CFKoP Open Recap Week 3

Week 3 of the Open brought us the first repeat of the year.  Some people were excited and some were upset.  I was in the later category but the reason was because I knew that my work capacity decreased over the past year.  For better or for worse, benchmarks show us the efficacy of our training program.  When you slack off, the data clearly points it out for you.  You can either get depressed or use it as motivation going forward.  I hope all of you, like me, have identified one of your drivers for the 2013 calendar year.  That being said, 80% of the public that did 12.4 improved when doing it again in 13.3.  That is an amazing stat and if you were one of those, congratulations.  But do not rest there, your journey is only beginning and there is much more fun ahead of us.  After three workouts, we are beginning to see some shifts in the rankings.  There are gigantic swings every week so make sure that you are giving everything you have time and time again.  Below you will find the link for the CFKoP regional results after 13.3. 

As you will see, CrossFit KoP had a major set-back this week.  We are not mathematically eliminated from the competition but we would need some major PR's in the following two weeks to have a chance.  It was disappointing to see about 10 people drop from the competition this week.  I cannot stress how important it is to submit your score, no matter what it is.  Be one of the few that complete all of the workouts and be proud in that accomplishment.  Again, having the heart and bravery to do the Open puts you WAY ahead of the millions sitting on their couch looking at their unused gym membership.  

One thing that I hope we have all learned from this experience is that being number 1 in the gym is not enough to get us to the next level anymore.  The level of competition entering the sport of CrossFit continues to rise.  There is no doubt in my mind that we have the talent to rise to the occasion but it will take a change in mentality in how we train.  We need to view time spent in the doors of CF KoP as training, not gaming.  We need to continually push and test our limits so that we can continually improve and at much faster rates.  We cannot be afraid to fail because at that threshold is where magic happens.  To help in this regard, Aimee and I will be doing a competitors class at CF KoP starting shortly after the end of the Open.  This class will initially be open to the top 6 men and top 6 women in CF KoP as defined by Regional rankings.  The competitors class will be designed to challenge you more than you have been in the past, particularly in weight and volume.   If you didn't finish in the top 6, don't worry, as this class develops there will be periodic challenges that qualify additional members of the gym to participate.  Get excited, get pumped, get ready; 2013 may not be our year but we will make damn sure 2014 is! More details will follow after the open.

Click here for the ladies gym rankings. Click here for the men's gym rankings.


Sarah said...

I didn't drop out, just forgot to enter my 13.2 score. As Keith would say, "I'm such an idiot!!!"

Kathleen said...

Well said Jason. I like your point about training not gaming and I will take it to heart each time I walk into the box. I was upset when I saw 13.3 and not because I had done it last year (I wasn't in the open then) but because I had never Rx'd Karen. When I saw this workout come up suddenly I was mad at myself because I had never pushed myself to do this benchmark WOD as prescribed when I was capable of doing so. The voice in my head would tell me doing the squat to the proper depth will take too long, hurt too much or I'm tired, I just want to get a good workout, etc, etc. I am going to make a sincere effort not to do this to myself when I show up at the box. I have a better appreciation now than ever before I will only get out of it what I put into it.

Mike P said...

Awesome, Jason. Question - will the Competetor WODs be posted so that others can try them on their own? Either at home or an open gym.

Jason Lyons said...

The details are not completely hammered out but the actual workout may be a minimal component. The focus needs to be on significantly improving strength, skill and capacity. Because of the constantly varied nature of this programming, some athletes may be gymnastic focused while others are strength focused. Hard to detail all of it.