (115/75#) and then 15 get on top of a box (24/20").  The early number for the elite females was well over 300 so in order to be competitive, you need to either break the 300 barrier or come pretty damn close.  In this regard, our women stepped up to the plate with ALL THREE top scorers breaking the 300 barrier.  Interestingly enough, step-ups were the way to go in KoP as all top scorers used them.  Laura Pappas led the pack with 321 with Kate C and KT right behind.  The men had a slightly harder task in getting to 300 but our top men were not going down without a fight.  John C came the closest with 291 but Ryan and Vinny were hot on his tail with 285 each.  The overall team performance brought our standing in the Region up from 53 to 46.  A 7 place improvement in a week is important and if we can keep that trend for the remaining weeks in the Open, we will be heading to Regionals.  It will not be an easy feat and we will need to push ourselves to limits we did not think possible but if we can do that, we are still alive.  Here is hoping that 13.3 is something completely in our wheel house.  Good work everyone and lets continue to get this done.

The Overall Results from week 2 will be posted shortly as we finalize the spreadsheet. 

Get to know your coaches- Paul

1.     How long have you been doing Crossfit?
Started in December of 2011. Started coming to CrossFit KOP with my sister Melissa.

2.              What certifications do you have?
CrossFit L1
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Powerlifting

3.              What future certifications do you want to get?
I am getting my USAW in March, and Kettlebell and Mobility in May/June. Also take the Coaches Prep sometime in the summer.

4.              What are your favorite things to coach?
Deadlift, Squats, and Bench! I also love teaching the olympic lifts, as well as movements that we do not see on a regular basis.  

5.              Why do you like coaching?
My job is the best in the world. I constantly get to help others improve, and reach goals. It is the greatest feeling in the world.

6.              How would you classify your style?
A combination of Plentus, Keith, Melanie, and Donkey. I shadowed their classes primarily, and feel like I have a style that is a mesh of all of them.

7.              Other interests outside of Crossfit?
Sports, Social Gatherings, Traveling.

8.              What are you top 2 Crossfit goals for 2013?
300lb Clean, BW OHS x 15.

9.              Favorite Crossfit memory?
When my sister RX’d her first workout. She is the least athletic girl in the world, and to see her transformation through dedication, nutrition and hard work was extremely inspiring. Without her, I would have never started CrossFit...

10.           What's your "day" job?
I am the best Sandwich Artist this side of the Mississippi. CrossFit Coach... If you haven't noticed... I am at box 90% of the time.

11.           What would you be doing for exercise without Crossfit?
A combination of Powerlifting and Bodybuilding.

12.           Favorite cheat foods?
Funnel Cakes, Cheesesteaks. Duh.



Barbell Thrusters (65/95#)


...if you want to challenge yourself do a double
(double "Fran" that is):
Barbell Thrusters (65/95#)

 13 Ways Olympic Weightlifting is like Life by S. Vincent

Community Events:
CrossFit Endurance on Wed. 3/20 @ 5:30 PM at the Upper Merion Track
This weeks Open WOD will run on Sat. 3/23 beginning at 9:00AM

"Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too."

Jason L. 7:46 Rx
Pat P. 9:54 85#/band
Gina 8:20 55#/band
Roni 7:36 Rx
Steve Z. 10:03 45#/band
KT 5:41 Rx
Kathleen 8:40 55#/band
Mark C. 10:33 95#/ROM pullups
Pete W. 6:29 Rx
Lauren M. 10:52 65#/band
Nick C. 7:40 Rx
Jay E. 8:21 95#/band
Barb 10:34 PP-63#
Mike W 9:42 Rx
Sarah W 11:01 35#/band
Alison B 10:13 45#/band
Rinat 8:02 Rx
Ciera 10:44 53#/jump
Kara 10:36 55#/band
Chris T 10:08 45/band
Cate 8:36 C2B
Aimee 5:57 25# DB
David C 8:30 53# 2 bnds
Patrick P 8:39 Rx
Oleg 6:54 Rx
Mark W 7:16 db
Sandy 8:17 45#
Erika 8:30 65#
Cory 9:12 65# 2 bnds
Flounder 9:34 75#
Gene 4:03 Rx
Manisha 7:30 ?
Andrew Y 10:06 55#
Mike P 15:31 Double Fran (5:12 1st Fran)
Sam B 4:23 Rx+C2B
Balmer 6:05 Rx?
Shannon 10:11 50 band
Jaime 9:26 45 band
Borden 6:42 Rx
Faby 5:21 Rx
Derreck 7:41 Rx
Matt B 6:48 75 band
Kate K 7:43 Rx
Jna 11:10 band
Dee 8:41 Rx
Big Al 12:38 ROM
Jim C 7:32 Rx
Brian R 8:27 Rx
Bob G 12:50 45 band
Brandon 7:04 75 band
Jen S 7:35 ROM
Becky 8:40 Rx
Ryan B 5:46 Rx
Rob Ph 6:57 band
Mark B 6:43 65#
Katrina 7:02 22#/band
Jessey (sholder mod wod) 9:36
Taylor 8:21 22#/RR
Justin 9:48 band
Sharon C. 10:58 Rx
Mike T 4:29 Rx
Roman 7:18 (75#)
Luke 9:35 (65#)
Regi 8:59 (55# band)
Arin 13:09 (1st Rx)
Brynsie 7:16 (Rx)
WW 9:50 (65#)
Jason H 10:31 (Rx)


 "Happy Birthday Ciera - welcome back!"

Welcome Taylor!!!