By Stephanie Vincent

When we first start CrossFit our vision is usually pretty clear. However sometimes,  somewhere along the way, our vision can become clouded.   

Our vision can be clouded by our egos.  Our love of competition and giving our all to the workout, can become a do or die dog fight to be better than him or her.

Our vision can be clouded by feelings of inadequacy.  Our passionate dedication to work on our weaknesses, can become the fuel for internal punches of "I'm still not good enough" when our PR's and progress slow down.   

Our vision can be clouded by our human need to be loved and accepted.  Our joy at having found a community for which we are a part, can become a game of social jeopardy, where we feel left in or out of this group or that one.  

Our vision can be clouded by the distractions of gossip, drama, who we like, and who we don't.  Our laughter and camaraderie, can become whispers and hurt feelings. 

This week, marks the  start of The 2013 Reebok CrossFit Open.  This is the pinnacle of the year for CrossFit Communities all around the world.  Now is the time, when we can come together, and make great things happen.  However if we are to be our very best, each of us must take a moment and check to be sure our vision is clear. 

Whether we are new to CrossFit or seasoned veterans its time to remember why do this thing in the first place. 

Maybe it's to be happy and health.

Maybe it's to live long and well.

Maybe it's to reach our potential.

Maybe it's to keeping fitness fun and exciting.

Maybe it's to have an outlet for competition and sport.

Maybe it's to challenge ourselves and to continue to learn.

Maybe it's to be strong and beautiful inside and out.

Maybe it's because we just plain fell in love with this sport and its community.

Maybe it's all of these things. 

Ask yourself, WHY DO I CROSSFIT? 

We must take the answer to that question and make it our focus, because that's the real reason we come to our box, day after day.  All that other stuff is just spam.

Clarifying why we CrossFit  is what will make the Open the very best it can be for us as an athlete.  If we are our best, so will be our community.  Keeping that vision clear is what will allow us to be happy, satisfied and successful, year after year.

“Give us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for- because unless we stand for something we shall fall for anything”
- Peter Marshall



Jason Lyons said...

That quote will forever mean something to me...

Stephanie Vincent said...

I think we should actually answer the question here on te comments. We used to have a board at the gym. I'll answer it...

I CrossFit to discover my possibilities, I CrossFit to be a role model for my kids, I CrossFit to have fun, I CrossFit to be strong, healthy and fit. I CrossFit because I love CrossFit. I CrossFit because I am a coach and I want to be the best coach I can be.

Tori said...

I Crossfit to have fun in my body. I don't worry about PR's or the weight. It's great to see how I progress but it's not a huge focus of mine. I feel like Crossfit is like recess or gym class for adults. I love that I come without strict expectations for myself but with a generous dose of curiosity for the possibility of would could be my potential for that day. I am happy when I'm there and I love the people I meet. That's why I Crossfit :) thanks Steph!!!!

Peterson said...

I just want to look/feel better. This is the first physical activity that I've stuck with for the long haul other than volleyball, so I figure that if I enjoy it and it keeps me fit, then I better stick with it!

Melanie said...

Great post Steph! I think for me, the reason I CrossFit has evolved over time. Like you, I have many reason's and no matter what, I always try and keep CrossFit fun for myself. I was a competitve swimmer growing up and damn serious about it. After a while, the constant pressure to beat a time no longer made it fun for me and I started to resent doing it. Like Tori, I come into the box with no expectations and when good shit happens and I hit a PR, then so be it! I just don't expect it every time I walk in there (not that I am not giving it my best shot). That is how it stays fun for me. I do make small goals for myself because although I don't have huge expectations, I still need to stay motivated. Plus, there is still so much to learn and improve upon. There is something about CrossFit though that has really resonated with me and that is why I stay. As an individual member, I am there for me and staying healthy and ensuring I look damn fine come my 40th birthday this year!