Liz and Shawn, the happy couple rolling together as a team!

W.O.D. 1.5.10
Time for some Team Work!
Complete in teams of two, one athlete works while one does burpees.
Every 30 Burpees = a deduction of 30 seconds off your team's time.

1000M Row
30 Pull-ups
30 Box Jumps
3 Rounds of:
20 KB Swings (35#/55#)
20 Push Press (65#/95#)
1 Rope Climb

Free January:
CrossFit Lite Class at 7:30PM

Local Events:
CrossFit 215 is hosting a Winter Throwdown on January 23.
Click here for details.

"Thrusters" with Chris Spealler, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Coast to Coast: Diablo CrossFit scores a great feature on the news in CA, while CrossFit Relentless gets some airtime in CT.

"Most people live and die by their 1-rep max. To me, this is foolish and shortsighted. If your squat goes from 225x6 to 225x9, you’ve gotten stronger. If you keep setting and breaking rep records, you’ll get stronger. Don’t get stuck just trying to increase your one rep max. If you keep breaking your rep records, it’ll go up"
-Jim Wendler

Sam B. & Liz 15:45
Joe A.& Kristin & West"WOD" 14:30
Shawn & Rob 16:43
Chris T. & Charlie 22:25
Donkey & Kara 23:05
Jen S. & JZ 19:53
Kristen S. & Granny 22:41
Mike F. & Curin & Miranda 17:45
Swine & Kim 17:20
Jeff & George 22:31


Chris P. said...

nice Lululemon shirt Liz! and nice blog Shawn, I like the Crossfit shoutout. If I were buying a house anytime soon, I would go to you!

Anonymous said...

Ok so i think the bachelor is the dumbest show ever, but it was on last night since not everyone who lives in our house feels that way. Anyways the guys got a kick ass body, and they were doing a montage of him doing stuff, mostly with his shirt off and i swear i saw him doing burpees (jumproping too) Crossfit maybe? Maybe it was just a push up. Lol