13.2 Recap

This week the Open brought us a box and a barbell.  The workout was an AMRAP in 10 minutes of 5 shoulder to overhead (115/75#), 10 deadlifts (115/75#) and then 15 get on top of a box (24/20").  The early number for the elite females was well over 300 so in order to be competitive, you need to either break the 300 barrier or come pretty damn close.  In this regard, our women stepped up to the plate with ALL THREE top scorers breaking the 300 barrier.  Interestingly enough, step-ups were the way to go in KoP as all top scorers used them.  Laura Pappas led the pack with 321 with Kate C and KT right behind.  The men had a slightly harder task in getting to 300 but our top men were not going down without a fight.  John C came the closest with 291 but Ryan and Vinny were hot on his tail with 285 each.  The overall team performance brought our standing in the Region up from 53 to 46.  A 7 place improvement in a week is important and if we can keep that trend for the remaining weeks in the Open, we will be heading to Regionals.  It will not be an easy feat and we will need to push ourselves to limits we did not think possible but if we can do that, we are still alive.  Here is hoping that 13.3 is something completely in our wheel house.  Good work everyone and lets continue to get this done.

The Overall Results from week 2 will be posted shortly as we finalize the spreadsheet. 

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