W.O.D. 1.21.10

Max reps in two minutes of:
Thrusters (65#/95#)
Box Jumps (21#/25#)
KB swings (35#/55#)
Row (for calories)

Free January:
Open Gym 5:00-7:00PM

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The Definitive Guide to Oils


"Happiness is not being pained in body or troubled in mind."
-Thomas Jefferson
Jen S. 128
Kim 145
Kara 115
Chris T. 116
Deb 156
Melanie 143


Jason Lyons said...

I wanted to let everyone know that they should expect a lot of people at open gym tonight. So, what does this mean for you?

1) You may need to wait for weights or equipment if they are being used. We have lots but if lots of people are going heavy, they disappear quickly

2) With construction on-going, we lose some floor space by the rings and rowers so if you plan to utilize these, make sure you take that into consideration

3) There is a chance the trusses will be moved today but it is not definite so we have slightly less floor space which may prevent 15 people with barbells from working out at the same time.

Our primary concern is your safety so please be mindful if things get crowded that you may need to wait a few minutes for some space to clear up. There will be plenty of time for everyone to get their WOD in but if you wanted to assure that you start on time, please get there on time to secure your position and needed equipment.

Have fun and if you need to wait, use that time to help your friend get through that grueling WOD and they just might do it for you in return.

See you all tonight.

Anonymous said...

ok...following that disclaimer :-) What's everyone planning on doing tonight? I'm game for tackling something with friends.

Unknown said...

Katie and I are looking for something to do tonight, too...We're going to work on kipping again, but would be down for a WOD if anyone comes up with anything - EXCEPT running. :)

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I am game for working on kipping. Darn No running! Maybe a wod with Pullups. I was thinking of doing a repeat of one of my first wods.

750 or 1400 single unders
each time you break a string of jumps you do a round of cindy.

Last time i did it by the end of class I only did 281 single unders and i think 9 or so rounds of cindy. I'd like to try for the 750

But I am not stuck on doing that...