W.O.D. 3.1.12

For time complete:

100 Double Unders

1 WallBall (14/20# to 9/10ft)
1 Hand Release Push-Up
2 WallBalls
2 Hand Release Push-Ups
3 WallBalls...3 Hand Release Push-Ups
4...4...up to 10 WallBalls 10 Hand Release Push-ups

100 Double Unders

Community Notes:
Today is the first Thursday of the month which means Open gym will occur from 5:30PM to 7:30 PM. Anyone in need of completing Open Sectional WOD 12.2 can accomplish the WOD during open gym. We will officially be running the Open WOD 12.2 during class times on Saturday starting at 9:00AM-- heats based on arrival.

Click here for week one Open Sectional Rankings for CFKoP.

"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence."

Roni 16:09 DUA, 14#
KT 10:16 Rx
John S 19:19 DUA, 20#
Elyse 19:19 DUA, 14#
John King 18:49 DUA, 20#
Megs 11:20 Rx
Chip 17:15 du att/20#wb
Lauren 13:39 / SU,10#
Mark C 12:10 20DUatt/15#
Heather 20:40 SU/14#
L.P. 8:55 Rx
Seth P 23:12 rx
Susan B 17:43 rx
John C. 8:52 rx
Kim C. 19:24 rx
Jim C. 26:13 DUA/14#
Shannon 25:25 DUA
Sharon 22:12 DUA
Meg B 16:15 Rx
Mike T. 23:22 Rx
Becky 20:16 ROM
Byrnsey 11:55 RX
Aimee 11:26 - sub box jumps
Paul 13:52 DU/SU
Travis 15:05 (50DU)
P 8:15 RX
Keith 8:56 (PU,ROM)
Gabe 11:22 RX
PH 17:36 (DU ATT)
Becca 14:40 (DU ATT)
Alison 15:32 RX
Rachel 18:51 (some knee PU)
Jeff H 14:46 RX
Lam 14:40 (14#)
Fab 14:04 RX
Dan L 14:07 (SU)
Tracey 14:00 (DU att,knee pu)
Melissa 16:47 (10#,knee,su)

March - Athlete of the Month
Congratulations "Shoeless"

Get to Know "SHOELESS" Joe – Q&A:

Hometown: Haverford, PA
Current Location: King of Prussia, PA
Age: 25
Occupation: Engineer
College: Villanova University

How long have you been a CrossFitter?

I did Fundamentals with Coach P in February of 2010, and started coming regularly in July of that year.

Did you ever play sports?
Track and cross country in high school.

Mom, Dad, my brother Dan, my sister Claire

What is your biggest achievement at CrossFit?
My first 175 pound snatch. I was trying to do a power snatch with that weight and failed a few times, and when it occurred to me that that weight might be out of my league, Coach Laura said something like, “You can definitely lift that, I know it.” Then I got it, and then I just had to try a full squat snatch. Getting to write my name on the board for the first time was a really emotional experience.

What do you feel you still need to work on?
Double unders, burpees, and push-ups. In general, I want get better at showing up for wods that I don't think I will perform well in. I also want to learn more about how to help other athletes with their form and performance.

Goals for the rest of the year?
After the Open, I'd like to resume focusing on strength, particularly the Olympic lifts. I don't have any numbers in mind for goals yet, but if I can make some degree of progress in this and in all the things in the question above, I feel like 2012 would be a success.

What's your favorite WOD?
Anything that involves a barbell and finding a one-rep max. There was also one recently where we did front squats, 1-10-1-20-1-30-1, which I liked because of the mental focus it required. (Special thanks to Coach Tim for being my partner and helping me get through that one.)

What's the craziest, insane workout outside of CF you have ever done?
Running the Broad Street Run barefoot. It was the stupidest thing to do, especially since someone whose judgment I trust very much told me beforehand that it was a horrible idea and he wound up being right. It was an important experience for me though, since I learned not to be so stubborn and to open my mind to the benefits of different kinds of shoes for different kinds of workouts.

What is your least favorite WOD?
Most WODs that take longer than 10 minutes (especially Filthy Fifty) or those that have extremely high reps with a relatively light weight (Randy).

What's your favorite lift?
The snatch.

What is your least favorite lift?
Right now I dread the clean the most, since I've got a lot of work to do to get my form right. Thanks to Coach P's clinic though, I know what I need to work on and what I need to do to get better.

What skill do you want to work on in 2012 the most?
I'd like to improve my form on the Olympic lifts and get better at stringing double unders.

What's your favorite foods, and snacks?
My go-to almost-paleo meal is 4 eggs, coconut milk, (almost paleo) sausage, peppers, onions, and spinach all scrambled together. I usually have this 4-5 times a week. My favorite non-paleo foods are pizza and ice cream, and I’m working on getting better at having less of these. Oh, and I don’t know if I’d be able to survive without chocolate milk.

Whats your favorite piece of workout "gear"?
My black Under Armor pullover. I’ve had it since senior year of high school and it still feels brand new!

What would you say is your biggest improvement since starting Crossfit?
My confidence in myself, especially after gaining a lot of strength and body mass thanks to Coach Laura’s help.

Who is your favorite coach?
At any given time, it's one of the following:

Jeff, for believing in me at times when I didn't believe in myself.

Nikki, for caring so much and spending so much time going way out of your way to help me improve.

Mel, for being a great friend and making me smile every time I see you at the box.

Tim, for never letting me slack off and being one of my favorite role-models.

Jason, for being so knowledgeable and dedicated to learning how everyone at KOP can improve.

Donkey, for focusing on everyone's individual needs and pouring your heart into helping us.

Vinny, for always staying with me right by my side in all the classes when I'm the last one to finish.

Cate, for looking out for me and helping me learn what I need to work on.

Laura, for being very patient and understanding with me when my diet was terrible and inspiring me with your contagious passion for wellness.

Steph, for teaching me why it's important to love my body even with its limitations, and similarly but more importantly, why I need to accept the parts of my personality that I never liked and used to wish weren't there.

Aimee, for your brilliant coaching and being the visionary and leader of this community that enabled me to feel stronger, have more self-confidence, and make a whole bunch of friends.

Plentus, for all the fitness and life advice and for being my personal hero since the summer before I went to college.

PR's to mention? Goals Reached? Nutrition highlights?

Recently I did 3 sets of 5 back squats with 265 pounds (full disclosure: I took nearly 10 minutes rest between sets), which was really exciting to me, since when I started two summers ago my one-rep max was 205# and my 5-rep max was 185#. I also did 3 sets of 5 shoulder press at 120 pounds, while my 5-rep max was 105 at the end of my first month of strength training. After working with Laura I saw a huge increase in my strength, with my clean and jerk going from 165# to 195# and deadlift going from 415# to 445#. During this time I learned to eat in higher quantities with higher frequency, to try to eliminate the bad things one thing at a time (starting with gluten), take supplements such as BCAAs, and do more heavy lifting and less long endurance workouts.

There are also some goals I set that I didn’t get, i.e. a 3-minute L-sit hold (didn’t know what I was getting into), a set of 100 pushups (got discouraged and stopped), and 100 burpees in 5 minutes (just didn’t stick with it). I’m working on getting better at setting reasonable goals and being honest with myself about what I think I can do.

Thanks everyone for your friendship and support! I know I’m fortunate to belong to a community like KOP where I can check my ego at the door and be entirely comfortable being myself.


With the growth of non-traditional endurance sports, we're starting to see a lot of new ways to have fun and challenge ourselves outside of the "box". It seems like every other day there is a new blog post about a different muddy adventure somewhere nearby.

While traditional CrossFit programming is an excellent way to improve your lung capacity and overall strength in these events, we would like to offer our members an additional advantage. Starting on 4/8 CrossFit KOP will hold a regular "Adventure WOD" on the second Sunday of each Month at 11:00AM! This class will be available to all members and count as an additional class. WODs will be longer in duration with a heavy focus on rope climbing, wall and cargo net ascents, and other disciplines practiced less frequently in standard WODs.

If you plan on giving it a go at the next "GO RUCK" or Tough Mudder race, come out to give it a go.

These classes will be run by Coach Vinny
Community Events - for the curious:

Dog Day Afternoon - Fundraiser for SPCA
When: Sat, April 14, 11am – 3pm
Where: CFDV (map)
Description Support your furry friends! The Delaware County SPCA will be stopping by with a few friends who are in need of a good home, and we'll run a few fun individual and team WODs in their honor. Afterward, everyone is welcome to hang out for potluck wings, beer, and good times. In lieu of a registration fee, we ask that you bring something from the DelCo SPCA donation wish-list (paper towels, dog treats, gift cards to Home Depot, PetSmart or Petco, Acme, or Target, etc.) and food and/or drink to share. Full donation wish list here: http://delcospca.org/donations/

Broad Street Run RACE date - Sunday May 6, 2012 AT 8:30 A.M.

Iron Sport Power Classic 2012
When: Saturday, Apr 28, 2012
Where: Iron Sport Gym, 505 S. Chester Pike, Glenolden, PA 19036 (map)
Description: Space is limited to 50 lifters competing. Events include Full Power, Push/Pull, Squat Only, Bench Only, Deadlift Only. Early weigh-ins: Friday, April 27 - 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. and 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Weigh-ins: Saturday, April 28 - 7:00. – 8:30 a.m. Mandatory Rules Meeting at 9:15 a.m. Lifting commences at 10ish. You must be a member of UPA to be eligible for this competition. Membership cards may be obtained at weigh-ins. UPA membership is $30 adults or teenagers $15 (age 19 and under). For additional information contact Kate Baird at 302-381-0040 or e-mail: powerfrizzy@gmail.com

Mid-Atlantic Regionals
When: May 4 – 6, 2012
Description: CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regionals

Civilian Military Combine
When: Saturday, May 19, 2012
Where: Camelback Mountain, PA (map)
Description: http://www.civilianmilitarycombine.com/events/tri-state/
Discount code good for 10% off the entry fee for the CMC. It is: CMCSIMPLE10

Fight Gone Bad VII
: Saturday, Jun 9, 2012

CF Games
When: Jul 13 – 15, 2012

GoRuck Challenge, Philadelphia - 12th May


W.O.D. 2.29.12

For time complete:
5 Rounds of
500 Meter Row
15 Sumodeadlift High Pulls (65/95#)

GORUCK at CrossFit King of Prussia

CrossFit KoP is hosting a special GORUCK WOD on Sunday 3/4 at 11:00AM. This a FREE WOD open to any and all athletes/CrossFitters/GORUCKers interested in meeting the community and doing a workout. This is also some great training for those of you planning to complete in any Mud Runs or Tough Mudders.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
-Maria Robinson

Gina - 19:23 (53#)
Pat - 18:40 (75#)
Kim G - 21:37 (55#)
BO - 17:44 RX
John S - 16:54 RX
Mike S - 22:08 (65#)
Rachel - 18:39 (43#)
Tidmore - 17:07 (75#)
Elyse - 21:11 RX
Pooch - 19:42 (65#)
Oleg - 17:45 RX
Rebecca S - 17:58 (53#)
Nick 19:00 (75)
Matt O 19:01 (75)
Jess C 18:45 (55)
Mike W 21:11 (65/75)
Sarah W 17:07 3 rds @ 45
Dan L 16:08 rx
Kevin B 17:04 rx
Mike T 18:28 rx+115
Beth O 18:20 (35)
Mark B 16:15 (85)
Gabe 15:03 rx
Rob Ph 14:57 rx
Mike F 15:51 rx
Brian R 16:20 rx
Schaeffer 16:27 rx
Kate K 16:43 rx
Rachael 18:37 55#
JZ 11:51 (3rnds@95#)
Jonathon 18:18 --
Jackie 9:11 (3rnds/kbs)
Josh F 14:12 35#
Robin 17:40@35#

Patrick 15:47 85#
Jamie 20:58 83#
Flounder 17:40 75#
Sandy 19:45 45#
Kathleen 18:05 53#
Luke 18:51 65#
Justin K. 17:27 Rx
Joe P. 17:43 75#
Ben 16:57 75#
Akeem 17:38 65#
Denise 19:10 Rx
Kate FM 19:22 45#
Conn 16:49 75#
Borden 18:17 85#
Ditty 14:50 65# 3rds
Erika 19:30 Rx
Jen Sch. 18:14 45#
Kate C 15:45 Rx
JP 20:00 65#
Randy 18:02 65#
Faby 14:10 Rx
Trostle 16:29 Rx
Stephany 22:40 35#
Marcel 22:10 75#
Nicole G. 23:16 45#
Travis 15:05 85#

Donkey's Deadlift Clinic

Do you feel like your deadlift could be stronger if your form was improved? Have you hit a deadlift plateau, and want to know how you can bust through it? Then come join the fun at Donkey's Deadlift Clinic!

We will cover the movement basics of this important powerlift, assessing your unique sticking points as you work with PVC and the barbell. We will use video and on-the-spot discussion to highlight areas where you can improve your form, and finally, we will prescribe assistance work that you can do to get to the next level of strength and power. This assistance work can be done in our Westside classes or outside of it.

This clinic is separate from our Westside program! Everyone is welcome, first come, first served.

The next deadlift clinic will be held 4.28.12, from 12-3PM. Cost is $50/person. Limit 10 people. Sign up under "Seminars" or on MindBody --click here to register.

Looking forward to seeing you all go heavy!

Clean and Jerk Clinic with Coach P
Saturday 3/10/12
Cost: $50

Learn a detailed breakdown of this famous Olympic lift
and get personalized feedback on your form. We will go
over progressions of the lifts, assistance exercises, and
we will also have video analysis of your C+J to analyze it in
slow motion. All levels of experience are welcome, but
there is a 10 person cap.

Email chris@crossfitkop.com to
reserve your spot.


W.O.D. 2.28.12

Donkey daycare?

deep discussion surely about the Snatch

Matt overhead!

Hang Power Snatch

Cash out:
Max Pull-ups in one set
(without coming off the bar)

Community Notes:
Congrats to J. King, Tidmore and Falco who did the Pretzel City Sports Ugly Mudder on Sunday. It was a 7.25 mile trail run up and down mountains in Reading. All finished successfully!

The Merrell Down & Dirty National Mud & Obstacle Run Series (www.downanddirtymudrun.com) is coming to Philadelphia on July 15th, 2012 at Fairmount Park and features both a 5K and 10K off-road run complete with military style-obstacles, water crossings along the way and mud, mud and more mud all in addition to non-stop fun! With each entry fee, participants receive a technical t-shirt, post-race BBQ, and a finisher’s medal to commemorate the accomplishment!

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”
-Albert Einstein

Drew 105#, 4 pullups
Jay E 185, 16 !
Mike S 90, 3
Gina 63, 14(green)
Lauren M 55, 6(blk)
Nicole S 75, 14
John S 125, 10
Roni 63, 3(purple)
Becca 68, 10(blue)
Dorothy 95, 16
Katie V 65/4
Susan 65
Meg B 68/8
Lisa 60/6 purple band
Dianne 73/ 3 mf
Chris 63/4
Kara 63x1/11 blue
Matt O 105/11
Tori - welcome back!!!!
Jeff H: 120/12
Mark B: 85/14
Brynsie: 135/30
Shannon 63/12 green band
John C: 145/27
Kim C: 65-form/11 band
Sharon 80/4 band
Becky 70/20
Paul 155/19
Denise 70/6
Jen S. 100 (PR)/23
Justin 125/24
Faby 135/20
Jerry 165/40
Melissa 40/ 9 blue band
Travis 105/19
Erika 70/6
Chris A. 65/14 blue band
Chuckie 100 (105 x 1)/18
LP 83/31
Patrick 140/21
Peterbutt 125/16
Christine E. 45/21 blk
Tony 135/31
Chris S. 135/16
Mrs. Peterson 70/12 grn
Joe P. 105/23
Mel 73/14
Kate C. 95/21
Tim H. 115/green
Luke 115/6
Jason 135
King 115/12
Dang 125/10
Josh F 65/7Bk
Bre 55/2G
Stacy 68/8Bk
Tim M 145/39
Olan 135/32
Keith 155/32
Pete W 95/14
Nathan 70/5Bk
KT 85/15
Lisa C 68/30G


W.O.D. 2.27.12

Ummmm, did you miss the 3.2.1 GO!

Who needs a reverse grip?

This is the WOD that never ends...it goes on and on my friends

Welcome Jaime...don't let Jen beat you...

Complete 10 Rounds of:
In one minute complete
12 Deadlifts
9 Front Squats
AMRAP Push Press

...rest a Minute

Your score will be the total reps for Push Press for all 10 rounds.

Use 75# for ladies and 115# for men.

Open Sectional Update Week 1:
Burpees anyone? Week 1 of the Open re-enforced mental fortitude by asking us to perform as many burpees as we could in 7 minutes. Yup...ouch! Our team stepped up to the plate and 59 of us entered a score to continue in the Open...1 down, 4 to go. Let's all try to finish! The high scores in the gym went to Vinny and P...both getting 119. That is a lot of burpees. Our top lady was Aimee with 116. Their performances, along with Kate C (114), LP (109 at altitude) and Mike V (113) allowed CF KoP to hold on to a 22nd place, out of 143 teams! Great effort everyone and we need to keep up the great work to secure a spot for KoP at Regionals.


“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”
- Abraham Lincoln

Jay 71- RX
Susan 46- RX
John C. 28 - RX
Mike F 43 - RX
Keith 24 - RX
Olan 20 - RX
Matt 62 - Rx
Paul 39 - Rx
Ph 49 - Rx
Chris S 35 - Rx

Jason 54- 45#DB
Rebecca 41- 63/53#
Lauren 23- 53/45#
Peter 6 - 95#
John S. 30 - 95#
Oleg 42- 95#
Chip 33- 95#
Barb Z 55 - 45#
Mike W. 19 - 75#
Sarah W. 21- 22#
Matt O 22- 95/75#
Beth O 68 - 45#
Tamas - ouchie
Nicole S. 42-55#
Kara 42 - 55#
Chris T. 39- 53#
Peter O 29- 75#
Liz O 34- 45/35#
Kim C. 15 - 45#
Joy 60- 45#
Becca 51-45#
Alexis 54 - 45#
Jaime 12 - 65#
Katie V 58- 53#
Rachael 21- 55#
Jackie 76 - 35#
Kelly W. 27 - 22#
Heather 52 (65#)
Ditty 66 (20# DB)
Mike P. 68 (40# DB)
Melissa 78 (35#)
Randy 30 (75#)
Sandy 44 (45#)
Borden 52 (95#)
Conn 28 (95#)
Akeem 17 (75#)
Steph 39 (53#)
Faby 38 (40# DB)
Tony 99 (45# DB)
Charles 27 (65#)
JP 15 (75#)
Nick 17 (95#)
KSB 70 (45#)
Dave 33 (45#)
Sharon 40 (55#)
Kyle 25 (75#)
Patrick 48 (95#)
Bre 77 (12#DB)
Danny 86 (50#DB)
Flounder 40 (75#)
Joe P 45 (75#)
Stacy 85 (35#)
Jim C 43 (65#)
Jen Sch 103 (35#)
Megs 188 (20#DB)
Ben 49 (20#DB)
Tim H 44 (75#)
Kate C 137 (25#DB)
Dig 43 (75#)
Brian R 30 (95#)
Roni 51 (55#)
Travis 28 (95#)
Brynsie 70 (35#DB)
Gabe 47 (95#)
Robin 82 (35#)
Dan L 32 (95#)
Kathleen 44 (45#)
Arin 52 (45#)
Joe C 30 (45#)
Josh 36 (105#)
Vin 54 (45#DB)
Russell 15 (53#)


W.O.D. 2.26.12

...are you ready for more...V & P?

V & P Adventure WOD
Meet and park at Frosty Falls for an adventure WOD with Vinny and Plentus.
9:00AM ONLY - Rain or Shine.
This is a FREE WOD - Friends and Family are welcome.

"Work every day. No matter what has happened the day or night before, get up and bite on the nail."
- Ernest Hemingway

Teams of 3 worked feverishly as they moved station to station through 8 rounds each of push presses, sit-ups and lunges...

Marcel, Stephanie & Jess - 763 reps
Mike S, Rachel & Ditty - 674 reps
Joy , Faby & Jim - 904 reps
Katie V, Jeff & Erika - 831 reps
Jen S, Justin and Cline - 823 reps


W.O.D. 2.25.12

V & P Adventure WOD
Meet and park at Frosty Falls for an adventure WOD with Vinny and Plentus.
9:00AM ONLY - Rain or Shine.
This is a FREE WOD - Friends and Family are welcome.

A team workout. Teams of 3 or 4 had one person doing sets of 10 stump jumps while another held a plank position. The other one or two people ran a sandbag around the Novaloop. Score was total amount of stump jumps in 13 minutes.

Cash out of 60m sprint intervals, not for time

"To be thrown upon one's own resources, is to be cast in the very lap of fortune."
- Benjamin Franklin

Knabb/Jen S/Shoeless 293
KSB/Kim G/Cline/Cathy 239
Faby/Matt/Rachel 274
Ditty/Michael/Sarah/Kathleen 191
Jess C/Megs/Balmer/Tidmore 280


W.O.D. 2.24.12

6" - check!

5:30 crew hits 12.1

Yep- that's the total

get it Flounder!

Mark B. hits the jump

CrossFit Games Open 12.1

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

For a downloadable PDF of the workout, click here.

CrossFit Games Open 12.1 workout instructions and demo - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Kristan Clever 128 reps, Rebecca Voigt 107 reps, Katie Hogan 91 reps.
Post reps completed to comments and/or register and submit your results as part of the CrossFit Games Open.

Video Demo:
Workout video demo with Katie Hogan - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Community Notes:
Weekend Reminder--we are hosting a Level 1 CrossFit Seminar this weekend, therefore there will be no regular scheduled classes in the box. We will host a 9:00AM outdoor adventure WOD both days. Meet Vinny & Plentus at Frosty Falls for an outdoor WOD, rain or shine. These WOD's are open to friends and family. This is a FREE class.

"In the long run, a short cut seldom is."
- Malcolm Forbes

Danny 112
Nina 80
Mike P. 109
KT 95
Gina 62
Oleg 96
Manny 57
Tidmore 102
Rebecca 71
Mike S. 71
Drew 63
King 94
dianne 61
Kim G 64 height scale
Matt 71
Jay 70
John 90
Kim C 65
Lauren 50
Lee 93
Healthy 62
Barb 68
Chris T. 68
Liz O 52
Peter O 61
Kara 60
Jonathan 65
Sharon 47
Katie V 83
Tim M 104
Keith B 90
Rob Ph 78
Shannon 71
Howard 71
Mark B 72
Jess C. 90
Dorothy 94
Byrnsie 93
Peter W. 97
Robin 51
Russell 62
Becky 84
Aimee 116
Cate 102
Will (Trey) 75
Steph B: 65
Katie Fin: 54
DeeDee: 66
Ditty: 73
Vinny 119
Kate C: 114
Shoeless: 91
Lisa: 63
Ken: 71
Lee: 95
Mike V: 113
Diego: 82
Chip: 67
Olan: 101
KK: 83
Sandy: 75
Lizzie: 77
Tidmore *again: 105
Balmer: 92
Pam G: 87
Conn: 74
Tim H: 52
Faby: 105
Borden: 84
Melissa L: 82
Miranda: 85
Jen S: 94
Sam B: 106
Stasie 41 Height Scale
Josh F 50
Kelly 71
Megs 107
Arin 71
Allison 72
Plentus 119
Jason 94
Flounder 71
Mel 91
Mike F 71
Tony 95
Gabe 96
Ben 78
Mike T 102
Kathleen 69
Dan L 71


W.O.D. 2.23.12

Rachael and Meg with some solid swinging!

For time:
Complete 200 Kettlebell swings (55#/70#)

For skill:
Handstands (all varieties- including handstand walk and push-ups)

Community Notes:
Weekend Reminder, we are hosting a Level 1 CrossFit Seminar this weekend, therefore there will be no regular scheduled classes in the box. We will host a 9:00AM outdoor adventure WOD both days. Meet Vinny & Plentus at Frosty Falls for an outdoor WOD, rain or shine.

We will host OPEN Wod 12.1 in each class on Friday 2.24.

Deep Thoughts on 12.1 by Plentus

"Procrastination is opportunity's assassin."
- Victor Kiam

steph b 12:49-35/26.5
John s. 16:50-55
Oleg 19:35-RX
Drew 12:49-35
Rebecca 14:04-26.5
Roni 15:05- 35
Gina S. 11:46-35
Lauren 19:05-35
Chip 18:08-55
Peter 16:22-55
Paul 20:58/55
Kara 13:00/35#
Dorothy 14:19/ 53# Russian
Jim C. 14:09/26.5/35#
Mark B 15:44/55#
Tim M 9:47/55#
Matt G. 23:30/55#
Andrea 18:33/26
Sharon DNF
Becky 17:36 35/26#
Meg B. 12:09 35#


W.O.D. 2.22.12

Clean, 1 rep
Bench press, 1 rep
Overhead squat, 1 rep

Clean is from the ground, power or squat. Overhead Squat is taken from rack.
Score is total of all three lifts, similar to CrossFit total. Execute in the order indicated.

Community Notes:
South Philly Rumble - Who's in?

Community thought:
What do you do when no one is watching? During a workout it is easy to push it when a crowd is there to cheer your on. At dinner with fellow CrossFit athletes it is easy to say, "No bread" or "No Dessert". When your coach is watching you closely it is easy to focus on technique. But what happens when you are alone, left to your own devices? Do you still find being good easy?

"What we do on some great occasion will probably depend on what we already are, and what we are will be the result of previous years of self-discipline."
-H. P. Liddon

Mike S 308 - 115/120/73
Jon K 465 - 155/185/125
Drew 445 - 165/185/95
Pooch 395 - 125/155/115
Kim G 216 - 83/70/63
Pat 505 - 175/175/155
John S 625 - 175/295/155
Oleg 515 - 165/215/135
Manny 338 - 125/150/63
Sharon 115/135/65 (315)
Marcel 135/195/75 (405)
Keith 235/200/175 (610)
Dorothy 140/135/125 (400)
Kevin 180/245/125 (550)
Matt O form
Miranda: 395 145(PR)/120(PR)/130
J.Na: 243 105PR/83(PR)/55(PR)
Jenn: 229 83(PR)/83(PR)/63(PR)
Jamie: 375 125/85/65
Conn: 595 205(PR)/235(PR)/155
Borden: 535 205/195/135
Faby: 555 185(PR)/225 (PR)/145 (PR)
Stasie: 219 73/83/63
Justin: 585 205(PR)/215 (PR)/165(PR)
Nick: 560 205/220/135
DeeDee: 295 120(PR)/90(PR)/85
Katie Fin: 275 113(PR)/87(PR)/75
Brian 190pr/200pr/155pr - 545
Tony 235/275/215 - 725
Diego 155/150/75 -380
Sarah 70/75/25 - 170
Mike W. 145/165/55 - 365
Josh 95/105/?
Vinny 255/305/215 - 775
Steph V. 165/150/owie
Joy 85/93pr/65pr - 243
Becca 85pr/93pr/65pr - 243
Olan 195/215/165 - 575
Mel 113/103/103 - 319
Flounder 145/165/115 - 325
Sandy 90pr/75/75 -
Joe P 165pr/165pr/105pr - 435
Lam 135/165/85
Tim H 165/175/55
Ben 135pr/165pr/125p - 425


CFE=CrossFit Endurance
Spring is around the corner and it's time to kick off our CrossFit Endurance Classes with Coach T. Pappas.

Wed 3/7 @ 5:30pm
Tue 3/20 @ 5:30pm
Wed 4/11 @ 6:30pm
Wed 4/25 @ 5:30pm

What is CFE?
The goal here is to make you a faster, more efficient runner with less training volume. Bring a water bottle and wear/bring warm clothing in layers, as we’ll be running outside sometimes meeting at the Upper Merion HS track, sometimes on the river trail right on the other side of the bridge, or sometimes we'll go for a bike ride right from the box. All abilities are absolutely welcome and the workouts will be focused on building lung capacity thru interval work as well as a few modified CrossFit WODS - no barbells in this class.

Not sure if this is for you?
CFE is for anyone that wants to improve their endurance performance. If you are training for a running event from a mile to ultra-marathons, this program will overhaul your training and take your performance to the next level. If you are a biker, triathlete, or adventure racer, using CrossFit Endurance programming will do wonders for your overall fitness in preparation for your event. If you are a CrossFitter that likes to run (or better yet hates to run- you need this the most), CFE merges all that you love about CrossFit with a focus on endurance capacity. Coached by Tim P, CFE certified Triathlon Guru

These classes will count as one of your 2x, 3x a week or unlimited classes at CFKoP. This is not a FREE class.

W.O.D. 2.21.12

AB mat Sit ups
(welcome to Chris A!)

GHD mania!

Kim - sledding uphill

3 Rounds:
400 M Run
25 GHD Sit Ups
25 Hip Extensions


for time:
complete one sled pull over the bridge and back (95#/135#)

Coaches notes:
Depending on the size of the class run the sled pull and the 3 Round running WOD at the same time. GHD Sit ups can be scaled with AB mat situps or anchored sit ups. Hip Extensions can be scaled with SuperMans.

Community Notes:
Due to the CrossFit Level 1 seminar this weekend at CFKoP we will not be having our regular scheduled workouts. We will be hosting a WOD at 9AM only on both Saturday and Sunday. (V & P) adventures - Yes, Vinny and Plentus will put you through the paces. Meet and park at Frosty falls by the Gazebo and they will take you on the adventure.

“Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.”
- John Wooden

Dianne 18:57/ 5:52, @25 lbs
Beth 18:40 (row) 5:52 @25
Lisa 13:55 (200 m) 5:43 @25/10
CHris 15:41 5:43 @25/10
Meg 12:38 rx/ 7:17@ 95
Kim C 15:27 5:11 @45
John C 13:53 rx 6:28 @95
Jonathan 18:02 6:28 @95
Susan 16:30 rx 5:11 @45
Matt O 15:23 7:17 @ 95
Manny 13:31 abmat,SuperMan/5:53 sled pull@45#
Mike P 11:12 Rx/9:33 Rx
Jay E 20:36 Rx/ 1/2 bridge pull@135
Mike S 14:13sub row for ouchie/--
John Shf. 14:09 Rx / 6:13@45#
Drew 19:04 / 11:16
Megs 12:30Rx / 6:49@ 45#
Paul F 14:32 Rx / 9:30 Rx Great Effort!
Gina 11:55 ab,SM/5:10@45#
Becca 9:40 ab,SM/4:55@45#
Kristin T 10:40 Rx / 10:30@ 90#
Oleg 12:07Rx / 11:48 Rx
Tim M: 13:22 Rx/8:04 115
KSB: 15:21 Rx/8:40 55
Donkey 13:54 Row/Abmat/Back Ext / 11:02 Rx
Jim 12:36 ab/6:31 95#
Rachael 14:48 Rx/6:24 50#
Joe P 13:05 Rx/ 8:40 95#
Kate 11:13 Rx/6:25 Rx
Matt G. 14:14 GHD to horizontal/5:46 90#
Nathan 13:48 ab,super./8:19.65 50#
Olan 12:07 (Rx)/13:26 (Rx)
Roni 12:19 (Rx)/6:13 (35#)
Mel 12:20 (Rx)/6:56 (45#)
Ph 16:10 (ROM)/8:07 (Rx)
Keith 15:50 (Some ab)/9:41 (Rx)
Brynsie 13:44 (Rx)/9:03 (Rx)
JZ 16:01 (ROM)/10:31 (100#)
Stacy 13:00 (ROM)/7:42 (25#)
Katie F. 13:48 AM, SM/10:41 (45#- team)
Tim H. 18:07 AM, K2E scale/17:26 (135#- team)
Faby 12:17 Rx/8:36 (135#- team)
Tony 13:07 Rx/ 12:32 (90# team Prowler)
Nick 14:48 GHD ROM/9:39 (135#)
Akeem 11:38 AM, SM/12:44 (100# team)
Peterson 9:28 AM, SM/13:09 (90#-team)
Justin 14:02 RX/5:38 (95#)
Denise 10:27 AM,SM/10:41 (45#- team)
Tidmore 31:21 2x reps AM/SM/5:51 (95#-team)
Jess C. 10:30 AM,SM/13:09 (90#-team)
Miranda 13:15 Rx/6:55 (95#-team)
Lindsey 12:20 AM?, SM/ (13:29 45#-team)
Dan 9:50 AM, SM/8:36 (135#-team)
Sam B. 7:53 AM, SM/12:32 90# team prowler)
Jerry 13:58 Rx/17:26 (135#-team)
Paul S. 11:29 AM, SM/12:44 (100#-team)
Cline 16:05 GHD scale/4:48 (95#)
Charles 12:09 Am, SM/7:25 (95#)
Josh 9:45 AM, SM/6:32 (135#)
Melissa S. 13:06 RX/13:29 (45#-team)

Every Thursday starting March 1st at 6pm there will be a group run available for all CFKoP members. It is just one of many benefits of being a KOP member. Feel free to bring your friends and family, everyone is welcome. This "run club" is done in conjunction with Lululemon King of Prussia and is a FREE session. All levels are welcome. Meet Coach Pappas at the lower visitor center parking lot at Valley Forge Park.


W.O.D. 2.20.12



Toes to bar - scaling option


21...15...9 of:

Toes to Bar

Push Press...115/75 pounds

(every min on the min 6 Pull Ups, 6 Push Ups)

*WOD from our friends at CrossFit Explode

Community Notes:
Start getting excited. This week marks week 1 of the CrossFit Games 2012 season with the kick off of open WOD 1. This week we will host the open WOD on Friday in all classes- (judges will be on hand if you signed up for the open). For every consecutive week after this week the Open WOD will be held on Saturday.

Click here to watch John, age 5 and just under 20 kg who is obsessed with doing something overhead. With a makeshift PVC stick, bungee cords and two 2.5kg plates and he gets 22 reps.

Should you be eating Gluten? by L. Pappas

“Courage is grace under pressure.”
- Ernest Hemingway

Balmer 13:58 115#/TTB not 100%
Jay E 14:49 - scaled 6's
Lee 9:53 - 75#/jumping pullups
Lauren 19:48 - 45# scale
Kristin T - 17:34, 4's
Chip 19:57 - 95#, scale
Pat 17:51 - scale
Mike P 16:55 Rx
Arin 14:42 - 45# scale
Peter 21:53 - 95# scale
Alison K 15:51 - blue band
Shawn 18:43 115#
Liz 18:00 floss/45 (4)
Plentus 16:56 Rx
Ditty 31:44 65# (3/2)
Alexis 14:46 35#/scale (3)
Susan B 11:52 65#/Scale T2B
Jenny (CFNE) 26:56 (6/4/2)75#
Matt O 18:00 75# (band)
Matt G 15:55 95/65 (4) band
Josh F 19:ish 45#/band (4)
John C 23:58 Rx
Kim C 26:52 50#/scaleT2B/(5/6)
Sarah W 18:50 35# (3)
Mike W 16:54 75#/jump (5)
Roni 15:00 45#/band
Barb Z 13:54 35#/scale/band
Anja 14:56 35#/green (4)
Rob Ph 19:50 band 115#
Brian R 19:48 115# (4)
Jackie 10:50 kb/pu - hpc/pp
Flounder 17:55 95#/band (3)
Tim M 14:00 Rx
Keith B 19:48 115# (6/3)
Kevin 25:40 115# (6)
Lam 20:55 75#/band
Becca 18:00 45#/band (4)
Mike Fab 19:54 115# (3)
J King 16:00 95/band (6/4)
Mike T 14:48 Rx
Jason L. 19:00 115# (6/3)
Gabe 18:00 (95/3)
Dan L 21:43 (2mf/3)
John S 22:32 (Bl/4/2)
JZ 15:00 (85/3)
Steph B 20:56 (53G/3)
Sharon 18:51 (65J/KB/3)
Rachael 13:54 (45mf/3)
Dig 10:42 (75/3)
Ben 16:55 (75J/4)
Jen S 14:58 (53G/3)
Megs 8:36 (65/3)
Kate 13:00 (75/6/4)
Nick 17:55 (95/5/3)
Vinny 7:55 (Rx)
Joe P 11:45 (85/4/2)
Conn 11:56 95#(3pu/pu)
Borden 12:54 95#(3pu/pu)
Melissa 13:44 35#(4pu/pu)
Paul 17:09 Rx
Elyse 22:53 scaled (Ouchie-booboo)
Randy 15:53 75# (2pu/pu)
Faby 14:44 95$ (3pu/pu)
Kate K 14:52 65#(3pu/pu floss)
Russell 24:12 65# (3pu/pu)
Robin 14:59 35#(3pu/pu band)
Justin 17:53 95#(5pu/pu/)
Jen S 12:04 Rx

...has arrived.


W.O.D. 2.19.12

Athletes and Support team at the Winter Combine -- CrossFit APEX

John C. - 12th

Gabe - 7th in High School Division

Nina 1st place

Aimee 2nd Place

For time complete:
20 Power Cleans 95#/65#
20 Overhead Squats
15 Power Cleans 115#/75#
15 Overhead Squats
10 Power Cleans 135#/95#
10 Overhead Squats

“Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.”
- Robert A. Heinlein


W.O.D. 2.18.12

Jerk (Push or Split)

from the APEX Winter Combine
8 minute AMRAP Ladder: (1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4…etc)
Burpee Box Jumps (20 inch), Sit-ups, Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell weight--Male: 53# Female: 35#

Community Notes:
We are adding a Tuesday NOON CrossFit class--beginning on 2/21.

"It's For Everybody: Matt Ramsey on The Open" - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]
Register for the Open here.

Is this Paleo?

“The only thing constant in life is change.”
- Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Becca 75#, 8 +3B
Dianne 73#, 7
Rebecca 85#, 7+4B 24"box
Lam 155#, 7+8B
Akeem 130#, 6 + 1B
Peter W 135#, 8+5KB
Dan 155#, 7+5S
Alexis 65#, 7+3B
Joe P 135#, 7+BB
Kim G 73#, 7+7B scale
Laura P 115#, 9+7B
Tony 205# 8, 70KB
Keith 205#, 8+9B
KT 115#, 9 +5B
Jerry 200#, 8 +9S
Faby 155#, 9 + 3B
Scott 95#, 7 + 1B
Sarah 70#, 4 + 3B
Mike 145#, 5 + 5B
Jamie 95#, 7
Jen A ??, 7+2B 44KB
Anja 55#, 7 + 8B scale
Matt O. 95#, 7+7B
Katie V 75#, 8
Jay 255?#, 7 + 6B 70KB
Denise 95#, 7+5B
Megs 95# form, 9
Kate C 115#, 9 + 3B 24"
Jen Sch 70#, 7 +1B
Erika 85#, ouchie
John S 145#, 7 + 5B
KSB 85#, 7 + 3B
Aimee --,10 rds


W.O.D. 2.17.12

a sight only a CrossFitter would understand

it was such a "BAC" why not pose for a photo!

Warm up= Catch Plentus

Andrea - working hard!

love the click of the heels Tim!

welcome Russell

3 Rounds for time:
400 M Run
20 Pull-ups
15 Lateral Jumps (paralette or hurdles)
10 Dumbbell Thrusters (25#/45#)

Community Notes:

Good luck to the athletes competing in the Winter Combine on Saturday at CrossFit APEX (John C, Nina, Gabe and Aimee)!! Spectators and cheerleaders are welcome.

“In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.”
- Lee Iacocca

Kim G 18:11 Band/L/12
Drew 15:50 G/P/25
Gina S 13:48 BLK/P/15
Peterson 16:38 MH/35
King 13:06 R/P/30
Lee 10:53 Jump/MH/25
Rachel R. 16:49 G/P/30
Mike S. 17:08 MF/SH/25
Dianne 18:21 G/L/12
Manny 19:25 G/P/25
Pooch 17:00 G/SH/25
Paul 16:03 BLK/P/35
Chip 18:12 21"/35
Lauren 19:47 Jump/P/15
John S. 20:33 G/LH/35
Lam 15:14 MF/17"/30
Becca 20:45 MF/MH/20
Mark 14:34 G/LH/20
Alison 16:36 B/MH/25
Arin 16:51 SmG/P/15
Katie 18:07 G/P/15
Denise 18:18 P/20
KT 13:51 MH/25
Diego 16:26 P/25
Kate K 16:10 MF/P/25
Jerry P/45ROM
Luke 17:38 G/P/45
Mark 16:02 Row/P/35
keith 14:58 LH/45
Jason B 13:41 P/45
Liz 17:38 MF/P/15
Shawn 14:38 P/45
Randy: 18:31, 25/black
Borden: 16:42 25/Rx
Faby: 15:26 ROM
Melissa L: 12:28 20/Green
Pam: 11:49 25/Green
Nick: 16:48 35/Rx
Justin: 14:55 35/Rx
Melissa S: 17:25 Row/Step/Green Jump
Paul S: 16:48 Rx
Jen S: 14:16 Rx
Cate 12:54 Rx
Susan 16:46 25# PU-rom
Peter O 15:37 25#/band
Liz O 16:36 15#/band
Barb Z 18:18 15#band
Jim C 16:27 25#/band
Kim C 17:44 15#/band
Robin 19:44 15#/band
Russell 20:08 25#/band
Howard 18:17 35#/band/jump
Joe G 12:09 Rx
Becky 19:19 20#
Josh F 17:14 12#band
Dan L 17:36 35#/band
Peter W 14:40 35#
Matt G 18:36/35#band
Matt O 18:36/35#band
Jess C 16:10 25#/jump
Tim M 14:29 Rx
Kevin B 16:36 Rx
Sharon 25:42 25#band
Mike Fab 20:00 45#ROMPullup
Andrea 25:42 12#/band/jump
Dawn 20:33 15#/band
Jonathan 14:26 25#/35#/band
Mike V 12:22 (Rx LH)
Plentus 18:35 (Rx+ 20# vest/bench/50)
TP 11:16 (Rx P)
LP 12:27 (Rx SH)
Kate 11:40 (Rx P)
Vinny 11:01 (Rx P)
Megs 15:12 (Rx P)
Mike P 13:19 (Rx Bench)
Josh S 15:32 (MF,P,35)
JZ 13:59 (P,30)
Dang 15:25 (Bl,SH,35)
Steph V 17:41 (RR,P)
Mel 16:15 (P)
Travis 15:07 (Bk,SH,30)
Steph B 16:50 (Bk,P,15)
Olan 14:58 (MH,KB)
Dorothy 13:33 (P, KB)
Joe P 16:17 (2x45, 30)
Patrick 14:01 (P, 35)
Jeff H 16:26 (P, 20)
Rob Ph 14:46 (Band, P)
Brian R 15:04 (P, 35)
Lisa C 16:44 (P,G,12)