It's sometimes cold at 6AM!

W.O.D. 1.20.10

Back Squat

Work, not for time:
3 Rounds
70% of your 3 Rep back squat, 10 reps
KB Swings, 10 reps (challenge yourself to a heavier weight than usual)
Back Extensions, 10 reps

What Happens When you Carb Binge?

Check out:
Westside Wellness Chiropractic. They are hosting a seminar on Strength and Balance for Knee Injury Prevention on Thursday January 28th 2010 at 7:30 pm.

Free January:
Olympic Lifting class 7:30PM

"The shortest distance between two points is always under construction."
-Noelie Alite

Jeff: 205
Sam G: 265x6
Jen S: 150
Megs: 125
Olan: 215
Jerry: 235
Kim: 120
Justin: 205x5
Mel: 115 (PR)
Cindy: 150 (PR)
Curtin: 195
Miranda: 180 (PR)
Gary: 205
Laura: 115, 125x1
Kristen: 115 (PR)
Vincent: 205
Steph: 200
Jason W: 345 (PR)
WW: 205
Jim C: 295
Kathleen: 65
Steve A: 175
Kerry: 160x1
Matt: 175x2


Jason Lyons said...

morning everyone. when we were at the hybrid challenge, rob orlando had a wall where members put their old gym membership cards. i thought this was a great idea so we have started to collect them. if you have an old gym membership card that you would like to get rid of, bring it in and once we get enough of them, we will hang t hem up somewhere. thus far nikki and I have donated our old ones.

Miranda said...

I think I have my old FAC card!

ouch, sore today, Grindy was an evil Biatch!

Melanie said...

Darn, I just shreaded my old YMCA card!

BTW- if anyone is intersted in going on a ski trip to Park City Utah 2/20-2/27, let me know. We still have room on our trip. Great group of people, kick ass house. Trip is very affordable (come for half a week or the full week). Contact me if you want more info. melanie.anson1@gmail.com

Jeff said...

I'm pretty sure I threw out my FAC card a year ago - why hang on to something you don't plan on ever using again?

Jason Lyons said...

I figured many would have bailed them but you clearly do not know me well enough yet Jeff. I keep everything.

I found mine when cleaning out my trunk.

Chris P. said...

Jason, was it under your bowling bowl, blanket, big container of windshield wiper fluid, or another piece of miscellaneous paraphernalia in your trunk?

Chris P. said...

nice job on the PRs folks

Anonymous said...

damn i just threw away my keyfab from curves...i ahd forgotten it was on my keychain!