W.O.D. 2.10.12

Push Press

Flying Pull-up
Cargo Net
Bar Muscle Up
Monkey Bars

Paleo + Endurance + Crossfit = ? by L. Pappas

Community Notes:
Click here to check out our CFKoP Youth Athlete of the month- Danielle A.

There will be sectional training at 11:00AM on Saturday 2/11.

"Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose–a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye."
– Mary Shelley


Melanie said...

Flying pull-ups you ask? Check out htis video of Flying Fan: http://youtu.be/mulhFFOspWY

Stephanie Vincent said...

7 people at our new Friday 7am class this AM...yay!

Mike P 160 PR
Jay E 275
Roni 78 PR
Lee 135 PR
Manny 125
Mike S 110 PR
Paul F 190 PR
King 145 PR

Matt O 115
Drew 175
Kim 73
Chip 145
Peter 130
Lauren 85 PR
Dianne 98

Nice work everyone! Remember drive through the heels and to make the dip,drive and press one fluid movement.

Cate said...

9:30 & 12:00

Keith 205
Jeff 145
Chris T 83
Lisa 78
Mike 155
Susan 105
Liz O 73
Peter O 145
Kelly 53
Kara 93
Jess 105
Mark B 145
Barb 75
Matt G 190
Dan L 165
Stephany 65
Marcel 145
Tim M 205
Dorothy 130
Kate C 130
Russell 115
Robin 70
Sharon 115
Travis 155
John C 185
Kim 80

Awesome work!! lots of PRS!

J Coxhead said...

I felt like I was at a jungle gym today with all the awesome skill work. I didn't want to leave!!!!

Melanie said...


Joe 135#
Nicole 110#
Jamie 135# PR
Olan 195#
Brian 190# PR
Breanna 73# PR
Scott 115# PR
Ben 145# PR
Joy 82# PR
Chris S 255#
Kathleen 90# PR
Becky 95# PR
Nathan 73#

Akeem 150#
Oleg 185# (195# PJ)
Borden 175# PR
Diego ouchie
Lisa 86#
Steph B 86#
Nick 165#
Sandy 75#
Ditty 105#
Arin 85#
Alison 135# PR
J-Na 75#

Solid work tonight everyone!! And way to go Nick and Diego on getting a bar muscle up!!

Sooki said...

we liked!!! thanks for the session, Mel

Stephanie Vincent said...

Mel meant 4:30 & 5:30....For a minute there I thought I got out of some work :-)

Melissa S 55
Paul S 175
Pam 95
Shoeless Form
Tony 225
Melissa L. 83
Jen s 130PR
Mel 115
Tim H. 165
Randy 145
KK 85
Justin 165

Thank you, Tony for the super training tip for the flying pull up. First practice a pull up with a clap at the top and then transfer that over to the flying pull up bars. Awesome.

Ernie said...

At least Olan did something today thank the lord!

Melanie said...

Oops, thank Steph . Very. Long. Week.

Lisa A said...

Alas, I realized that I miscalculated my push press...it should be 68lbs. not 78lbs. Gives me something to strive for, though!