What a Weekend!
Thank you to all the participants at the L1 Certification, the amazing coaches and my family and friends who it wouldn't have been possible without!!!

A few things on sale and the recipes in Mom's Kitchen!

Fresh new L1 Certs...Cindy, Jeff, and the elusive Chris Plentus... CONGRATULATIONS on a AMAZING weekend!
Let's not forget about Doug, who will soon be our newest affiliate in State College! Doug, it was great seeing you back at the box!

Again faster? Bigger? Stronger? Will he ever grow into that shirt?

The new tire sleds, thanks DAD!!!

W.O.D 2.1.10
Alotta Ladies!
10 Clean and Jerks (135#/95#)
50 Double Unders
50 Sit-Ups
21 Thrusters (95#/65#)
21 Pull-ups
30 WallBalls (20#/14#)
30 Box Jumps (21#/25#)

We need a variety of input and influence and voices. You cannot get all the answers to life and business from one person or from one source.”
-Jim Rohn

Swine: 10:47
Miranda: 14:10
Mike B: 13:37
Nikki: 9:56
Sam B: 10:37
Jim C: 18:15
Joe A: 24:46
Mike V: 14:56
Rob: 17:29
Steve: 21:03 Pukie
Jim (visitor): 18:23
Jen S: 17:50
Tim M: 20:56
Grans: 13:23 (40 Box jumps)
Mike F: 17:17
Shawn: 16:02

Cate: 15:59
Chris T: 18:01
Kara: 17:45
Kim: 25:35
Kristen: 21:25
Donkey: 17:45
Mom: 17:30
Vincent: 19:51
Melanie: 17:21
Steph: 19:51
Curin: 19:19
Patti: 18:27
Megs: 14:57
Kelly: 18:04
Gina: 20:31
Katie: 18:47
Maureen: 19:55
JZ: 14:56
Kevin: 16:14
Ludwig: Glucose
Justin: 22:14
Liz: 18:40
Laura: 12:12
Kerry: 15:10



W.O.D. 1.31.10

We are closed today for the CrossFit Level 1 Certification. There will be no classes. Sorry for any inconvenince. We will return to our regular schedule on Monday February 1st.

At Home WOD:
100 Air Squats
20 Push-ups
75 Air Squats
15 Push-ups
50 Air Squats
10 Push-ups
25 Air Squats
5 Push-ups

Park WOD:
Nikki's Valley Forge Park WOD from 1-2:ooPM
Running, stair sprints, push-ups, box jumps (aka rock wall jumps and picnic bench jumps), and other fun exercises.
Where to meet:
Meet at the parking lot near the covered bridge off Rt 252. If you don't know where that is, click here use the link and enter your starting location.

Fudge Babies

"Rest is a good thing, but boredom is its brother."
-Voltaire (1694-1778) French writer and historian.


All set for the L1 CrossFit Cert....

WOW, check out that sign!!!!

W.O.D. 1.30.10


We are closed today for the CrossFit Level 1 Certification. There will be no classes. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will return to our regular schedule on Monday February 1st.

Almond Butter on the Cheap; by Chris Plentus

He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities.
-Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) American statesman, scientist and philosopher.

Dorothy, band assisted Handstand Push-ups!

...we are CLOSED this weekend in order to Host the Level 1 CrossFit Certification.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
We will resume our regular schedule on Monday.

Time to Refuel:
For anyone traveling to KoP/Bridgeport for the Level 1 Certification this weekend, click here for some local refueling spots.


Happy Birthday Laura!!!!

W.O.D. 1.29.10

21-15-9 reps of:

Handstand push-ups
Ring dips

"Isa-Grace" with Josh Everett - video [wmv] [mov]

Build Explosive Strength: How to perform Box Squats.

"Advice is like castor oil, easy to give, but dreadful to take."
-Josh Billings

Rx Results:

Swine 14:28
Nikki 14:49
Sam B. 11:01

Steve Zipf 25:59
Mike V. 19:12
Jen S. 34:20
Kathleen 15:30
Jerry 29:50
Jason 24:14
JZ 15:26
Dorothy 18:40
Melanie 14:12
Olan 26:12
Laura 21:21
Maureen 20:53
Christine 21:39
Vincent 14:35
Steph 12:36
Kerry 33:29
Rob 22:08
(the new..)Steve Z. 20:44
Hannah (sub 95# Thruster/Ring Row) 22:55
Joe A. (sub 135#Thruster for HSPU) 40:36


I was digging through the CFKoP photo archives and came across this one. Yes, that's Paul and Tim on the black and blue bands. Remember, don't always look at your last PR but take a look at where you were a year ago. Both gentlemen are VERY proficient kippers now, but as an inspiration for many new faces in the gym I wanted to post this pic from the early days. I would say 90% of us started on the band...practice practice practice!

W.O.D. 1.28.10
Get your boats ready...

Intermediate: 2 K Row
Advanced: 5k Row


Olympic Lifting skills practice.

Rest and Recovery.

Concept 2 Rowing Foundations Seminar.
Jason and I have signed up for this and are making the trip if anyone else is interested.

"Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm."
-Winston Churchill

5K Results:
Joe A 21:02
Olan 20:26
Melanie 24:12
Steve 21:16
Jen C. 21:48
Cindy 27:17
Nick 25:31
Jen S. 24:34

2K Results:
Kara 9:49
Chris T. 9:28




Justin. How did you rest mid WOD?

Kim Jackson, D.O.

W.O.D. 1.27.10

"The BEAR Complex"

You have 5 rounds to find your max weight at:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press
These exercises must be done in succession without putting the bar down for seven times through the sequence.
You may rest as needed between rounds.
Contact with the floor must be touch-and go during sequences.
Rest anywhere but the floor.

Please take 5 minutes to watch the video so you know what to expect.

(compare to 9.2.09)

The Bear Complex (wmv)(mov)

Free January:
7:30PM with Kim Jackson...Many of us are sensitive to the foods we are eating without knowing that we are. This can tax the immune system and the body's natural defenses to disease. Food sensitivities can also hinder your recovery from Crossfit WODs and limit your athletic performance. She will be discussing some of the more common food sensitivities, as well as how to find out any sensitivities you may have. This is a FREE seminar, everyone is welcome!

Whole9 Workshop:
Click here to register.

The measure of a man is way he bears up under misfortune”

Steve 43
Steph 85
Jen S. 80x5
Nick 75
Granny 75
Jim C. 130x3
Megs 75x4
Donkey 60
Kevin 83
Cindy 68x3
Jason 135x4
Shawn 135x5
JZ 95
Aimee 105x2
Patti 53
Kelly 53
Jeff 120
Han 95x2
Mike F. 115
Kristen 55x6
Vincent 95
Nikki 100x6
Maura 45x3
Kerry 85
WW 95x5
Kathleen 35x5
Steve 135x5
Jerry 115x1
Mom form
Laura 73x6


CrossFit 215 Winter Throwdown Video

W.O.D. 1.26.10

Which Helen will you choose?


3 Rounds For Time:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (55#/35#)
12 Pull-ups

Helen Rewound
3 Rounds for Time:
12 Pull-ups
21 Kettlebell Swings (55#/35#)
400m Run backwards

Spend 10 minutes working on an element of Gymnastics that you are "rusty" in...Handstands, Handstand Push-ups, Muscle Ups, Ring Dips, Cartwheels, Forward Rolls, Back handspring, Back Tuck?? Pick your poison!

CrossFit and rowing collide, CrossFit South Brooklyn (NY) gets featured in US Rowing magazine.

“In the time of your life, live - so that in that wondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite variety and mystery of it.”
-William Saroyan

Rx Results:
Kevin 15:20
Tim 7:47
Aimee 11:17
Jen S. 11:23
Granny 10:36
Sam G. 11:30
Jason 11:44
Mike B. 13:15
Nikki 10:22
Mike F. 13:59
Jeff 12:10
Jim C. 14:15
Todd 12:33
Swine 9:50
Laura 11:44
Sam B. 8:48
Liz 16:19
Olan 16:15

Justin 16:51

One arm and Backwards:
Plentus 17:03

Scale Results:

Kim 15:06
Chris 15:19
Kara 15:28
Deb 10:23
Donkey 15:53
Kristen S. 14:12
Maureen 12:07
Kelly 15:06
Katie 17:14
Curtin 16:16
Melanie 12:04
Christine 12:13
Hannah 18:56
Gina 14:05
Sarah 15:22


Vincent and Steph in the background, STRONG deadlifts!

W.O.D. 1.25.10
Deadlift 3's
Three reps on the minute.
Add 20# every minute. Guys start weight is 205#. Girls start weight is 125#.
Go up 20# every minute. We will set up a bar at 125# 145#, 165#,185#, 205#, 225#, 245#, 265#, 285#, 305#. After 305#, you will add 10# every attempt. We will spend a lot of time warming up, this will be fun! If a different start weight is necessary we will make the proper accommodations.

Don't Mess with Breakfast-by Chris Plentus
Pumped for Camden Kids

CFKoP Schedule Information:
Click here

“Change before you have to.”
-Jack Welch

Kara: 185
Chris T: 185x1
Donkey: 185
Kim: 205x2
Liz: 145
Mike V: 325
WW: 305
Roger: 165
Jim: 385
Vincent: 305x2
Melanie: 165
Shawn: 335
JZ: 285
Curtin: 285
Steph: 285x1
Miranda: 245x1
Jeff: 265
Maureen: 145x1
Maura: 165
Sam B: 285
Patti: 165
Justin: 255
Todd: 245
George: 355
Cindy: 225x1
Dorothy: 145
Tim M: 395
Ditty: 165
Plentus: 385
Kerry: 225x2
Kathleen: 105
Rob: 305
Jen S: 185
Joe A: 375
Olan: 305
Jerry: 335x2

Men's Top 3 Finishers:
1. Terrence Fenningham 2. Brian Quinlan 3. Bruce Barger

An amazing group of CrossFitters!

Women's Top 3 Finishers:
1. Aimee Lyons 2. Jenny Butler 3. Kristi Kinsey

CrossFit KoP had an awesome showing at the CrossFit 215 Winter Throwdown. Jay and Micah put on a great event, FUN was had by everyone! Thanks to all the athletes who competed and to all of the fans who came out to support us!

The WODs were:
250 meter Row
40 Kettlebell Swings
500 meter Row
30 Kettlebell Swings
750 meter Row
20 Kettlebell Swings
1000 meter Row
10 Kettlebell Swings
Men = 50 lbs KB
Women = 35 lbs KB


5 rounds of:
5 Thrusters
7 Burpees
30 Pull-ups
Men = 95 lbs
Women = 65 lbs

CrossFit 215 Winter Throwdown Results:
Final score was determined on a points system based on overall ranking of each WOD.


Kit Zipf #7 (16 points)
Mike Mishik #10 (23 points)
Mike Bramowski #21 (42 points)
Tim Pappas #23 (44 points)
Sam Greenough #28 (57 points)
Jeff Handler #43 (81 points)

Aimee Lyons #1 (3 points)
Nikki Sieller #4 (10 points)
Kerry Smith #10 (20 points)
Lisa Esposto #10 (20 points)
Meighan Doran #14 (27 points)
Doreen Antonucci #17 (36 points)

CrossFit 215 Winter Throwdown Pictures:
Click Here

CrossFit 215 Team Video

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.”
-Jack Welch

Important Schedule Information:

The gym will be CLOSED this weekend Saturday January 30th and Sunday January 31st for the CrossFit Level 1 Certification. That means there will be no regularly scheduled classes. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We hope you all enjoyed "Free January", we have two more FREE classes/seminars in January.
  • Tuesday night, January 28th CrossFit Lite 7:30PM.
  • Wednesday night, January 29th Nutrition and Food Sensitivities with Kim Jackson, 7:30PM.

The FREE Saturday class will continue once a month.
The Next one will be on Saturday, February 6th at 8:30AM. Again, members and non-members are welcome!

For the most up to date schedule make sure you are checking our website www.crossfitkop.com.


W.O.D. 1.24.10

Push Press

AMRAP in 20 Minutes:

1 Muscle Up*
3 Ring Dips
6 Push-ups
9 Push Press (95#/135#)

*Coaches Notes:

The intention is to go from the Muscle Up directly into the ring dips. If you do not have a Muscle up, spend time working on the skill and either sub with a jumping Muscle up or sub by working the transition from the ground or a box.

“Ultimately, being a part of a team means competing, working, living and winning and losing together. And in the end, a teammate's nationality, his language, his taste in music or his religion aren't sources of division, but in fact mediums of greater friendship, understanding and success.”

-Steve Kerr

Rx Results:
Nikki 5
Aimee 8
Kit 4
John 10

Scale Results:

Steve 5 75#
Jaime 8 60#
Kim 4 80#
Hannah 4 125# x2
Megs 6
Todd 6
Christine 8 35#
W.W. 6
Ditty 4 85#
Donkey 7 80# x2


Go Get some CrossFit KoP!!

We are off to another competition...and this weekend we are local!!
Kit, Meighan, Nikki, Kerry, Jeff, Tim P., Sam G., Mike B. and Myself are off to CrossFit 215 to compete in their winter Throwdown!!


W.O.D. 1.23.10

Box Jumps
(work to get to a higher box then usual!)

5 Rounds:
10 Ring Rows
10 Box Jumps (25"/29")
1 Rope Climb

One Woman's Request.

Jason 95# Turkish Get-up

Free January:
Free Class 8:30AM

“We compete, not so much against an opponent, but against ourselves. The real test is this: Did I make my best effort on every play?”
-Bud Wilkinson

Joe A: 51" & 18:15
Kristen S: 26" & 15:57
Mike V: 40.5" & 14:10
Sam B: 39.5" & 7:00
Mike F: 37" & 13:32
Liz: 29" & 16:18
Shawn: 39.5" & 13:01
Chris P: 47.5"
Olan: 44" & 10:36

It's time to get excited!

CrossFit King of Prussia will be hosting Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Urban from the WHOLE NINE will be hosting a Whole9 Nutrition Workshop.

200 DeKalb St. Bridgeport Pa 19405

Sunday, February 28th 2010 (tentative time 12PM)

What you will learn:
How certain food groups are negatively impacting how you look, feel and perform, even if you don’t immediately notice their effects

What you should be eating to look, feel and perform your best – and why you don’t really need to weigh and measure all your food to achieve excellent fitness levels

How to break unhealthy patterns, habits and cravings related to food, and change the way you eat for the rest of your life in a healthy, balanced, satisfying and sustainable manner

How to make food work for you by speeding up the healing process – and how poor food choices contribute to keeping you sick, weak and injured

How to manage healthy eating under any circumstance – while traveling, at home with the family, during social events or in a business setting.

The best way to incorporate “cheats” into your diet, enjoying the foods you really want without compromising your overall health and fitness goals


Will be set up through MINDBODY online but in the interim (until the "hot chick" at the desk can get to it) Please post to comments if you are interested, this will help us plan if we need to host one or two seminars. The seminars are limited to about 20 people so that they can insure everyone gets a lot of individual attention and your questions can be answered.

What to expect:
Read a recent blog post from Melissa regarding their upcomming visit to CrossFit Stamford.


C.C. learning the Snatch!!

W.O.D. 1.22.10
Snatch (65#/95#) *
*this means full squat

Cash Out:
2 Rounds
500 M Row
25 GHD Sit ups

Primal Recipe Book:
Live Primal Recipes

Check Out:
The Piazza at Schmidts

Free January:
Kipping, Rope Climb, Muscle Up Workshop 7:30-8:30PM

“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.”
-Frank Borman

Steph: 20:15 (65#)
Vincent: 19:01 (65#)
JZ: 18:18 (75#)
Olan: 18:39 (75#)
Gina: 19:36 (22#)
Justin: 18:20 (65#)
Dorothy: 18:34 (45#)
Ironman: 16:15 (65#)
Rob: 12:35 (95#)
Joe A: 23:31 (95#)
CC: 18:02 (40#)
Nick: 18:50 (65#)
Kerry: 17:43 (65#)
Miranda: 17:32 (65#)
Swine: 10:13 (95#)
Jen S: 18:15 (53#)
Laura: 14:40 (65/53#)
Mike F: 14:04 (95#)
Christine: 17:12 (15#)
Shawn: 14:21 (95#)
Jim: 11:57 (95#)
Liz: 14:59 (33#)
Jason: 9:49 (95#)

Post WOD Nutrition
-by Chris Plentus

So you're hooked. "Tabata," "AMRAP" and "Fran" all mean something to you and you can thank (or blame) it on CrossFit. You live for refreshing your internet browser at 10pm just so you can see the WOD for the next day. You are a CrossFit addict. Hopefully a CrossFit KoP addict.

So how do you make the most of your time and energy so you can PR like crazy (as a newbie) or reach a new plateau (as a veteran). One of the many (overlooked) ways is paying attention to post workout nutrition.

The body has several energy systems it uses to get work done. I won't get nerdy on you, but basically there are three:
1. Creatine phosphate/ATP - think 1 rep max effor lifts, like a deadlift. You are using explosive energy for less than a second.
2. Anaerobic/glycolysis - think metcon. Most would take anywhere from 5-20 minutes and you are burning muscle glycogen while doing it.

3. Aerobic/oxidative - think endurance athlete. They can burn energy at low efforts for hours on end. If I asked you to run for 2 hours straight, you would hate me, but you could most likely do it.

Your body will generally use these energy systems in this order, often overlapping. For example, on a 400 meter run, you will generally use your ATP first, then kick into glycolysis once the ATP is used up, then over to oxidative around the 250-300m range. If you've ever felt a "wall" during a wod, it is probably because you are at the crossover of one of these stages.

All pathways are hit in CrossFit, but the second is an important one and let's be honest, most popular. How many times do you find yourself in a love/hate relationship with the WOD? Think Fran, Helen, Elizabeth, and all of those other fun girls. Anyway, this is the one where we want to refuel as soon as we can after a WOD. Why? To replace that muscle glycogen that was burned during the WOD. Your body is screaming for fuel and you do NOT want to piss off the angry glycogen gods. By feeding your muscles what they want, they will get stronger and recover QUICKER. Who wants to be sore for days on end? I know I don't. I want to get back in that box and kill those WODs. Quicker recovery means more consistent training which means being stronger and faster.

So what should you be eating? The simple (and frustrating) answer is that it depends on the person! You need to assess your goals and figure out what is going to work best for you. Do you want to lean out? Do you want to gain mass? What kind of WOD was it? You also need to look at other factors such as lifestyle, cost, and transport. Will you have time to create a post wod shake or will you have to buy something from Wawa? How much are you willing to spend? Are you able to keep things refrigerated? Below are some very general guidelines to help you figure things out.

Post WOD fuel is most useful after a metcon. Strength days are fine to have some protein, but not completely necessary, especially if you are having a regular meal afterwards. It's after that sweaty metcon where you are panting and lying on the floor that you want to get something in your system ASAP. (think 45 minutes at the most) If it's Fran and it took you 4 minutes, your stores of glycogen get depleted faster than someone who does it in 15 minutes. In other words, intensity matters! The harder you go, the quicker your ATP and then glycogen stores get used up. It's possible to go into an aerobic/oxidative state if the first two stages are hit hard. If, however, you use the example of the 400m run, you can imagine that jogging will not hit your ATP and glycogen that hard, therefore, not requiring as much refueling.

Those looking to lean out should have less carbohydrates post WOD. Those looking to maintain leanness or gain mass should have higher amounts of carbohydrates. Also consider how long the WOD was or how hard you worked. Harder, sweater work = more carbohydates.

Protein and carbohydrates, maybe a little fat. Typically fat slows down the digestion process, but here you WANT fast digestion. Shakes and liquid food are not the best during a regular meal because they have more surface area and thus get absorbed quicker. Post WOD a shake or liquid is perfect to get that in your system as fast as possible. More protein is needed if you lifted weights or used more muscles in a WOD. More carbs are needed the longer or harder you go in a WOD.
-For someone looking to lean out, they might have about 10-30g protein/10-20g carbs post WOD
-For someone looking to gain mass, or a lean person looking to maintain glycogen stores, they might have 10-30g protein/30-50g carbs post WOD
James "OPT" Fitzgerald actually suggests ratios based off body fat for specific WODs on his blog here. He's a numbers guy and I've learned a lot about Crossfit and post WOD fueling from this guy. Check out his FAQs for really great info.

Robb Wolf is another great resource for all things nutrition. Seriously, download his podcasts and listen to them in the car on the way to work. The guy knows an incredible amount of information. He recommends that you get about 50% of your carbs in during the post WOD nutrition. Why? Because your body can "sneak" these carbs in without causing a big insulin response. After about an hour though, you're back to pretty much normal.

-Some people are huge fans of chocolate milk! It has a great ratio of protein/carbs and even though it has a little fat, it also has other great nutrients for muscle recovery and growth. Plus, it's so easy to obtain and keep. No preparation, just need to keep it refrigerated (and even then some folks are ok with warm milk)
-Sweet potato/whey protein - Most folks would recommend something like this. I add applesauce in the mix and it's delicious. The recipe is at the bottom. OPT is a fan of whey potein from pastured cows. I personally just get the whey protein from Costco.
-some fruit* with deli meat or jerky.
-applesauce and a cheese stick
-ready-made drinks like MuscleMilk or bars like Power Bars

*some folks are against having fruit post WOD. The reason is that the fructose in fruit will replace liver (hepatic) glycogen first, not the muscle glycogen you are looking to replace. Personally I don't think it's a terrible choice especially for the ease of having fruit on hand, but if you have the freedom, go with the sweet potato or milk option.

All in all, you need to find what works for you and your lifestyle. If you can carry around a cup of sweet potato/protein mix, good for you. If you need to stop at the Wawa on the way home from the box to have some chocolate milk, that's ok too. It's going to depend. But make sure you are refueling after those sweaty (sexy) metcons!

Chris P.'s Post WOD fuel
4 cups sweet potato, peeled and sliced*
1 cup apple sauce*
~120g whey protein*
1 Tbsp. cinnamon (if unflavored protein. I have chocolate protein so I don't need cinnamon for taste)
*this is a lot of protein as a personal preference. This recipe will make about 4 cups of mixture and for someone my size (150 lbs., ~13% bf) I personally want 30g protein/50-60g carbs per mixture. You can play around with the numbers assuming that 1 cup sweet potato or applesauce has about 60g carbs.

1. After peeling and cutting the sweet potatoes, put them in a microwaveable container and add about 1 Tbsp. water. Cover (allowing venting) and put in microwave on HIGH for 4 minutes. This will soften the sweet potato.
2. Add sweet potato, apple sauce, protein, and cinnamon in blender or food processor.
3. Blend until desired consistency.
4. Store in refrigerator. I've kept containers for a couple of weeks at a time without the mix going bad, but try to eat it sooner than later.


W.O.D. 1.21.10

Max reps in two minutes of:
Thrusters (65#/95#)
Box Jumps (21#/25#)
KB swings (35#/55#)
Row (for calories)

Free January:
Open Gym 5:00-7:00PM

Marks Daily Apple never disappoints us....
The Wonderful World of Coconut products
The Definitive Guide to Oils


"Happiness is not being pained in body or troubled in mind."
-Thomas Jefferson
Jen S. 128
Kim 145
Kara 115
Chris T. 116
Deb 156
Melanie 143
What's going on at KoP this week?

Hannah and Tim are having a BOY! Congratulations!

Our new edition is coming along...showers and locker rooms on the bottom floor.
Any ideas for the second and third floors?

...and Everyone's New Favorite Warm-Up!


It's sometimes cold at 6AM!

W.O.D. 1.20.10

Back Squat

Work, not for time:
3 Rounds
70% of your 3 Rep back squat, 10 reps
KB Swings, 10 reps (challenge yourself to a heavier weight than usual)
Back Extensions, 10 reps

What Happens When you Carb Binge?

Check out:
Westside Wellness Chiropractic. They are hosting a seminar on Strength and Balance for Knee Injury Prevention on Thursday January 28th 2010 at 7:30 pm.

Free January:
Olympic Lifting class 7:30PM

"The shortest distance between two points is always under construction."
-Noelie Alite

Jeff: 205
Sam G: 265x6
Jen S: 150
Megs: 125
Olan: 215
Jerry: 235
Kim: 120
Justin: 205x5
Mel: 115 (PR)
Cindy: 150 (PR)
Curtin: 195
Miranda: 180 (PR)
Gary: 205
Laura: 115, 125x1
Kristen: 115 (PR)
Vincent: 205
Steph: 200
Jason W: 345 (PR)
WW: 205
Jim C: 295
Kathleen: 65
Steve A: 175
Kerry: 160x1
Matt: 175x2



W.O.D. 1.19.10
-a 'lil Grace and a 'lil Cindy

10 Clean and Jerks (135#/95#)
5 Rounds of Cindy
10 Clean and Jerks
5 Rounds of Cindy
10 Clean and Jerks

Connor, 18 (weighing 160 lbs) nails 250 on an overhead squat at CrossFit Brand X: [wmv] [mov]

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

Kara 45# 20:51
Chris T. 70# 25:18
Kristen S. 65# 29:33
Cate 95# Rx 20:09
Aimee 95# Rx 12:27
Tim P. 135# Rx 15:29
Cindy 53# 18:46
Olan 115# 25:40
JZ 100# 18:27
Curtin 95# 23:29
Granny 85# 18:41
Jen S. 95# (almost Rx) 22:41
Kelly 65# 20:35
Katie 33# 24:08
Patti 65# 20:35
Jason 135# Rx 16:47
Christine 22# 19:42
Todd 115# 19:23
Tim M. 135# Rx 29:58
Hannah 95# 27:04
Kathleen 35# 31:19*
Mike B. 135# 21:28
Laura 78# 15:14
Shawn 135# Rx 20:32
Liz 75# 24:54
Miranda 95# 23:50
Nick 95# 29:11
Swine 135# Rx 13:38
Jay 95# 27:46

*Kathleen, way to put up a fight! Sometimes your first classes are the ones that make you the strongest! Your perseverance was inspiring!


W.O.D. 1.18.10
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
Shoulder Press, 10 reps (65#/95#)
Knees to Elbows, 10 reps
400 M Run

Images from the Hybrid Winter Challenge.

Carbohydrate consumption, in the form of wheat, milk, and high fructose corn syrup, subsidizes American crops and keeps the USDA in business...click here to continue reading, Disturbing Counsel.

Check out:
Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."
-Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


Kathleen: 3 (35#)
George: 4 (95#)
Kerry: 3 (55#)
CC: 4 (45#)
Rob: 5 (95#)
Shawn: 5 (Rx)
Miranda: 4 (Row 65#)
Jeff: 5 (95#)
Kelly: 4 (45#)
Meighan: 4 (Row 55#)
Jen S: 4 (55#)
Katie: 3 (35#)
JZ: 5 (80#)
Sam B: 7 (95#)
Patti: 4 (45#)
Joe A: 4 (95#)
Matt: 5 (45#)
New Todd: 7 (75#)
Melanie: 4 (55#)
Dorothy: 5 (45#)
Steph: 3 (65#)
Olan: 5 (95#)
Vincent: 4 (75#)
Laura: 5 (55#)
Cindy: 4 (33#)
Hannah: 5 (65#)
Gary: 3 (75#)
Kim: 4 (45#)
Mike B: 6 (95#)
Liz: 4 (45#)
Kara: 4 (45#)
Chris T: 4 (45#)
Ditty: 4 (55#)
Donkey: 4 (45#)
Jerry: 6 (95#)


Through the decades...
Happy 40th Birthday Donkey!

W.O.D. 1.17.10

Overhead Squat 5 reps at 75% of your 1RM
Overhead Squat 3 reps at 85% of your 1RM
Overhead Squat max reps at 95% of your 1RM

30 Turkish Get ups (15L/15R)
10 Handstand Push-ups

Body Weight OHS x 6

To have striven, to have made the effort, to have been true to certain ideals - this alone is worth the struggle.
-Sir William Osler

Ditty ?
Meighan 80x5
Steve 55x9
Jeff ?
Cate 130x?
Todd form
Christine form
Donkey 50x6


Hybrid Winter Challenge.
This Saturday, Sam, Chris and myself (along with Ditty and Jason) will travel to Hybrid Athletics in Stamford, CT to compete in the Hybrid Winter Challenge. Click here to view the events.

W.O.D. 1.16.10
Run 400 Meters
Bear Crawl 2 lengths of the gym
Run 400 Meters
Broad Jumps 2 lengths of the gym
Run 400 Meters
100 Air Squats
Run 400 Meters
Walking Lunges 2 lengths of the gym
Run 400 Meters
100 Mountain Climbers (50L/50R)

Free January:
CrossFit 8:30AM
Shopping for whole foods at Genuardi's 10:00AM

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."
-M. Kathleen Casey

Todd: 16:33
Cindy (ouchie!)
Jeff: 18:23
Jamie: 23:51
Laura: 14:39
Jim C: 19:17
John W: 17:14
Sam B: 13:33
Mike B: 17:45
Mike F: 19:32
Liz: 18:19
Shawn: 17:45
Olan: 20:06
Kristen: 19:53
Jen C: 15:02
Nikki: 15:14
Tim P: 13:07


Dave Lipson snags some airtime...Click here to check it out.
Dave and Denise from CrossFit Exodus pictured above!

W.O.D. 1.15.10
3 Rounds:

15 Deadlift 70% of 1RM. Every fifth rep must be held at the top position for 15 seconds.
15 Push Press 40#/25# Dumbells or Kettlebells. Every fifth rep must be held overhead for 15 seconds.
15 Burpees. Every fifth rep must be held in the top of the push up position for 15 seconds.

Row 1000M

Coaching Tips: Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level. The purpose of the mid-set holds is not only to develop muscle unit recruitment, but also develop mental toughness. Holding onto the bar that extra 15 seconds will help overcome weakness in your grip and weakness in your mind. The same will hold true for all three exercises in the workout. Keep in mind that the workouts that we do aren't always only for immediate physical improvements but for future workouts as well.

WOD from the talented Paul Flores.

We love our strong CF KoP MOMS!
With babies in bellies, these ladies keep on setting PR's!

There's a new smoothie in town

"Bullfighting is the only art in which the artist is in danger of death and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance is left to the fighter's honor."
-Ernest Hemingway

Swine: 21:00 (245/40#) & 3:45
Jen S: 24:11 (130/25#) & 4:36
Steve: 30:25 (135/15#) & 4:41
Donkey: 17:20 (115/18#) & 4:35
Olan: 19:53 (155/30#) & 4:26
Kathleen: 17:10 (65/10#) & 5:10
Kevin: 18:42 (185/30#) & 4:02
Cindy: 24:18 (155/18#) & ?
Miranda: 23:47 (135/25#) & 5:19
Jason: 24:07 (290/40#) & ?
Dorothy: 17:56 (108/20#) & 4:44
Laura: 21:15 (115/25#) & 4:29
Justin: 24:57 (115/30#) & 4:43
Gina: 23:57 (100/18#) & 5:02
Jim C: 25:20 (245/40#) & 3:59
Kristen S: 20:57 (100/15#) & 5:18
Chris S: 24:31 (250/40#) & 4:05
Steph: 28:37 (200/25#) & 5:41
Vincent: 19:30 (85/30#) & 5:31
Sam B: 18:34 (165/45#) & 3:57
Liz: 22:47 (95/18#) & 4:38
Mike F: 23:53 (250/50#) & 4:36
Mike B: 25:11 (245/45#) & 3:52
Jerry: 25:01 (215/35#) & 4:13
Granny: 15:30 (135/25#) & 4:06
Ditty: 29:34 (125/20#) & 4:33
Nick: 24:19 (125/25#) & ?
Han: 26:13 (165/25#) & 5:16
Joe: 39:04 (325/45#) & ?
Kerry: 20:09 (145/265) & 4:11
Rob: 22:49 (205/40#) & 4:05


...make sure you check it out! I was fascinated by it!

W.O.D. 1.14.10
Mixed Bag...a Day of Mini WODs

Mini WOD #1
Unbroken Double Under Ladder
(sub single unders x5)

Mini WOD#2
Max Back Squats in 3 Minutes
Ladies 120#
Men 175#

Kim 95# 16
Jen S. 120# 20
Joyce 35# 48
Megs 115# 24
Laura 95# 22
Tim 175# 32
Steph R. 95# 42
Cindy 123# 20
Kevin 145# 30
Melanie 83# 23

Mini WOD #3 (35#/55#)
10 KB swings, 1 burpee
10 KB swings, 2 burpees
10 KB swings, 3 burpees
10 KB swings, 4 burpees
10 KB swings, 5 burpees
10 KB swings, 6 burpees
10 KB swings, 7 burpees
10 KB swings, 8 burpees
10 KB swings, 9 burpees
10 KB swings, 10 burpees

Kim 11:24
Jen S. 9:44
Joyce 25# 9:14
Megs 8:57
Laura 7:46
Tim 6:05
Sam 5:47
Steph R. 25# 8:21
Kevin 45# 12:15
Melanie 25# 11:24
Cindy 35# 8:43*
*special WOD

Mini WOD #4
500M Row

Kim 1:48
Jen S. 2:16
Joyce 2:21
Megs 2:08
Laura 2:04
Tim 1:48
Steph R. 2:09
Cindy 2:09
Kevin 1:57
Melanie 2:13

You Walk Wrong

Free January:
4:30PM Goal Setting Workshop
5:30PM Gymnastics Fundamentals

"Confidence... thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

(limited quantities available)...they look awesome!





and _________?

The sights of FRAN.

W.O.D. 1.13.10
Barbell Thrusters (95#/65#)
(compare to 10.10.09)

"Moe Kelsey Interview" Part 2, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Free January:
Fundamentals of POSE 7:30PM

"Years may wrinkle the skin but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul."
-Samuel Ullman

It was quite the PR Party!!! Congrats to everyone, 100% PRs!

Rx Results:
Jen S. 10:30
Jim 9:27
Mike B. 7:15
Hannah 12:30
Jeff 8:28
Shawn 4:53
Mike F. 8:26
Kerry 8:06
Granny 8:42
Nikki 5:45

Scale Results:
Steve 50#/black 13:30
Olan 75#/blue 11:30
Kevin 75# 11:24
Donkey 55#/blue 15:15
Kara 35#/black 9:24
JZ 80# 7:32
Christine 22 5:57
Kelly 33# 8:38
Katie 33# 8:47
Justin 45#/black 7:48
Sarah 35#/black 7:34
Steph 65#/blue+black 8:40
Vincent 65#/black 9:17
Gary 65#/black 7:33
Liz 55#/floss 11:48

Saturday January 16th, 10AM- Shopping for Whole Foods on a Budget with Cindy Handler.

If you are planning on attending the workshop on Saturday (which starts at the Genuardi's on Henderson Road) please...

1. Post to comments if you will be attending.
2. Meet at the Genuardi’s food court on Saturday morning, not at the produce entrance