CFE=CrossFit Endurance
Spring is around the corner and it's time to kick off our CrossFit Endurance Classes with Coach T. Pappas.

Wed 3/7 @ 5:30pm
Tue 3/20 @ 5:30pm
Wed 4/11 @ 6:30pm
Wed 4/25 @ 5:30pm

What is CFE?
The goal here is to make you a faster, more efficient runner with less training volume. Bring a water bottle and wear/bring warm clothing in layers, as we’ll be running outside sometimes meeting at the Upper Merion HS track, sometimes on the river trail right on the other side of the bridge, or sometimes we'll go for a bike ride right from the box. All abilities are absolutely welcome and the workouts will be focused on building lung capacity thru interval work as well as a few modified CrossFit WODS - no barbells in this class.

Not sure if this is for you?
CFE is for anyone that wants to improve their endurance performance. If you are training for a running event from a mile to ultra-marathons, this program will overhaul your training and take your performance to the next level. If you are a biker, triathlete, or adventure racer, using CrossFit Endurance programming will do wonders for your overall fitness in preparation for your event. If you are a CrossFitter that likes to run (or better yet hates to run- you need this the most), CFE merges all that you love about CrossFit with a focus on endurance capacity. Coached by Tim P, CFE certified Triathlon Guru

These classes will count as one of your 2x, 3x a week or unlimited classes at CFKoP. This is not a FREE class.


Anonymous said...

do we know which of the classes will be at the box/at the track/biking?

Tim P said...

Yes Anonymous- you will know a few days before, we'll post on the blog the setting.

Melanie said...

South Philly Rumble 4/15

Who's interested?

Cate said...

930 results:

the first time listed is the three rounds wod, and we did the sled pull in teams of two, one person runs back and forth while the other pulls the sled.

Dianne 18:57/ 5:52, @25 lbs
Beth 18:40 (row) 5:52 @25
Lisa 13:55 (200 m) 5:43 @25/10
CHris 15:41 5:43 @25/10
Meg 12:38 rx/ 7:17@ 95
Kim C 15:27 5:11 @45
John C 13:53 rx 6:28 @95
Jonathan 18:02 6:28 @95
Susan 16:30 rx 5:11 @45
Matt O 15:23 7:17 @ 95

Pete W said...


Any chance of an occasional morning CFE? I'd be interested but can't make evening classes most of the time.

Nina said...

I am with Pete!

Tim P said...

Absolutely, I know last year I did 2 of them for morning athletes, and it was a success. I will factor that in, thanks for asking

Kate K. said...

Will we be working on all 3 modalities? (bahahahaha)

steph said...

I'm totally in for this!