Donkey's Deadlift Clinic

Do you feel like your deadlift could be stronger if your form was improved? Have you hit a deadlift plateau, and want to know how you can bust through it? Then come join the fun at Donkey's Deadlift Clinic!

We will cover the movement basics of this important powerlift, assessing your unique sticking points as you work with PVC and the barbell. We will use video and on-the-spot discussion to highlight areas where you can improve your form, and finally, we will prescribe assistance work that you can do to get to the next level of strength and power. This assistance work can be done in our Westside classes or outside of it.

This clinic is separate from our Westside program! Everyone is welcome, first come, first served.

The next deadlift clinic will be held 4.28.12, from 12-3PM. Cost is $50/person. Limit 10 people. Sign up under "Seminars" or on MindBody --click here to register.

Looking forward to seeing you all go heavy!


Stephanie Vincent said...

omg scarey donkey! :-)

Jon Schell said...

That's so hot.

Melanie said...

That face is priceless!!!!!!Totally badass.

donkey said...

you guys are twisted.