A group of KoP'ers took the gymnastics component of CrossFit to a whole new level on Monday traveling to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Oaks, PA, to partake in their first Dodgeball Tournament. 

Unlike your typical Dodgeball game, the Sky Zone version takes place in a pit of trampolines where endurance, balance, and core strength are tested to the limits. The event was a 25 team, single elimination tournament with the winning team taking 2-out-of-3 four minute contests. The CrossFit KoP Ninja Turtles, Chip, Allison K, Steph B, KT, King, and Wax, took to the pit in Round 1 against a much younger, but less conditioned Dirty Volcanoes. Cores were tested right off the bat with the team learning how to function on the instability of trampolines, but CrossFit training prevailed as the Ninja Turtles picked off the Volcanoes one by one erupting in a straight set victory. Surprised, yet elated, the team would wait over an hour for Round 2 for a meeting with Rude Awakenings, who received a first round bye. Quickly in to the contest the CrossFit squad learned why Rude Awakenings received a first round bye as they were picked off like ducks in a barrel by a team that plays in a regular Dodgeball league. Unable to avoid the missiles fired by Rude Awakening, the team sadly was defeated 2-0. Although eliminated, the CrossFit KoP Ninja Turtles had a lot of fun and will be looking to return in the next tournament/league for some Dodgeball vengeance. King was named Kage Ninja and to the All-Tournament Team with his avoidance skills and samurai assassinations.

Congrats Kop'ers!

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