W.O.D. 2.13.12

for time complete:
30 Snatches (95/135#)
30 Clean and Jerks (95/135#)

Community Notes:
Don't forget to bring your Valentine for tomorrow's St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Jen C- GRANS!! We Miss you - and I know you still check this blog, so...Enjoy the 40! Happy Birthday Woman!
Happy Birthday Beth O!!

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Kathleen said...

Happy birthday Grans!

Jon Schell said...

I just read the WOD and already threw up.

Steph V said...

miss you jesher. there is no other you. Hope you have a great birthday.

ISAGRACE...that scares the crap out of me. Alas its a rest day.

Mike P said...

Oh great . . . a nightmare for me . . . oh well, time to confront my demons.

P.S.: ironic how the "word verification" for my post was "fuced".

Melanie said...

Boy, that Grace really gets around. First Helen, now Isabelle!

Melanie said...

Happy birthday Beth and Granny!

Laura P said...

7am rise and shiners

Kristin T 12:07 65 snatches/95 c&J
Jay E 6:36 Rx
Chip 9:59 95/95
Oleg 9:52 105/105
Peter 10:38 55/75

Nice job guys great work getting explosive this morning

Dorothy said...

Happy birthday Jen. Miss you!

Jason Lyons said...

Holy S Jay!!!! I am speechless! WOW!!!! You almost beat me by double!!!

Wicked impressive!

Jay E said...

Thanks Jason, I set a 40 Second PR on my Isabelle time and then died, I'm still coughing 2 hours later.

Jay E said...

Happy Birthday Grans!

donkey said...

Happy birthday, Granny! Miss your hilarious comments and stories and the awesome that is you.

Onto the 930AM BAC:

Chris T: 8:31, 43#
Susan: 11:42, 65/85#
Matt O: 12:00, 65#
Beth: 7:32, 35#
Marcel: 11:10, 53#
Stephany: 10:59, 35#
Rhonda: 9:48, 35/45#
Mike W: 16:54, 75#
Sarah W: 11:31, 35#
Barb Z: 8:11, 35#
Liz O: 10:45, 35#
Peter O: 9:07, 65#
Kara: 10:04, 53#

Really outstanding job this morning, performing two complex movements in a row and lots of new folks! GREAT WORK pushing yourselves and remembering to open up the hips and biiiiiig shrugs. Awesome fight, gang.

Aimee Lyons said...

Jay awesome job!

Evening crew- try to use one bar and one weight for the entire workout.

donkey said...

Mike V: 5:48 Rx
Danny: 5:22 Rx
Cate: 7:35 Rx

Jay E said...

Danny, Mike, Awesome times.

Jay E said...

you too, Cate

Drew said...

Wow, Mike, Danny and Cate. That's incredible. You too Jay!

Jason Lyons said...

I'm not worthy!

Jeff said...

3:30 class:


Mike T 14:07
Tim M 13:35


Jeff 7:57 (75#)
Dan L 12:09 (95#)
Alexis 8:39 (40#)
Jackie + 1 8:50 (60 dumbell hang power cleans, 15#)
Sharon C Ouchie

4:30 class

Mike P 9:43 (85#)
Olan 6:43 (115#)
Brian R 8:42 (105#)
Rob Ph 6:12 (115)
Mel 6:36 (65#)
Roni 8:13 (45#)
Kathleen 7:43 (45#)

Outstanding work by both classes! Lots of explosive lifts and great effort with some challenging weights. Well done!

Melanie said...

5:30 class

Flounder 8:46 (95)
Shawn T. 8:30 (95)
Jess S. 9:03 (35/45)
Luke 8:32 (65)
Kate 9:50 Rx
Tim H 10:32 (75)
Keith 10:13 Rx
Christine 10:05 (35)
Chris S. 10:30 Rx
Denise 9:14 (65)
Sandy 10:38 (50)
LP 9:18 (65/95)
Travis 9:15 (95)
Joe 7:51 (75)
Liz 6:40 (35)

donkey said...

Happy birthday, Beth O!! Very sneaky of you not to tell us this morning, lady. I hope you enjoyed your special day!

Laura Pappas said...


Justin 8:03 @95
Randy 13:11 @95
Erika 7:50@53/63
Borden 6:47@85
Conn 6:45@95
Faby 7:33@115
Chalres 10:14@75
JNa 8:57@35
KSB 8:06@55
Akeem 8:57@65
Mark B 8:50 - subbed
Melissa S 9:50@35
Paul S 6:48@95
Jen S 11:14 Rx
Ditty 10:06@60
Kate K 5:45@53/63
Kathryn 8:40@45

Sorry this is late guys!

grans said...

So I woke up and checked the blog for a birthday wod to do in my garage box...Isagrace?! that's just all wrong! definitely not a granny wod~ but i see plenty of you killed it! nice!!~ thanks for all the birthday wishes. i miss kop and all you crazies so much! the box is looking sweet! can't wait to try out all the new toys over the summer!! stay well everyone! ~ grans

Jason Lyons said...

I miss Grans....just sayin'