Five rounds for time of: 
7 Muscle-ups 
Run 400 meters

Community Notes:
 Click here to register for the next Level 1 Seminar being held at CFKoP on June 29th and 30th.

"He who seeks revenge should remember to dig two graves."
-Ben Franklin

Mike S 19:21 MUT
Justin R 17:07 JMU/para
Wegman 13:48 JMU
Pete W 13:15 JMU
Kim G 21:46 pu/dips
Dinger 19:07 pu/dips
KT 19:36 JMU
Kathleen 21:36 pu/dips
Taylor 20:50 PU/Dip
Bill 19:09 JMU
Allison B 20:57 PU/Dip
Barb 19:29 PU/Dip
Nick Z 14:21 JMU
Rinat 25:26 JMU
Mrs. W 28:24 PU/Dip
Mr. W 28:50 MU/MUA
Mike K. 18:42 PU/Dip
Trina 19:49 MUT
Sharon 23:45 JMU
Kate C 28:42 (Rx) NFE
Keith 23:46 (Rx) FE
Cris A 17:09 (Rx) FE
Brian 19:49 MUT
Regi 16:24 MUT
Ryan 17:53 MUT/PU
Beav 16:24 MUT 



Back Squat

Cash Out:
Tabata Back Squat (use 40% of your new 3 RM)
10 second break to transition to...
Tabata Push-ups

Record lowest score for each tabata, but push to maximum intensity for each 20 second interval.

“Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.”
-Tony Robbins

Jay E 405, 5, 5
Mike C 225, 8,9
Roni 155, 8, 5
Peter 235, 9, 7
Bill 205 7.3
Chip 305 5,6
Bre 135PR 6,6
Taylor 108Pr 7,5
Christ 123PR 5,6
Nick Z 225 9,9
Kara 123 PR 4,6
Vinny 350 PR 6,6
Ryan 405 PR 5,7
JZ 195 7,6
Mr. P 205 7,5
Mrs. P 115 6,5
Arin 167 PR :) 5,5
Fayth 105 6,5
Anne 105 7,7
Linda 115 PR 7,6
Kathy 75 PR 11,3
Jaime 155 20lb PR 6,6
Shannon 155 20lb PR 8,7
Bridget Form 10,6
Brett 225 8,2
Rinat 205 5,10
Aimee 175
Keith 350
Sam 185 9,14
Derreck 235 6,6
Tim H 225 5,4 situp/pushups
Andrew 185 7,6
Klutch 315 8,6
Ditty 135 4,4
Megs 155 8,12 squats/situps
Cory 185PR 7,7 mod
Tracy 75 9,6
George 135 ?,7knees
Dave N 205 7,6 knees
Kyle W 205 17,15
Kate C Formé
Dee 145 8,5
Miranda 175 5,3
Erika 145 5,6
Lauren 155 5,10
Mike T 275 5,7

Summer Special

Want to get in shape for the summer? 
Members--- please let your friends and family know that CrossFit King of Prussia can help them get ready for beach season!
Take advantage of our NEW summer special! For $175, you will get our 3 Fundamentals sessions plus 1 month at CrossFit King of Prussia. This is a cost savings of over 50%! This offer is open to all NEW members interested in trying out CrossFit. 

This special begins on May 1st with the first Fundamentals session needing to be started by June 30th. We are open 7 days per week and offer over 40 classes per week at various times throughout the day making it convenient for you to get in a workout and start getting your body ready for the beach! 

Our facility has 11 experienced coaches ready and willing to train you no matter what your fitness level. If you have any questions about this special or about CrossFit KOP, check out our website at http://crossfitkop.com/ or email us at crossfitkop@gmail.com or call 973-885-8728.



For time complete:
Deadlifts (205/315) 
Dumbbell Push Jerk 35#/50# 

Community Notes:
Are you joining us for the nutrition seminar on 5/11, this seminar is FREE?   Please sign up via MindBody!

This weekend (5/4-5/5) all classes will be held at the Annex.

"You always pass failure on the way to success."
-Ben Franklin

Mike S. 13:54 165/35
Mike P. 12:49 Rx
Steve Z. 12:23 173/20
Dinger 11:45 185/20
KT 10:22 155/35
Pat P. 13:14 215/25
Wax 13:45 275/50
Kathleen 11:31 135/25
Peter 9:56 225/50
Jay E RX 9:39
Alex 165/35 11:08
Andy 10:48 135#/30#
Susan 7:50 115#/20#
Rinat 10:12 245#/45#
David 8:54 123#/15#
Kim G 10:05 155/25#
ChrisT 7:26 83#/15#
Barb 10:04 165#/25#
Jessie S 9:32 123#/20#
Kara 7:15 113#/15
Cate 6:49 Rx
Aimee 8:37 Rx
Paul 8:43 Rx
Keith 9:33 Rx
Vinny 7:50 Rx+55db
Conn 7:57 205/40
Borden 11:21 255/50
Matt G 9:55 205/25
Chip 8:34 Rx
Kate C 7:46 Rx
Bridget 7:16 135/20
Kelly G 9:38 105/15
Lauren 7:57 145/25
Kate K 6:55 145/35?
Shannon 6:33 105/20
Anne 8:18 135/15
Matt B 8:02 205/45
Jaime 6:48 95/15
Tidmore 7:02 165/90
Nick C 11:30 235/45
Big Al 10:33 295 55
Oleg 12:40 275/50
Kyle W 7:37 205/40
Pablo 11:40 155/25
Megs 9:22 155#/35#
Sandy 7:26 125/20
Cory 8:54 125/30
Andrew 8:56 205/35
Luke 7:18 205/35
Patrick 7:39 225
John M. 9:56 205/30
Faby 6:56 225
Manisha 9:10 83/15
Shawn T. 9:20 225
Smizzy 8:32 125/20
Dave N. 8:32 145/35
Rob ph 8:04 RX
Ryan B 5:00 Rx
Rachael H. 8:15 125#/25#
Randall 9:05 95#/25#
Justin R. 8:36 215#/45#
Joe G 11:46 scale
Michael K 7:30 115#/20#



2K or 5K
(your choice)

Cash out:
Max Rope Climbs in 5 minutes (15' or 20')

“Any ideas, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought” 
― Napoleon Hill


Pete 19:47/9
Erika 23:16
Ellie 22:58
Rinat 19:10/5
Patrick 19:52/7
Jess C. 22:23/7
Tracy 25:43/7rp
Jim C. 18:47/6
Mark C. 20:12/6
Kyle W. 20:26/3
Aimee 24:50/7
Dave 21:53/7rp

John 8:19/10rp
Jess 8:54/5
Keith 8:04/6

Nutrition Seminar-Paleo Fx

Please join us on Saturday May 11th from Noon until 1:30PM for our next Nutrition Seminar hosted by Coaches Laura and Plentus. They both had the opportunity to attend Paleo Fx in Texas and are bringing their knowledge back to the box. The following topics will be covered:

Strength and Conditioning
Things to Geek out on
People to Follow
Question and Answer

 Click here to register for the nutrition seminar.

We will have a Custom Fit Meals coupon code for all attendees and have a sign up sheet available for those of you who are interested in the next nutrition challenge.

Following this event there are a few members attending "The Farm Event" this is hosted through the Ancestral Health 215 Meet Up Group - RSVP using this link.



Autism WOD
AMRAP in 18 Minutes: 
Teams of two complete the following one person working at a time. 

Athlete A will complete one round and then Athlete B completes one round alternating back and forth until the 18 minutes elapses. 

5 Box Jumps 
10 Burpees 
15 Air Squats 

5 Box Jumps 24/30" 
10 Burpees 
15 Overhead Squats 75/115#

Friends, Family and Kids are welcome today. Donations to Autism Speak are optional but appreciated.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.” 
― Tim Burton

Albert&Amber 5+24
Cathy&Tracey 10
Jill&Sydney 11+5
Arin & Kim 7
Demrey & Lauran 10
Tracy & Mark 12
Jna & Denis 12+7
Teagan & Jeff 12 +4
KT & Kate 9+ 16RX
Wax & Mike P 6+15Rx
Dave&Alison 10 +5
Barb & Alona 12+6
Jessey& Oleg 9
Brianna & Nick 7
Sarah & Kathleen 8
Keith & Jess 11
Kyle & Miranda 11+6
Andrea & Megs 10+20
DemonUsa&DemonRus 9+22Rx
Sam & Rye 9+20 Rx
Kim & Arin Again 11
Justin & Jen S 8+28
Debbie & will 9



Clean and Jerk 

The rep should be touch and go from the floor--regrip must happen prior to hitting the ground before the second repetition.

Community Notes:
CrossFit KoP is hosting an Autism WOD tomorrow at both of our classes-- 9AM and 10AM. Friends, family and kids are welcome, all proceeds benefit Autism Speaks.  Susan and Paul recently visited the Vanguard School for their Career Day, click here to read more.

Click here to Donate today, donations are not mandatory to complete the Wod but are appreciated...every dollar helps!

Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity. 
-Robert Morgan

Klutch 195
Brian R 185
Mike S 115
Dinger 125
Nick Form
Ellie 95form
Bridget 75
Pete Form
King 195 (200x1PR)
Lauren 95form
Mark C 175
Jay Form
Alex 135 PR
Nick C 200 (1rmPR)
Susan 95
Christ 93
Kara 93
Mike K Form
Jill Form
Bill 170 Pr
Nick Z 155
Dan L 215
Byrnesy form
Dianne 83
T(fromNC) 195
Rye 275
Joe C 195
Justin 205



5 Rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run
30 Box Jumps (20/24")
30 WallBalls (14/20# to 9ft/10ft)

compare to (6.5.12) or (12.8.12) or (5.10.11)
Community Reminder:
Come out to join us this Saturday 4.27 at the 9AM and 10 AM WoD for Autism. Friends and Family are welcome to this FREE WOD. Donations are not required but appreciated. All funds go to Autism Speaks. Click here for more information or click here for the link to donate. 

“If you look for perfection, you'll never be content.” 
― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Steve Z 34:14 Stepups, 12#
Wax 19:51 Baby Rx
Mike C 25:28 Rx
Nick V 25:38 Baby 14#
KT 27:26 Rx
Kathleen 27:36 Baby Rx
Jay E 26:34 Baby scaled
Chip 35:46
Peter 27:21 Rx
Oleg 33:39 Rx
Lauren M 39:40 scaled
Susan 23:07 Baby
Barb 24:31 Baby
Bill 30:40 RX
Taylor 24:25 Baby/#10
Bre 26:58 Baby
Jessie 34:50 RX
Manda 26:36 Baby/#12
David 29:45 10lbs/20' (4Rounds)
Jonathan 33:25 14lbs/20'
Cris 25:37 RX
Roni 18:08 Baby/Row
Tori 33:53
Becky 35:21
Dianne 29:01 Row/17'
Jason H 35:58 Rx
Anja 23:52 Baby/scale
PH 18:32 baby/sub squats
Peterson 19:45 ouch/baby
Mrs Peterson 25:39 baby
Rachael 25:02 baby
Tracy 22:30 baby
Regi 19:32 baby
WW 36:56 Rx
Keith 29:31 Rx
Roman 33:03 Rx
Rinat 31:40 Rx
Nick C 29:38 step ups
Jack 19:07 baby
Anne 25:04 baby
Fayth 24:57 baby
Ryan S 35:16 14#
Tim H 15:57 2 rds
Balmer Rx
Faby 23:40 Rx
Brett 31:03 step up
Gabby 23:50



Ten rounds for time of:
3 Weighted Pull-ups, 45/25 pounds
5 Strict Pull-ups
7 Kipping Pull-up

For weighted pull-ups place a 45/25 pound dumbbell between the legs above crossed ankles and jettison the dumbbell after third rep and continue with strict pull-ups and then the kipping pull-ups. Coming off the bar or going to ground constitutes termination of a set. 

Scale this according to level and ability for example by either 1) dropping the weight or 2) slightly varying the type of Pull-ups-- 3 deadhang pullups, 5 kipping pullups, 7 banded or jumping pullups or 3) scaling back the number of rounds--depending on what you are able to accomplish. 

"Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated." 

Mike S 19:23 scale
Al V 19:25 scale
King 19:00 scale
Klutch 18:54 15# plate
Ellie 19:41 scale
Kathleen 14:47 scale
Jay E 15:48 scale
Regi 20:07 scale
Brian R 26:29 scale
Patrick P 18:26 1,3,5 15#
Richard 20:00 Cap scale
Joe C 23:23 1,3,5 15#
Katrina 17:45 scale
Allison 20:32 scale
Bill 22:06
MK 26:16
Taylor: 28:12
Jessie 23:35
Rinat 35:28
Joe G 21:05
Becky 24:59
Pablo 20:00 scale
Brett 20:56 scale (1/2 rounds)
Jared 21:35 scale
Bridget 19:32 scale
Jack :)
George 19:35 scale
Mike T 15:50 Rx
Mike P 19:43 Rx
Joe P 14:32 scale
Ryan S 20:59 scale
Nick 22:10 scale
Andrew Y 16:46 scale
Borden 13:44 scale
Conn 13:40 scale
Faby 8:30 scale
Jim 18:20 scale
Vinny 8:00 scale
Alona 22:24 scale
Matt G 25:25 scale
Gene ??
Erika ??
Kelly ??
Arin 25:52 scale
JNa 22:27 scale
Sam B 17:06 Rx
Kate K 15:31 scale
Jess C 22:24 scale

A group of KoP'ers took the gymnastics component of CrossFit to a whole new level on Monday traveling to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Oaks, PA, to partake in their first Dodgeball Tournament. 

Unlike your typical Dodgeball game, the Sky Zone version takes place in a pit of trampolines where endurance, balance, and core strength are tested to the limits. The event was a 25 team, single elimination tournament with the winning team taking 2-out-of-3 four minute contests. The CrossFit KoP Ninja Turtles, Chip, Allison K, Steph B, KT, King, and Wax, took to the pit in Round 1 against a much younger, but less conditioned Dirty Volcanoes. Cores were tested right off the bat with the team learning how to function on the instability of trampolines, but CrossFit training prevailed as the Ninja Turtles picked off the Volcanoes one by one erupting in a straight set victory. Surprised, yet elated, the team would wait over an hour for Round 2 for a meeting with Rude Awakenings, who received a first round bye. Quickly in to the contest the CrossFit squad learned why Rude Awakenings received a first round bye as they were picked off like ducks in a barrel by a team that plays in a regular Dodgeball league. Unable to avoid the missiles fired by Rude Awakening, the team sadly was defeated 2-0. Although eliminated, the CrossFit KoP Ninja Turtles had a lot of fun and will be looking to return in the next tournament/league for some Dodgeball vengeance. King was named Kage Ninja and to the All-Tournament Team with his avoidance skills and samurai assassinations.

Congrats Kop'ers!



AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 
1 Pistol Right Leg, 1 Pistol Left Leg, 1 HandStand Push-up 
2 Pistols Right Leg, 2 Pistols Left Leg, 2 HandStand Push-ups 
3 Pistols Right Leg, 3 Pistols Left Leg, 3 HandStand Push-ups 
....and so on until 15 minutes has elapsed.

“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.”
 ― Khalil Gibran

Sam B 10 +13 Rx
Kristin T 6+13 Rx
Mike P 10+11 Rx
Oleg 10 scaled
Peter 9 scaled
Justin R 8+9 scaled
Wax 6+12 scaled
Dinger 9+1 scaled
Nick V 9 scaled
Jill 6 SB+Box
Bill 7+3 Band
Jonathan 10 Band
Barb 9+17 Band
Chip 12+16 SB/Band
Christ 9+10 Band/AM
Kara 7+8 Band/AM
Tim Mcc. 11+16 RX
Rinat 8+4 Band
Katrina 10+30 band/sb
Joe 8+4 band/abm
Ww6+17 squat/hskickup
Keith 8+18 barmu
Jz 9 rx
Gabby 9+1 ab band
Jen S 5+10 Rx left leg only
Andrew 8+7 ab band
Cory 10 Box Band
Kate C 7+8 Rx
Tidmore 11+20 Ab
Dave 6 Kick-Ups Ab
Matt G 8+6 ab band
Lauren 10+6 SB band
Regina 10+21 ab
Rndall 9 ab band
John M Kick-up band
Fayth 10+3 Scaled
Anne 8+6 Scaled
Bridget 9+5 Scaled
Brett 11+15 Scaled
Kathy 8+12 Scaled
Shannon 10+5 Scaled
Jaime 10 Scaled
Linda 10 Scaled
Dan M. Scaled



Alex overhead!

Overhead Squat

7 sets (at 70% of your 3RM) for time:
Power Snatch x 1 
Snatch Balance x 1 
OHS x 1 
Hang Squat Snatch x 1

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”
― Dr. Seuss

Steve Z. 65# / 6:55
Cris A. form/7:07 95#
Ryan B. 235#/6:54 155#
Mike P. 135#/6:30 95#
Mike S. 85#/7:11 58#
Roni 93#/ DNF
Alex 135, :)
Jay Form, 5:40
Chip 165, 6:30
Pete 145 (165x1PR), 6:00
King 155, 4:38
Balmer :)
Bill 115/4:27
Susan 55/4:49
Christ 78/3:56
Barb 50/4:58
Mike K. Form/5:40
Joe G Form/6:10
Kara 78/4:29
Rob PH 205PR 2:42
Jason H. 155PR 4:30
Megs 110PR
Regi 110PR 3:29
Taylor 45 4:48
Brian R 165 5:04
Arin 100PR 3:40
Gene 225PR 7:48
Kyle W 75 3:53
Joe C 115 3:34
Tracy O. 50 6:30
WW 95 4:20
Merlino 95PR
Roman 120 4:18
Lisa C 70
Andrew 135 5:42
Oleg 175PR 5:58
TIM H!!!! 75
Jess S 65 4:15
Faby 185 5:25
Cory 100PR 5:33
Laura 115 5:18
Luke 125 PR 5:58
Mike T 175 3:46
Dee 90 5:03
Jaime 69 4:22
Shannon 69 3:43
Kate K 115 4:29
Kelly G 65 4:23
Matt G 155PR 4:03
Shoeless 135 3:27
John H 135 5:02
Conn 155 4:30
Borden 155 4:33
Pablo 75 8:21
Dave 115 5:03
SamsonITE (I was way off) 155 5:59
Jim C 185 4:03
Sam B 135(form) 6:38
Jess C 110 7:59
Erika 85 6:30

What's NEW at CFKoP!

Are you ready to get stronger and run faster?! 

With the new Annex (located at 110C DeKalb St) we are now able to provide you with some earlier Bridgeport Barbell Club Strength classes. We will now be offering Strength class 6 days a week!  Starting next week we are now offering a Tuesday and Wednesday 5:30PM Strength class. Tuesday classes at the Annex will be with Plentus and Wednesday classes at the Annex will be with Vinny.  Please remember to sign up on MindBody as these two classes are limited to 10 athletes each.

Weekly we will now offer a CrossFit Endurance Class - Every Thursday at 5:30PM join Tim at the Upper Merion High School Track located at 435 Crossfield Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406. Again please sign up on on MindBody for this class.

CrossFit Kids Seminar

We are very excited to be hosting our third CrossFit Kids Seminar on August 31st- September 1st.  This is a great course and will sell out quickly with the demand on the east coast. Click here to register today!

to Jen and Miranda our newest Assistant Coaches...both will be starting to coach one class a week.  Please help us to welcome them and check out their classes. 



In teams of FOUR, complete the following:
300 Push Press (115/75#)
300 Box Jumps (24/20")

Person 1:Run
Person 2:Push Press
Person 3:Box Jump
Person 4: Rest

Person 1 is the clock for the workout; when they return from the run, each person on the team will rotate to the next station.  Person 1 will exit out the back door of the Annex, turn left and run around the entire complex (past Frosty Falls)  before returning through the back door. This is approximately 275 meters.

Community Reminders:
Today's classes (9AM/10AM) will meet at the CrossFit Annex 110C DeKalb Street. Park in the alley behind the new space or at Frosty Falls.

Steph will be running a Teen Girls Summer Weightlifting camp. There will be an informational meeting on Thursday May 9th at 7:30PM  click here for more information.

Don't forget about our Autism WOD next Saturday at the 9AM and 10AM classes. Click here to read more and get involved.

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


Team "Catalyst of Change" -25:28
John MC

Team Awesome-19:14
Jason H

Team All tall & a midget- 18:50
Kyle W
Jim C



“Tabata Something Else”

Tabata = 20 work followed by 10 sec rest for 8 sets. No rest between exercises
Pull ups
Push ups
Sit ups
Scoring – take lowest number from each exercise and add together

Cash out:
400 Meter Body weight sled pull

Community Reminder:
Today's classes (9AM/10AM & 11AM strength) will meet at the CrossFit Annex 110C DeKalb Street. Park in the alley behind the new space or at Frosty Falls.

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” 
― Rumi

Charlie 0,2,5,15
Rich 9,9,10,15
Roni 5,3,9,15
Rinat 4,12,12,15
Jonathan 3,4,8,14
King 6,6,12,13
Peter 5,8,10,18
Ditty 2,4,7,8, 6:03
Derreck 6,6,7,9 7:45
Regi 5,6,8,12 5:59
Kathy 1,6,6,9 5:58
Amanda 5,6,8,10 7:04
Klutch 4,6,8,13 6:56
Faby 8,10,11,15
Kate K 5,7,11,13
Kate C 7,8,14,16 8:11
Jack 4,4,8,12 5:10
Bill 2,5,8,12 5:05
Bob 3,3,8,12 4:43 115#
Mike 6,8,10,10 12:09 Rx
Bre 3,6,12,12 6:40 105#
Erika 3,7,12,13 7:37
Mark 7,5,9,13 5:51



Snatch Balance


Cash out:
3 snatches on the minute for 7 minutes at 80% of your new 1 RM

"Don't try to fix the students, fix ourselves first. The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior. When our students fail, we, as teachers, too, have failed."
-Marva Collins

Ryan form
Luke 135 PS
Mike S. Form
Kathleen Form
Mark C 135 PR
Peter 135
Lauren Form
Nick C Form
Bill 135PR
Diane 93
Susan Form
Miranda 65DB
Christ 45
Barb Form
Kara 45
David Form
Rinat 135
Cris 135
Jessie 68
Chris Form
Keith 205 FU
Faby Form
Kate K 105PR
Kyle W Form
Mrs. P Form
Cory 85
Oleg 145 PR
Breanna 75
Katrina 35
Andrea 55
Becky 65
Jaime 45
Shannon 55
Vinny 180
Kate C 105
Borden 145
Jim C 170
Bridget 55
Pablo form



Ten rounds for time of:
135/95 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
15 push-ups

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. 
-Jesse Owens

Steve Z 22:40 (103)
Mike C 13:53 Rx
Lauren M 17:44 (rom)
Gabby 20:33 8rounds@103#
Alex 15:40 (115)
Peter W 16:40 Rx
Oleg 14:04 Rx
Chip 16:54 Rx
Joe 23:54 8 rds 65#
Brian R 16:41 115#
Ryan B 13:37 Rx
Sam B 13:06 Rx+ring PU
Mark C 26:35
Taylor 18:13 7 rds 65#
Tracy 20:00 (65 KPU)
Bridget 17:43 (KPU)
PH 14:58 Rx
Nick A 22:56 (115 KPU)
Peterson 20:16 ROM
Wegman 15:02 (115)
Jason H 19:32 KPU
Megs 19:30 sub MBC
Mrs Peterson 27:52 KPU
Becky C 20:54 Rx
Rachael 23:01 KPU
Sharon 25:52 Rx
Shawn 22:14 Rx
Patrick 17:25 Rx
Andrew 18:52 95
Kate K 16:35 Rx
LP 11:15 Rx
Dave N 26:04 (115/KPU)
Derrick 19:17 Rx
Ryan 20:21 Rx
George 17:00 (75 KPU)
Faby 13:04 Rx
Chris A 24:37 Rx
Tori 30:12 83#
Kim C 30:45 95#
Jonathan 22:47 75#
Rinat 15:22 Rx
Nick 15:27 Rx
Bill 26:17 Rx
Jill 23:15 Scaled 65#



Five rounds for time of:
205/135 pound Power clean, 3 reps
10 Burpee pull-ups

Community Notes:
CFKoP wants to add some additional kids classes to our current program, please help us help you by completing this short survey. Click here for the survey!

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 
― Maya Angelou

KT 10:22 125
Dinger 12:35 105/ROM
John H 10:07 170
Ellie 12:11 100 ROM
Mike S 11:32 125
Kathleen 11:23 85 ROM
Klutch 9:36 185
Roni 105 ROM
Cris 11:41 165
Kim G 12:37 93 ROM
Rinat 12:07, 165#
Sarah 4rounds, 11:53 75#
Jessie 11:40 75#
Becky 8:53 95#
Chip 10:47 RX
Cate K 8:31 RX
Bill 10:53 #150
Allison B. 10:32 #65
Nick Z. 8:34 #135
Susan 8:58 #75/JPU
Bunny 11:10 RX
Smizzy 11:30 #65
No Mercy 8:46 #135
Slayer 8:42 #135
Knee DNF
Gabby 12:19 #87
Baby Faby 8:30RX
Limpwrist 11:20 #75ROM
Big White Machine 12:01 #135
Traps 8:54 RX
J-Na 6:04 #65 3RoundsROM
PayneTrain 11:14 #135
SandStorm 12:10 #80 ROM
Demon 11:28 RX+ #225
Sam B. 9:22 Rx
LP 9:31 115# burpee/kb swings
Jess C 9:55 103#
Jim C 12:59 187.5#
Dave 12:00 105#
John 13:20 115#
Erika 10:37 100#
Kyle B. 12:05 25#db/5bp
Pablo 12:15 65#
Conn 13:10 185#
Leslie 12:43 105#
Albert 7:36 Rx
Chris A 10:30 155#
Bridget 10:19 65#
Jack 13:35 115#




Cash out:
3 Rounds for time of:
200 Meter Run
10 Thrusters @70% of your 2 RM

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

Justin R 155, 7:31
Nick V J 95, 6:17
Mike C 155, 5:45
Gina 85, 4:36
Jay E 225, 225, 8:08
Becky 95#PR, 8:29
Tim Mcc 165, 5:42
Matt G 190#, 9:37
Bill 135/5:31
Mike K. Form/6:31 (1st Class!!)
Jess H. 45DB, 6:01
Christ 73/7:12
Rinat 145/8:44
Susan 60/7:22
Amanda 75/6:51
Mr. W 145/6:42
Kara 73/6:47
Jonathan 150/6:42
Bunny 115/6:53
Faby 185/7:02
Rye Bread 255/7:23 Row
Cory 125/6:43
Andrew Y 125
Diane 135/7:47
Joe G. Form/7:03
George Form/6:03
Tim O. 175
Arin 90/8:17
Demon 215/9:04
Rachael 80/7:34
Jason H 160/7:34

Get to know your coaches- Keith

1.    How long have you been doing Crossfit?

Since May of 2011

2.    What certifications do you have?

Crossfit Level 1 Seminar April 2012
            Ass-kicking Savage March 1982

3.    What future certifications do you want to get?

CF Gymnastics/Oly/Powerlifting Coaches Prep, Certified Crossfit Coach(CCFC) and Level II.

4.    What are your favorite things to coach?

All of the gymnastics/bodyweight movements.  I feel that I have a very good understanding of those movements and that I can easily relate that understanding to others.

5.    Why do you like coaching?

I like coaching for the same reason that you’ve probably read from the other coaches.  There is a lot that we get out of coaching others and helping them reach their goals.  I believe that the desire to help others succeed/obtain goals is human nature. Being a coach gives me another avenue to do so.

6.    How would you classify your style?

Empathetically humorous.  Everyone has something that they need to work on and it’s easy to get frustrated when whatever task they’re trying to accomplish doesn’t go as planned.  I try to relate (humorously) to our members and let them know that, even though they may feel like an “IDIOT!” now, their fitness goals are a constant work in progress and they’re never going to be finished.

7.    Other interests outside of Crossfit?

Fast cars, my dog, live music, Jeopardy.  ß Yes that says “Jeopardy”. I actually DVR it and watch it religiously and I challenge anyone to watch an episode with me and see if they can answer more clues than I do.

8.    What are your top 2 Crossfit goals for 2013?

Well, when I was supposed to write this profile 2 months ago they were
1)    300lb Clean
2)    Complete “King Kong”
But being that I am a terrible procrastinator I have achieved those goals and need to set new ones so here goes
1)    300lb Clean AND Jerk
2)    Be better than Aimee when she comes back from what Vinny refers to as her “Situation”.

9.    Favorite Crossfit memory?

May 9, 2011. That was the day that I came in for the Intro. I was an over-weight out of shape 29 year old who had no idea how to workout. My Dr. wanted to put me on medication for high cholesterol. The WOD that day was 1RM Clean and then 3 cleans @ 80% 1RM on the minute for 7 minutes. Before the intro started I walked in on the EMOM and heard the barbells crashing and everyone busting their ass to complete the workout. Later the baseline crushed me. My time was 9:49 and that was with pull-up attempts. I couldn’t do a single one. We often see in movies, and read in books about “life changing experiences/events/moments”. I never really believed that things happened like that but that day was one for me and I knew it as soon as I walked through the door.

10. What's your "day" job?

I’m the owner of a small retail franchise called “Nutrishop”.  For the past year I have been doing everything I can get it open but some guy named “Murphy” and his “Law” keep f**king with me.  Thankfully there isn’t much left to do and I should be open soon!

11. What would you be doing for exercise without Crossfit?
8.4oz Reb Bull curls by day.
12oz Bud Light curls by night.

12. Favorite cheat foods?

I have a crippling addiction to sweets!!  Cookies are by far my favorite.  I’ll eat any kind.  Even those terrible Italian ones that everyone’s Grandmother or older relative bakes around Christmas.



AMRAP in 20 minutes:
Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 20 Reps (55/75#)
Toes to Bar, 20 Reps
Double Unders, 20 Reps 
Push Press, 20 Reps (55/75#)

Community Notes: 
CF Endurance- Monday 4/15 @ 6:30PM, UM Track
Saturday and Sunday 4/20 and 4/21- L1 being hosted at KOP Main. Weekend classes to be held in Annex (110C DeKalb). 

Upcoming Events: 
4/20 CF Del Val, Dog Day afternoon, Fundraiser for SPCA @ 11am 
 4/27 WOD for Autism @ CFKoP 9AM & 10AM

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” 
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

Nick J. 246 (scale) 65#/su/rom
Klutch 339 Rx
Wax 296 rom
Kathleen 263 45#/rom
Mike S. 186 65#/dua
KT 337 Rx
Steve Z. 220 50#/dua/rom
Mike P. 353 Rx
DInger 225 65#/su/rom
Peter W. 355RX
Lauren M. 248 ROM
Nick C. 321RX
Amanda D. 289 #45, T2Bscale
Jay E. 262RX
Susan 296 35#
Barb Z 265 t2bscale
Jill 190  22#/t2bscale
Sarah W 161 45#/t2bscale
Jonathan 251 65#/t2bscale
Mike W 272 Rx
Chris T 291 45#/t2bscale
Kara 288 40#/t2bscale
David 236 53#
Rinat 300 Rx
Bill 211 DUA
Schaeffer 402 Rx
Ryan 380 Rx
Ph 392 (T2B scale)
Smizzy 320 (43#/T2B scale)
Roman 331 Rx
Trina 342 scale
Joe C 302 Rx
Liz 272 45#
Lisa C 393 scale
Jen S 240 Scaled
Patrick 302RX
Brian R 241 SU
Andrew Y 246 Scale
Joy 194 DC
Bob G. 204 #65 T2B Scale
Megs 334RX
Jess S. 196 #45 DUA
Luke 116RX
Cory 240 #65 T2B/SU
Kate C. 334RX
Faby 405RX
Justin R 193 Rx
Mark B 272 Rx
Miranda 372 (BJ/25#DB)t2bscale
Erika 260 55/33
Travis 263 53#
Borden 321 Rx
Conn 266 65
JaIme 283 35 ROM
Shannon 300 35 ROM
Kate K 348 Rx
Dee 224 Rx
John H 283 Rx
Chris A 291 65 ROM
Balmer no longer believes in scores
Shawn 278 Rx
Ryan S 265 Rx
Pablo 240 65 su
Vinny 409 Rx



Mystery WOD
"What's gonna happen inside the new box today?"

Join coach Vinny for regular classes at 9AM and 10AM meet at the CrossFit KoP Annex (110C DeKalb Street). Park at Frosty Falls or in front of the new space.
“Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity.” 
- R. I. Fitzhenry quotes

Congratulations Competitors

We had a busy day of competition and representation from KOP at events hosted by our fellow affiliates today. Vinny place 3rd in the First Responders Challenge at CF Prime, and at CFWC Fight for Food, Faby came in 10th, Keith 12th and Gene 18th and Lauren M. was the sole representation in the Fearless Athletics 2013 Festivus Games @ CF South Philly. Congratulations to all of our athletes!!!



Mystery WOD?

Our regular 9AM, 10AM and 11 AM strength classes will be held at the CFKoP Annex (110C DeKalb Street). Workout will be announced upon arrival. 

See you there!

“Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed. What would be left to strive for if everything were known?” 
-Charles de Lint




Using 70% of your new 5RM complete the following
AMRAP in 5 Minutes
10 Deadlifts
10 GHD Sit ups

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me." 
-Jim Valvano

Fayth 165/87
Anne 175/85
Bre 155 sumo/80
Regi 135/82
Katrina 123/62
Becca 135/66
Joe C 305/61
Mark B 300/80
Diane 265/59
Jack 245/81
Brian R 255, 70
Steve Z 205, 55 SU
Ellie 195, 74
Mike P 375PR, ?
Mike S 215, 52
Wax 255, 105
KT 225
Gina 185, 666
Roni 185, 70
Alona 165, 93
Mark C 265, 90
Pete 315, 70
Lauren 195PR
Dinger 195, 188SU
Marc (VT) 245PR, 30
Rinat 295PR, 80
Ellinor (SWD) 66kgPR, 109
Steph V 325PR
Pablo155PR, 80
Barb 200PR, 73
Bill 275PR
Kara 165PR, 80
Mr. W 275PR, 72
Mrs. W 155PR, 43
John Mc. Form
Sandy Form
Andrew Y Form
Jen S. Form
Cory Form
Dave N Form
Sharon 225, 61
Bridget 165,102
Mel Form, 93
Leslie 225PR, 75
Oleg 325PR, 63
Shoeless, 255, 60
Erika 175, 82
Shannon 135, 115
Jaime 135, 100
Kyle 245PR, 86
Nick 335, 33



 Welcome to Shannon Jaime!

and...welcome George!

Hang Power Clean (105/155#)
Handstand Push-up
Double Unders
“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.” 

Roni 17:49 85#/SB
Cris 19:32 135#/DUA
Mike S 19:33 95#, scale
Mike C 18:15 115#, SB
Tim M 29:39 155#/AB
Mark C 21:47 145#/SB
Peter 16:47 135#/SB
Gabby 23:24 75#/AB/SB
Oleg 20:14 155#/SB
Lauren M 20:20 85#/Ring Pulls
Nick 19:25 135#/AB
Vinny 26:55 Rx
Chris A 19:24 115#/3AB/DUA
Becky 19:13 85#
Keith 17:01 Rx
Jonathan 14:24 85#/Box
Bill 24:19 AB/75#
Jill 23:31 35#/Box 25"
Amanda 18:01 73#/box
David 19:09 66#/Ab/Box20"
Jaime 18:14 33/box
Shannon 16:40 box/33
Sharon 26:40 95/SB/kickup
Smizzy 21:12 58/1AB
Andrew 20:10 95#
Klutch 21:03 135/AB
Shawn 23:12/135#/AB
Kyle 17:34 115/SU
George 17:00 45#/AB
Dave N 22:05 65#
Megs 20:49 95#
Mike T 19:06 Rx
Ryan 13:37 SB/95#
Nick 18:45 95/SB/SU
WW 16:52 105/SB
Peterson 19:19 135/SB/HSPU
PH 14:06 135/SU/SB
Bre 22:02 85@/DU abHSPU
Faby 12:54 Rx
Tracy 14:22 scale
Regi 15:32 65#/AB hspu
Paul S (NMC) 10:13 SB
Aimee 16:51 Rx
Joe C 15:24 135#
Lindsey 18:10 DU/65#/SB



For time:
75/115 pound Shoulder press, 10 reps
75/115 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps
75/115 pound Push press, 20 reps
75/115 pound Front squat, 25 reps
75/115 pound Push jerk, 30 reps
75/115 pound Back squat, 35 reps

Community Notes: 
The CrossFit Endurance Track Workout will be at 5:30PM tonight (4/10) at the Upper Merion Track.  The WOD is a 1 Mile Time Trial. Following the mile will be sprint intervals. If you get to the track early, don't be alarmed as there will be a lot of kids there, the middle school has a track meet until 5:30PM, but it will clear out very fast. The Upper Merion Track is located at 435 Crossfield Road in King of Prussia, minutes from the box.

Wednesday 4/10 @ 6:30pm- Fundamentals of Nutrition with Coach Laura- If you have recently completed fundamentals this is included in your getting started Fundamentals package. Meet Laura in the lobby to learn more about nutrition, the session will last about an hour.

On Saturday and Sunday all classes will be held at he CrossFit Annex (110C DeKalb Street). 

“No matter how long you train someone to be brave, you never know if they are or not until something real happens.” 
― Veronica Roth, Insurgent


Alona 14:40 55
KT 11:52 RX
Wax 11:38 95
King 15:50 RX
Rinat 17:54 95
Ellie 17:01 60
Kim G 17:19 55
Rebecca S 11:42 55
Pete W 13:18 95
Diane 10:53 RX
Bill 18:32 #75
Nick Z. 11:03 #85
Nick 16:59 #65
Ryan 7:33 RX
Regi 16:19 #65
Rob PH 11:09 RX
W.W.III 15:51 #75
Roman 12:29 #95
Sandy 17:40 60
Brett 15:23 95
Derreck 18:32 Rx
Dee Dee 12:04 55
Gabby 19:40 65
Jen S 12:42 53/33
becky 15:41 55/65
Taylor 14:52 15/33
Pam 15:39 53/73
Fayth 16:01 45#
Anne 13:30 35# (15# OHS)
Arin 16:00 65#
Stasie 18:00 47.5#
Conn 14:26 65#
Shoeless 20:49 85#
Kate K. 13:30 75#
Liz 12:07 45#
Savage beast (AKA Keith) 12:50 Rx
Aimee 12:17 Rx
Tim Murray 14:07 95#
Bridget 15:47 45#
Erika 17:25 55#
Leslie 17:20 55#


What's NEW at CFKoP

The CFKoP Annex

We have taken over an additional 1200 sq feet of space about 50 feet away from CFKoP installed a new Pull-up Rig, mats, and outfitted it with new equipment (Address: 110C DeKalb Street). We will start utilizing this space for a Intro Sessions, Fundamentals, Private training, Specialty Programs and Kids Classes; we will eventually be expanding our current class offering to provide even more depth and breath.  
Please check your MindBody online schedule and when you see the "room" listed as CFKoP Annex please report to 110C DeKalb Street. Having this space will also allow you not miss any regular classes or strength classes on the weekends we host Level 1 Seminars. Prepare for normal programming in the form of "Mystery WoDs" on those days. The WoD will not be listed on the blog so prepare for the unknown and unknowable.
For example this weekend on Saturday 4/13 and 4/14 the 9AM, 10AM, 11AM Strength and Sunday 9AM and 10AM classes will all be held in the "Annex".  See you there!

The FINAL Open Recap

The 2013 Open Sectionals are over.  As usual, there was a ton of energy in the gym and many first time Opener's finished all 5 workouts.  Congratulations.  Similar to last week, there were a lot of changes in the top people based on performances in 13.5.  You can see the final rankings in the link below.  I have included regional and world rankings.  You will notice in some cases, someone is ranked higher in the region then they are in the world.  As we stated in the beginning, we are going with Regional rankings.  Without further ado, here you go.  

Sadly, we lost 12 people in the fifth week!  It is unfortunate that so many people would get so far than fall short of the finish line.  In 2013, 40% of the people that started the Open failed to finish.  This percentage is significantly higher than last year and hopefully we can turn that around in 2014.  For those that completed the Open, congratulations and I hope that you exceeded all of your goals.  If you fell short, be proud of what you have done...it is an amazing accomplishment just to get through all of the workouts.  For those that were unable to calculate a ranking because you either missed a workout or forgot to submit your score, I hope that you are excited with what you have accomplished as well and now you have something to shoot for in the future.  

There has been a lot of talk about the Competitors Class that I will be running.  The details will be distributed in the coming days but a huge congratulations to those that finished in the top 6.  These 6 were chosen based on Regional rankings and Masters athletes were used in the calculation.  If you did not squeak in the top 6, do not worry as requirements for this class will be posted shortly.  If you have any questions, please direct them at me.  Here they are, in order

Vinny, Sam, Faby, Ryan, Mike T, Keith
LP, Kate C, Cate K, KT, Aimee, Andrea

“Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.”
~Les Brown