Saturday January 16th, 10AM- Shopping for Whole Foods on a Budget with Cindy Handler.

If you are planning on attending the workshop on Saturday (which starts at the Genuardi's on Henderson Road) please...

1. Post to comments if you will be attending.
2. Meet at the Genuardi’s food court on Saturday morning, not at the produce entrance


Chris P. said...

this is really nerdy, but if you're looking to compare fish oil prices and qualities, someone did an excel sheet. I got this off Robb Wolf's site (www.robbwolf.com)

I highly recommend checking him and Mark Sisson (www.marksdailyapple.com) for information on food. They present things in a very readable, down to earth manner. Wolf now does podcasts that are easy to download and listen to in the car on the way to work (or the box!)


JZuck said...

Chris, the fish oil I take is Vitamin World brand, 1360mg; 950 Active EPA/DHA. Does that mean anything to you? This spreadsheet is a little much for me. Thanks!

Chris P. said...

JZ, it seems like that is good concentration per pill, meaning you don't have to take as many as others. It has close to a gram of actual fish oil that you should care about (EPA/DHA) so if you're doing .5g per 10 pounds bodyweight you should be having about 7 pills per day. However, I also know your diet is pretty clean so you could probably do between 3-5 and be fine.

Aimee Lyons said...

Cindy- I heard from Steph and Adria, who wanted to attend..also from Sarah who might be bringing some friends from CFGeneration.

Anonymous said...

god...if i really did the body weight thing i'd go through a bottle of fish oil a day!!! I think i'll stick with my 6 pills!

Might come on sat..not sure yet.