W.O.D. 2.7.12

Click here to check out some of our CrossFit KoP boys - famous on the CFHQ Main page - for the photo above!
(from left to right - Plentus, Mike V, Sam B, Mike T)

5 Rounds of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

Record time for each round.

Community Reminder:
The Noon Westside class starts today.


"What Are The CrossFit Games" - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

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"Men do less than they ought, unless they do all they can."
– Thomas Carlyle



Welcome to Matt!

Sit up madness!

Thanks for the visit Jay (from Allentown)!

Stephany and Marcel!


donkey said...

oh barbara, it's been such a long time. you left scars on me the last time we met. they're still there. it's a special, special bond i have with you!

donkey said...

PS, it's 5 delicious rounds of fun, Barbara is.

Tidmore said...

How many rounds?

Aimee Lyons said...

whoops mis print for you Tidmore, for you and Mike P 10 rds

Sooki said...

dooooode, are you serious????? So since Steph B joined, i've had the pleasure of hitting woods with my least have workouts. So, barbara, we'll see you in the morning and I'm gonna dominate you... lol

Tidmore said...


Mike P said...

Um, five rounds was plenty ;-)

Tim P said...

6am Basic Cadet Training

Mike P 3:53/4:02/4:01/4:01/4:13

Scaled of Sorts
Gina 4:42/5:52/6:52/7:11/6:34
Jay E 6:26/8:21/8:49/8:05
Mike S 6:48/8:38/9:18/3:43(1/2)
Drew 5:48/8:20/12:12
Manny 5:44/3:13(1/2)/3:38(1/2/4:11(1/2)/3:50
Paul F 4:53/5:49/6:43/8:07/8:11
King 4:13/5:50/6:32/6:42/6:25
Lisa Ch. 7:11/7:00/9:44
Steph B 5:54/7:48/9:32/8:40

Drew said...

Dear Barbara,

I hate you.


steph said...

^^ what drew said

Megs said...

I posted this article in the FB group, but for anyone not on FB, here it is.

Pat Sherwood's lessons learned from 6 years of Crossfitting!


Drew said...

I did not know there was a FB group...

Jon Schell said...


Mike P said...

@ JZ - holy crap . . . those times are not human.

Aimee Lyons said...

Mike P - I think JZ did half because he was coming off of being sick for about a week....

Katie V. said...

sit up madness is my favorite

Chris P. said...

JZ is not human

Mike P said...

. . . so says the man who crushed it while wearing a 20# vest. Wow!

. . . welcome back JZ, glad you're feeling better.

Jon Schell said...

LOL JZ killed one round with 1:40. That is just stupid amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hardest WOD yet! those sit ups are sneaky! I googled "why do work outs make you want to puke" after that Barbara!

Jenn Sch

Chris P. said...

Jenn Schmidt killed those squats...best intensity of the night!

Jason Lyons said...

Truth of the matter is it is unknown why people throw up from working out hard. The former belief was lactic acid build-up but it has been proven wrong.

Tidmore said...

I almost threw up from the music that was playing during the WOD

Cline said...

Why, was it Donkey's iPod?