W.O.D. 2.2.12

Good luck Mike C! Thanks for the visit!


7 rounds for time
5 Muscle snatch (95/65#)
10 Box jumps (30"/ 24")

Happy Birthday Nicole S! CrossFitting since 2008, way to go woman!

Community Notes:
Open gym from 5:30-7:30PM. Join one of our Steve's Club KoP kids to WOD at 6:30PM.

Click here and use the link to register for P's C & J clinic if he has confirmed you are in!

The Ladies Rx - A four week discussion series

Top 10 ways to get skinny fat

"There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self."
Benjamin Franklin


Mike T 6:42
Olan 10:53
Aimee 6:06
Byrnsey 8:03
Sharon 9:53
Mike C 7:00
Tim M 7:52
Travis 8:45
Alyson 8:40
Nina 7:21
Keith 9:35

Becky C 7:48 33#/24"
Kelly W 9:31 15#/17"
JB 8:24 55#/24"
Jess C. 45#/24"
Matt G. 11:25 65#/25"
Kim G 6:10 (35#,15"SU)
Ernie 7:45 75#
Meg B 6:55 63#
Steph V 8:32
Jen S 7:04 55#
Mike L 7:18 form
Scott 9:33 65#
Joy 7:14 30#
Tim H 9:49 (75#/25")
Arin 7:31
Brian R 8:37 75#
Shoeless 9:20 (75#,ROM)
Drew 8:33 (45#/25box)
Mike S 10:13 (45/27)
Kristin T 6:47 (55/24)
Manny 8:55 (35/21)
Pat 12:12 (65/30)
Roni 8:25 (15/24)
Jay E 10:03 (25")
Lauren 9:39 (35/17)
Peter 6:59 (45/25")
Laura 6:17 (53)
Nicole S 8:25 (45)


Aimee Lyons said...

New schedule starts on 2/2 - A reminder that tomorrow we have both a 6:00AM and 7:00AM class!!!

Miranda said...

to the "Original" Happy Birthday girl! I love you and am lucky to have met you back at the FAC! Good times and great memories. I hope you enjoy your special day!

Jason Lyons said...

Hey Nic, happy birthday.

Hey everyone, CrossFit King of Prussia is officially a team on the CF Games site. Feel free to join us. The website is games.crossfit.com and it is infinitely easier than last year to manage. We welcome everyone, no matter where you are at in your development. Come out and have FUN!

Mike S said...

Happy birthday Nicole! Have a great day!

Nina said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Special thanks to Laura - I think you found that final issue with my "kip" where my legs where to stiff.. It finally feels more effortless when I bend my knees more. I think I can finally practice this.. What I was practicing before really didn't feel any easier than a regular dead hang and I felt like it was just making my form worse. With the tweak you made today I think I can finally practice it and feel like I am getting somewhere. Really, thanks so much I feel like I can walk on water today!

Nicole S said...

Thanks to the 6am & 7am for doing my birthday burpees! You guys rock! Seriously burpees blow.

Drew said...

Happy birthday Nicole! Thanks for the burpees!

Megs said...

Nicole - Happy Birthday!! Sorry I missed your burpees.

Chris P. said...

Happy birthday Nicole! You always know how to bring laughter to class, whether that's you doing the laughing or making everyone else laugh!

TP said...

6:00 AND 7:00 class results!
Birffday Burpees and a solid wall sit from the bday girl.

Nina 7:21
Keith 9:35

Some took this move from a hang position as in "H"
Drew 8:33 (45#/25box/Hang)
Mike S 10:13 (45/27/H)
Kristin T 6:47 (55/24/H)
Manny 8:55 (35/21/H)
Pat 12:12 (65/30/H)
Roni 8:25 (15/24/H)
Jay E 10:03 (25")
Lauren 9:39 (35/17/H)
Peter 6:59 (45/25"/H)
Laura 6:17 (53/H)
Nicole S 8:25 (45/H)

Stephanie Vincent said...

NicOle!!!! What would CFKOP be with out your dirty foul mouth??? No one brings the raunch quite like you...chris is a very lucky man!! have an awesome days. its super great to know you!

Laura Pappas said...

Wow awesome picture.

Happy Birthday Nicole - I miss your laugh :) It's good seeing you at some of the AM workouts and getting to WOD with you today was special, esp doing the birthday burpees!

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Nicole! I hope you enjoyed watching everyone do the burpees!

Denise said...

Happy birthday Nicole! You are one strong momma.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nicole - hope you have a great day!


Vinny said...

4:30 Results

Kim G 6:10 (35#,15"SU)
Ernie 7:45 75#
Aimee 6:06 RX
Byrnsey 8:03 RX
Meg B 6:55 63#
Steph V 8:32
Sharon 9:53 RX
Jen S 7:04 55#
Mike L 7:18 form
Scott 9:33 65#
Joy 7:14 30#
Mike C 7:00 RX
Tim M 7:52 RX
Tim H 9:49 (75#/25")
Travis 8:45 RX
Arin 7:31
Brian R 8:37 75#
Alyson 8:40 RX
Shoeless 9:20 (75#,ROM)

Great job tonight guys...a big welcome back to Kim G, we missed ya! Also, it has been great having Mike C around, tonight was his last night with us...boo Mike, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say, it was fun working out with you. Take Care...and hopefully we'll see you again sometime.

Ken Blackwell said...

Happy birthday Nicole!

Jason Lyons said...

Jess has some of the best form in the gym!

Gina Spinelli said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!!

Jess C. said...

Jason, any good form I may have is thanks to some excellent coaching!

sharon said...

I used 45lbs for the snatch