W.O.D. 2.23.12

Rachael and Meg with some solid swinging!

For time:
Complete 200 Kettlebell swings (55#/70#)

For skill:
Handstands (all varieties- including handstand walk and push-ups)

Community Notes:
Weekend Reminder, we are hosting a Level 1 CrossFit Seminar this weekend, therefore there will be no regular scheduled classes in the box. We will host a 9:00AM outdoor adventure WOD both days. Meet Vinny & Plentus at Frosty Falls for an outdoor WOD, rain or shine.

We will host OPEN Wod 12.1 in each class on Friday 2.24.

Deep Thoughts on 12.1 by Plentus

"Procrastination is opportunity's assassin."
- Victor Kiam

steph b 12:49-35/26.5
John s. 16:50-55
Oleg 19:35-RX
Drew 12:49-35
Rebecca 14:04-26.5
Roni 15:05- 35
Gina S. 11:46-35
Lauren 19:05-35
Chip 18:08-55
Peter 16:22-55
Paul 20:58/55
Kara 13:00/35#
Dorothy 14:19/ 53# Russian
Jim C. 14:09/26.5/35#
Mark B 15:44/55#
Tim M 9:47/55#
Matt G. 23:30/55#
Andrea 18:33/26
Sharon DNF
Becky 17:36 35/26#
Meg B. 12:09 35#


Jason Lyons said...

Disclaimer....these are predictions...you do not know why I am making them...perhaps to put a fire under someone (like last year and it worked), perhaps to put some pressure on others, perhaps to give people a reason to prove me wrong...I LOVE being proved wrong. Without further ado, here are my predictions for WOD 1...in no particular order...

Aim, KT, LP, TP, P, Sam B/John tie.

Chris P. said...

good luck having anyone show up to THIS wod...I hope it's not an open WOD

Melanie said...

My vote is for Vinny on this one too Jason. He already has those loud and proud burpees down pat!!!Those extra 6" ain't got nutin' on him. Get some Vinny!!!!! And Megs LOVES burpees and is a burpee MACHINE! I expect to see her up there as well.

Melanie said...

Hey guys, there will be a casual stink and drink after tomorrow afternoon WOD's. BYOB (bring your own burpees, I mean booze). Come hang out and cheer on your fellow athletes as they plow through 7 minutes of burpees.

Chris P. said...

I wonder if booze helps burpees like it does for deadlifts

Melanie said...

Plentus- you said you were going to do each of the WOD's more than once. Perhaps you can be our guinea pig?

Stephanie Vincent said...

My prediction is that the KOP firebreathers that leave nothing on the table--that mentally push their limits are the ones that will rise to the top of this WOD!

steph b 12:49-35/26.5
John s. 16:50-55
Oleg 19:35-RX
Drew 12:49-35
Rebecca 14:04-26.5
Roni 15:05- 35
Gina S. 11:46-35

Lauren 19:05-35
Chip 18:08-55
Peter 16:22-55
Paul 20:58/55

Great job morning crew. Shout out to all the ladies who didn't think they could rock the 35lb bell and did for all 200!! Nice work Oleg sticking with the 70lber! Congrats to Rebecca & Lauren for getting over the fear and kicking into handstands!

We put the mat against the wall and worked on the form, once the ladies got comfortable with that, moved the mat and voila! A great tool for working on your first wall handstands (especially if fear is a factor)!

Chris P. said...

Mel, good point, I love guinea pigs. Or is chinchillas...

Everyone, you can sign up for the Open and join Team KoP until the CLOSE of the first workout, aka Sunday night.

Mike P said...

WOD 1 results are coming in. Wow!

Melanie said...

Top scores to beat so far:
125 for the ladies
140 for men

That's a LOT of bucking furpees!!!!

steph said...

melanie, can we start the stink & drink before we start burpees? :D

Jason Lyons said...

Re: The stink and drink...

We have a training course the next morning so it would be GREATLY appreciated if all of the bottles can be put in a trash bag and taken to someones trash bin at their house of condo since we are not allowed to put it outside and we would not like the room to smell of alcohol. Also, the gym will need to be in pristine condition before the last person leaves. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Kate K. said...

I think I'll ride my bike to the box tomorrow with a 6 pack in my basket :)

Chris P. said...


I just read your C+J feedback. Hilarious! And I agree with you.

Aimee Lyons said...

12.1 scores in so far
Mike P 109
Nina C. 80
KT 95

Megs said...

Nice job, gals and Mike!!

Melanie said...

Aimee and Jason- I will make sure the box is in tip top shape after Friday. I promise, no beeramids will be left in the middle of the gym.

Tidmore said...

I like my version of 12.1
Drink 1 beer
1 minute burpees

Repeat for 7x

Mike P said...

Nice work Nina and KT!!!!!!!

I like Tidmore's version of the WOD much, much better.

Vinny said...

430 pm results

Beth 10:33 - 18#
Steph V 10:46 - 35# 1 arm
Rob Ph 17:08 - Rx
Joy 9:03 - 18#
Kelly 16:22 - 18#
Rachael 16:48 - 35#
Becca 13:15 - 26#
Melissa 11:36 - 26# / 18#
Paul 17:19 Rx
Kate K 11:09 - 35#
Larry (cf wilm) 13:28 Rx
Dan L 10:59 - 55#
Gabe 15:02 - 55#
Joe C 15:35 - 44#
Stacey 10:11 - 18#

That was some good swingin tonight...Stacey you did awesome for your first time on the KB!! Gabe faced his demons after the WOD and got himself upside down too, nice work!