Congratulations Ditty!

She is our Sugar Detox Challenge winner is for the first challenge of 2012!!!

Kristin did a great job with food prep, menu planning, trying new things, and really embracing the spirit of the challenge.

So in addition to all of the benefits from the challenge, she won $40 CASH (from Laura Pappas Health Coaching) and a T-Shirt of her choice from Crossfit King of Prussia.

Love reading blogs? Click here to check out Ditty's!

Stay posted for our next "team" nutrition challenge in the Spring.

Sugar should be regulated as a toxin By Christopher Wanjek

"I kept telling myself to "Be Ditty". For me that means, having fun with the workout, cheering others on, and doing my best and I felt like I did that."
-Kristin Dithmer Plentus


Jen S. said...

wooohooo!! so proud of you lady!!!

Stephanie Vincent said...

WWDD? What would ditty do? :-)

Miranda said...

Congrats Ditty

Chris P. said...

Proud of you Ditty! Your determination and focus have kept you away from tempting food at work and also made you a great chef!

Dorothy said...

Congratulations Ditty. That's fantastic and not an easy feat. I'm loving watching your progress.

JZuck said...

Great job Ditty!! Keep up the good work.

KSB said...

Great job, Ditty! Love watching your determination yet fun workout style and hearing you cheer others on. You are a great reminder to work hard but have fun too!