W.O.D. 4.1.11

April's Fool

5 Rounds for time of:
1000M Row
40 Kettlebell Swings (35/55)
40 Wall Balls (14#/20#) all to 10 foot target

*Work with a partner to complete the above tasks. One partner works at a time, the exercises must be completed in this order.

He who is born a fool is never cured.

Granny and Seth 37:28 Rx
Meghann and Bekah 42:20 (35#/10#)
Pat and Mike 45:00 (55/20# and 35/12#)
Kristin T and Nina 44:38 DC
Killas: 43:01
Sarah B and Bre: 50:13 (18 and 8)
Nik and Aim: 40:30 (Rx+ 45# bell)
Howard and JZ: 39:29 (35 and 16)
Kevin and Rob Ph: 41:38 (DC some depth)
Olan and Josh S: 36:21 (14 run)
Joe and Ben: 44:02 (35 and 14 run)
Steph and Gina: 44:49
Tim G: 32:30 (1/2 Rx)
Dorothy & Lisa 41:30 (35/14 & 35/8)
Steve & Kate 41:05 (35/20 & 35/14)
Donkey and Megs (35/14 & 35/8) 10 foot target :)
Kate & Denise 38:58 (26.5/10#, 35/12#)
Petersons 40:37 (Rx, 26.5/10#)
Sam B & Mike F 35:12 (Rx)
Kathleen & Melinda 40:10 (DC)
Danny & Clay 34:33 (Rx)
Rob P & Chris B 38:08 (Rx/DC)
Jeff Hi & Brian R 37:00 (Rx/DC)
Jon & Tony 35:46 (Rx/DC)
Rachael 29:59 (1/2, 26.5, 8# to 9')


W.O.D. 3.31.11

Chris x 2

"The spectators"

CrossFit Sectional WOD 2
AMRAP in 15 minutes
9 deadlifts (155/100#)
12 push-ups (hand release at bottom)
15 box jumps (24/20")

(compare to open athletes)

Coaches Notes:
We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to perform some of the WODs from the Open Sectionals. You can now see where you stack up against some of the best in the world and your fellow KoP members. If you are on the KoP Affiliate Team and normally come to the Thursday classes have your time validated earlier in the day if necessary.

Community Events:
This week, CrossFit Generation will be hosting the Open Sectionals for some of the Mid-Atlantic Regional boxes. If you are interested, click here to see the details, please attend and cheer on our local athletes in action.

Balancing Paleo by Laura Pappas

“It is easier to cope with a bad conscious than with a bad reputation”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Scale Results:
JP: 118 (135/knee/20")
Kristin T: 308 (DC snake)
Steve K. 241 (knees)
Kara 228 (13"box/knees)
Rx Results:
Jay E: 223
Mike T. 288
Nina 252
Jason L. 267
Steph V. 189
Karen 160
Dorothy 235
Kevin 250
Shoeless 217
Danny 312
Aimee 369
Nikki 373
Cate 344
Sam B. 353
Dom 372
Megs 308
Killa 234
Jeff 218
Pappas 360
Nicole S. 229
Olan 293
Warnek 375
Jerry 293
Miranda 265
Mike V. 354
Laura 385
Melinda 249
Plentus 343
Mike F. 268
Chris S 258
Donkey 264


W.O.D. 3.30.11

Jim's personal cheering squad helped him get to a new PR today!

Daniela hitting the 17" box!

Yes, we now have 20" boxes in the box-Thanks DAD!

100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

(compare to 11.27.10)

Coaches Notes:
The recommended scale for this workout be to cut the reps in half and perform 50 of each exercise indicated above. If you are competing in the OPEN Sectional you are welcome to scale the push-ups in the WOD.

Community Events:
Click here to view the Running Flyer from Coach Pappas. There are dates available that should accommodate everyones needs.

The Case for Tuesdays from The Whole 9.

CNN- The Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed Debate Nutritional analysis found grass-fed to be better for you with the right balance of fatty acids and vitamins.

“The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.”
-Sydney J. Harris

Meghann 28:09 (G, knee)
Kim G 24:56 (RR, knee w/ release)
Grans 24:31 (50 RR, 50PU, 100 burpees, 100 SU, 100 squats)
Tim G 29:59 (RR, release)
Nina 20:42 (50 PU (G), 50 burpees, 100 SU, 100 squats)
Bekah 23:23 (G, knee)
CC 11:03 (1/2, 2xB band, release)
Kristin T 24:02 (G, knee)
Breanna 16:47 (25x2rds, knee, G)
Jen S. 8:24 (1/2, KBS sub)
Megs 8:38 (1/2, KBS sub)
Christine 12:21 (1/2,knees, B)
Daniela 17:38 (25x2, knees, jump)
Jim C. 26:16 Rx
Gabe: 21:28 75 Pull ups
Rachael:23:13 Green 21'' Pull ups
Jackie: 11:30 50 Reps Black/ Knees
Chuck: 17:50 50 Reps
Westwood: 23:16 Pull ups 50 Green p b x 100
Brian R: 18:22 75 Reps
Sheng-Ching: 24:10 75 Black
Kurt: 20:19 RX
Gina 23:33 Green/ Knees
Amy:14:04 50 Reps
Mike:15:49 50 Reps
Denise: 13:25 50 Reps
Paul:19:33 100/60/60/100
Miranda: 10:52 50/25/50/50
Jeff Hi: 14:09 50 Reps
Howard: 22:44 50/50/100/100
Samantha:19:06 75/50/75/50
JP: 16:55 50 Reps
Chris S:12:40 50 Reps
Kate 21:30 Blue Band
Tony: 17:00 Rx
Jon: 15:50 RR 75
Nicole S:12:59 %0 reps KBS Sub
Jen N:25:56 Black/Knees
Rob P: 9:47 50 Reps
Iron Man: 11:50 50/50/100/100
Cline:23:56 60/50/100/100
Shawn:10:30 50 Reps
Danielle: 19:58 100 RR 50/50/100
Mike S: 20:01 50 RR/50/100/100
Charles:50/50/100/100 19:20 Hands up
Jess C:24:23 100 RR/100/100/100


W.O.D. 3.29.11

Josh C.



1-10-1-20-1-30 reps
Your score is the total load (add up all six barbell loads).

Cash Out:
Max rep push-ups in one set

The 2011 CrossFit Games Update on the Open Show premieres Tuesday night. Watch it for answers to some of your top questions about the Open.

"Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out."
-John Wooden

Results: Deadlift total - Max PU

Killa 1060 - 15
Christine 450 - 20 knees
Josh C. 1340 - 30
Olan 1600 - 37
Dorothy 770 - 12
JZ 1390 - 38
Kurt 1460 - 60
Karen 930 - 22 knees
Josh 1260 - 33
Kevin 1590 - 35
Nina 1100 - 26
Rachael 767
Kathleen 813- 25 knees
Rob Ph. 1670 - 25
Sharon 1038 - 25
Shoeless 2040 DC - 25
Pat 1250
Steve 1230
Bekah 868
Chris 808
Kara 808
KSB 930-26
Steph 1295-2
Vincent 1530-52
Peterson 1970 DC- 30
Mike F 1720-27
Sandy 740-20knees
Mel 1000-31
Denise 935-12knees
Sam B 1120-87
Melinda 1294-18
JP 475 (24)
Tony 1760 (116)
Jon 1530 (33)
Miguel 920 (12)
Jeff 1370 (36)
Charles 1140 (28)
Cindy 640 (5 knees)
Jeff Hi 1230 (38)
Jay E. 2170 (25)
Arthur 960 (14)
Daniela 204 (6)


W.O.D. 3.28.11

Danny modeling our newest CFKoP T-Shirt, get yours today!

"Killa B"

135#/95# Snatch, 30 reps for time

DB Snatch
20 R/20 L
Don't forget about the dumbbells. Barbells are so much fun we often forget about the dumbbell. Dumbbells offer their own inherent challenges, a little less load of course but none the less a great exercise. Instability in more planes than a barbell, for example, as well as the ability to work only one side. This is also a real plus if an athlete has an injured shoulder or arm. Besides, single dumbbell work is just plain fun. The dumbbell snatch is no exception.

(compare to 8.17.10)

Mobility Monday-Going Overhead:
Today at 5:30 & 6:30PM we'll cover ways to increase range of motion when going overhead. The goal will be to work the shoulders and ribs to increase range of motion, strengthen the overhead position when lifting, and prevent injury. Bring questions or concerns if you have them!

A Note from Sam D:
I just wanted you to know that as of March 18th I am a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps! All of the work that I did at KOP definitley helped me make it through OCS in regards to physical fitness and mental toughness. So, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you! I hope all is well, and if I get home over the next 6 months (I am rolling right into the Basic School) I will definitely stop by to work out, which should be interesting cause I am not nearly in as good shape as I was when I left (OCS saps the strength right out of you). All the best, Sam

Community Notes:
Click here to check out a local Rowing Workshop.

"A man's accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of his attention to detail."
John Foster Dulles

Kara: 3:33 (53)
Chris: 3:10 (53)
Steve: 3:06 (65)
Pete: 3:50 (105)
Steph: 5:34 (Rx)
Nikki: 6:59 (Rx full squat)
Shoeless: 3:55 (115)
Gabe: 5:55 (95)
Kevin: 6:01 (Rx)
Rob Ph: 5:27 (Rx)
Karen: 4:26 (55)
Kathleen: 3:24 (45)
Jeff: 4:38 (95)
Josh S: 4:22 (45)
JZ: 7:52 (95)
Nina: 3:48 (75)
Killer B: 7:30 (80 full squat)
Jay E: 2:37 (Rx)
Olan: 5:16 (115)
Brian R: 5:54 (115)
Jackie: 4:02 (55)
Christine: 3:40 (45)
Sharon: 6:34 (35)
Pat P: 7:28 (115)
LP: 2:48 (65)
JB: 3:31 (65)
Nicole S: 4:18 (65)
Chuck: 5:17 (65)
Amy: 4:07 (35)
Josh: 2:48 (95)
Mel: 3:11 (60)
Denise: 2:38 (45)
Flounder: 3:24 (65)
Liz: 3:48 (53)
Ditty: 2:53 (55)
KSB: 4:28 (55)
Melinda: 3:19 (65)
Eric: 3:12 (95)
Roman: 4:15 (95)
im C Rx 515
Charles 75 3:31
Kristin T 65 3:16
Tony Rx 4:24
Samantha form(35) 4:03
Jen N 35 2:56
Rob Pl Rx 5:50
Jon 65 2:28
Miranda 85 Ouchie-boo-boo
Chris S Rx 3:49


W.O.D. 3.27.11

CrossFit Kids climb the wall!!!

10 Rounds for time of:
10 OHS (55#/75#)
10 Burpees
10 GHD Sit-ups

Yoga at 12:00 today!

"Man imposes his own limitations, don't set any"
-Anthony Bailey

Howard 25:29 (65#, one round GHD)
Eric 14:26 (65#)
Jeff Hi (75#)
Sandy 25:00 (33#)
Megs 24:01 Rx
Rob Ph 22:52 (75#)
Elyse 27:21 Rx
Granny 21:09 Rx
Steph V 28:05 (55#)
Kate 19:45 (45#)
Cline 29:16 (50#)
Jess C 30:24 (35#)


W.O.D. 3.26.11

Run 5K
(3.1 Miles)

Running coach Pappas will be running the 9AM/10AM classes.

Coach Pappas Note:
The idea of the WOD is to get an early season fitness test and set a time for the popular "5k-fun runs" which you may choose to participate in throughout the season. I will lead the run which is a simple out and back, and place a cone at the turn around point. Everyone will start and end at the 400m mark. This does not have to be a race for everybody, but feel free to test your ability and see how you do, afterall, it is the WOD. I will fall back at certain times to make sure all are on track and hanging in there. Typically this will take you from 25-40min depending on the wind you suck in!

Community Reminder:
We are offering FREE Vinyasa Yoga with Tori tomorrow, Sunday, 3/27 at 12:00PM.

Vinyasa hatha practice is a more athletic sequence of yoga postures that are linked by vinyasas. The vinyasas demand more cardiovascular work from the body and the postures are stacked promoting strength in all muscle groups. This form of yoga practice also increases focus, propioceptive awareness (body-in-space) and is a geat method for training the "athlete's mind". In this particular class, we will focus on strengthening the core, opening the hip flexors and working stabilizer muscles from the feet up. Prior power yoga or flow yoga experience is encouraged but not necessary. Bring a mat, a towel, an open mind and a willingness to sweat.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

Keith 28:33
Dorothy 29:06
Kathleen 30:08
Ditty 30:16
Jackie 34:58
Jeff H 35:09
Danny 23:20
Shoeless 23:24
Kate 24:02
Shawn 25:23
Tony 25:31
Lizzie 27:59
Joe A 30:32
Jon 27:50
Tim Hen 32:19


W.O.D. 3.25.11

Handstand Mania!

Donkey & Dorothy

Mike T.

Deadlifts (155#/225#)
Handstand Push-ups

Happy Birthday Liz & Kimberly!!!
Liz is one of the oldest members at the gym going back to our FAC days. She has gotten stronger every day and has turned into quite an amazing athlete and one of the few women in the box who can scale the 8' wall. You can often find her rocking her double unders as they are, "the one thing I got!" You have a LOT more Lizzie...keep up the good work!

Kimberly is new to the scene but has made significant gains QUICKLY and she has not been afraid to show her strength! She is always eager to learn and has been a great addition to the KoP community. She is also the co-creator of those fantabulastic salmon balls at Donkey's party.

Enjoy your day ladies!

"The difference between one man and another is not mere ability: it is energy."
-Thomas Arnold

Plentus 8:31 Rx
Mike V. 8:21 Rx
Aimee 12:43 Rx
Jay E 14:15 (225/DC HSPU)
Meghann 8:04 (135/abmat + 45# plate)
Bekah 8:06 (155/45# plate + abmat)
Kristin T 7:52 (155/35 and 45# plates)
Mike S 7:51 (135/box HSPU)
Dianne 8:33 (135/box HSPU)
Mike T. 9:07 (185/AbMat)
Donkey 8:27 (155/45#/15#/AbMat)
Dorothy 11:58 (135/AbMat-negatives)
Seth 8:01 (200/AbMat&towel)
Sharon 7:05 (135/box HSPU)
Steve K. 6:47 (135/box HSPU)
Lisa K. 8:43 (103/box HSPU)
Sara B 6:37 (115/55ab)
Jim B 6:52 (185/banded)
Megs 5:51 (115/25ab)
Brian R 11:00 (185/35)
Steph 9:07 (155/115)
Ed 6:45 (225/17")
Kevin 11:55 (Rx)
Gabe 7:53 (175/21")
JB 6:50 (145/21")
Liz 9:40 (115/90)
Arthur 8:19 (105/21")
Shoeless 12"06 (225/35ab)
Nikki 5:44 (Rx)
Danny 12:42 (Rx)
Sandy 7:23 (95, 25/15)
Chuck 8:30 (120, box)
Denise 6:34 (115, box)
Lindsey 9:48 (113, 45/AM)
Peterson 13:41 (225, 45/35)
Chris S 13:17( Rx, HSPU start from bottom)
Sam B 5:04 (Rx)
Melinda 11:00 (155, 25/15/10)
Cline 18:25 (185, 45/35/35 & attempts)
ShengChing - ouchie
Rob P 12:28 (Rx - parallette & wallball)
Jen N 12:21 (135, handstand attempts)
Nicole S 8:21 (135, 45/25/10)
Jeff Hi 12:16 (165, 45/25)
Joe A 18:48 (225, last 16 HPSU to 25/25/10)
Miranda 11:25 (155, 25/25/10/10)


W.O.D. 3.24.11

12:00 Wall-ballers

Bekah and Karen- "over the target?"

Killer B - on the Sectional WOD #1

Danny-powered by Coconut Cream Pie Lara Bars & Yuengling

Split Jerk

your choice...


for time:
150 Wallballs


"the Rob O. special"
5 Rounds for time of:
1 Rope Climb (legless)
2 Back Squats (315#/205#)
3 Ground to shoulder Stones (145#/90#)

Community Notes:
We will be hosting OPEN Sectionals on Saturday, 4/16 starting at 9AM. If you would like to volunteer please post to comments or sign up at the box. We will need registration help, judges, score keepers, etc...Thank you in advance.


“There are no failures - just experiences and your reactions to them.”
-Tom Krause

Tom: 9:30 (DC depth) Karen
Melinda: 9:51 (Rx) Karen
Tim G: 11:27 (DC depth) Karen
Kim G: 12:17 (DC butt ball) Karen
Kara 8:16 (10#) Karen
Olan 10:10 Rx Karen
Bekah 8:53 (14#) Karen
Seth 9:27 Rx Karen
Karen 8:06 (10#) Karen
Steph V. 9:43 Rx Karen
Jay E: 10:26 (Rope hangs) Rob O

Tom: 205
Melinda: 140
Tim G: ?
Kim G: PR?
Jay E: 255 rack jerk
Kara 95 (pr)
Olan 155 (pr)
Bekah 95 (pr)
Seth 155
Karen form
Steph V. 135


W.O.D. 3.23.11

Even our brides wear their KoP sweatshirts proudly!

3 Rounds for time:
30 Box Jumps (21"/25") *
30 Push Press (75#/115#)
30 Pull-ups

*Work on trying to do dynamic box jumps in sets of 10, if you need to drop to a lower box to accomplish this!

Minimalist Shoes by Chris Plentus

"Be a "how" thinker, not an "if" thinker."

Bekah 22:08 (13, 53, G)
Kristin T 19:56 (16.5/13, 55, G)
Meghann 26:26 (13, 55, G)
Kim G 23:49 (9.5, 43, G)
Nina 19:38 (17, 65/55, G)
JB 26:18 (75/21"/Green)
Megs 24:38 (55/13")
Seth 32:44 (115/75/25")
Kate 23:47 (55/21"/blue)
Steve K 20:30 (65/45/17/jump)
Sharon 30:51 (45/17"/green)
Vinny:20:14 Rx
Howard:95# 21"/17" Green
Gabe:24:18 95# 21"
Jackie:21:17Black, 45# 13"
Lindsey:23:03 Green, 55# 13"
Brian R:24:54 105# 21"
Mike F: 27:54 17" 135#
Jay Z: 22:05 75#
Christine E:21:25 Black, 35# 13"
Chuck: 22:39 75# 13''
Sam B: 16:14 21''
Rachel: 21:56 45# 13''
Denise:25:56 55# 13''
Peterson:22:56 95# 21''
Vincent:17:15 95# 17''
Nikki: 13:51 53#
Jen N: 22:36 35# 13''
Flounder:23:46 75# 13'' Black
Dianne: 27:55 55# 13''
Mike T:20:52 95#
Iron Man: 21:45 95# 21''
Jess S:25:30 45# 13''
Shawn:23:58 17''
Tim G:25:50 95# 25''
Paul F:21:26 95# 21''
Jess C: 28:31 45# 17''
Cindy: 18:07 35# 1 Full rnd 2 1/2 rnds
Jeff Hi: 22:2275# 21''
Jeff: 20:53 95# /21''
Charles 34:02 63# 21''
Kurt: 17:57 95# 25''
Mike S: 28:27 55# 13''
Donkey: 26:40 55# 21''




W.O.D. 3.22.11




Mike T.

AMRAP in 20 minutes:

20 Kettlebell Swings (35#/55#)
10 Power Cleans (65#/95#)

Community Reminder:
CrossFit KoP will be hosting a FREE Yoga class with Tori on Sunday 3/27 at 12:00. Hope to see you all there!

“A man's errors are his portals of discovery.”
-James Joyce

Chris 8 (26/45)
Kara 8 (26/45)
Lindsey 8 (35,26/65)
Steve 7 (35/65)
JZ 8 (45/75)
Jeff 8 (rx)
Megs 9 (Rx)
Dorothy 7 (Rx)
Karen 8 (18/55)
Nina 7 (18/63)
Christine 8 (18/45)
Kathleen 7 (35/45)
Aimee 12 (Rx)
Killer B 9 (Rx)
Roman 7 (Rx)
Tim G 7 (Rx)
Gina 7 (26/45)
Peterson 7 (Rx)
Kim G 7 (35/53)
Miranda 9 (Rx)
Mike T 7 (Rx)
Kevin 9 (Rx)
Howard 7 (35/75)
Sandy 8 (26/40)
Jessica S 7 (35/45)
Steph 10 (Rx)
Mike F 8 (Rx++)
Chris S 4 (Rx ouchie)
LP 11 (Rx)
Paul 6 (45/85)
Jerry 8 (Rx)
Melinda 8 (Rx)
Donkey 9 (Rx)
Jason 8 (Rx)
Ditty 6 (Rx)
Arthur 7 (45/65)
Vinny 9 (Rx)
Brittany 7 (25/35)
Darlene 9 (35, 26.5/45)
Shawn 5 (Rx)
Jon 6 (Rx)
Tony 9 (Rx)
Sheng Ching 6 (Rx)
Jen N. 8 (26.5/45)
Kristin T. 7 (Rx)
Sam B. 9 (Rx)
Cline 7 (35/65)
Sharon 7 (35/55)
Charles 7 (45/65)
Danny 9 (Rx+ 70#)
Nicole S. 8 (Rx)


W.O.D. 3.21.11

Happy Birthday Steph V - Congratulations on all of your successes.

Banded Box Squats
Banded Deadlifts (12x2)

"Breath and Fire" with Greg Amundson by Again Faster Equipment - video [wmv] [mov]

Mobility Monday (5:30 & 6:30 PM):

Basics for the Back: Today we'll work on getting the kinks out of our backs. We'll cover stretches as well as using the foam roller and balls to deal with tight muscles and to increase thoracic spine flexibility as well as some strategies for preventive maintenance.

"Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose"
--Tom Krause (1934)

Lindsey 133/93
Chris T. 133/93
Rob Ph: 145, 205 Blue
Catherine- Blue Knot 65/95 Black
Jay E: 300 Box/ 275 DL Green
Miranda: 155 MF/ 145MF
Megs: Blue Knot 65/125 Black
Kevin: 135Box/205 Dead Blue
Gabe 105 Box/ 125 Dead Floss
Kathleen 93/96 Blue Floss
Roman 145/165 MF
Ben 95/105 Floss
Chris S 225 Box 75 DL Green
Christine 93/63 Blue Floss
Nikki 135 Blue Knot/ 145 MF
Mike T 95 Box/155 DL Green
Nina 155 MF DL/165 MF Box
JZ: 185 Blue/135 Blue
Tim P: Form
LP: 75 Green/95 Blue
Melina: 125/ 95 Blue
Kille B: 145 MF/ 95 Blue
Karin: 103MF/ 113MF
Jes S: 103MF/ 113MF
Chuck: 205MF/ 165DL
Vincent: 205MF/ 165DL
Shoeless: 205MF/165DLMF
Eric 145MF/ 175 Green
Tim H 145MF/95 Green
Rob Pl: 185 Blk/135 Blk
Sharon 135 Blue/95 Blue
Roger 145 Thin Blk Sq DL
Kristin T: 115 Blue/95 Blue
Charles 65 Blue/ 95 Blue
Cline: 145 Thin Blk Sq Dl
Jerry: 185 Blk/135 Blk
Tony: 215 Bx/185 Dl
Jon 165Bx/185 Dl Green

Sectional Update

Congratulations to all the 2011 Sectional Competitors!

WOD #1 was an AMRAP in 10 Minutes of 30 Double Unders and 15 Power Snatches (55#/75#) half of our competitors completed the WOD on Thursday (in house) and the other half of us completed it at CrossFit Delaware Valley on Saturday. This year the sectional process is a 6 event competition. The next event will be announced on 3/29...originally this was slated to be announced on 3/22 but due to this post from CFHQ there will be a delay. CrossFit KoP will not be hosting the sectional on 3/26. We will provide more details when we finalize a date.

To keep up with all the results from the CFKoP athletes and the competition world wide use this link or find it on the side bar of the blog.


W.O.D. 3.20.11

Fireman's Carry

Seeing Double??

CF Kids Sled & Prowler FUN

Teams of 4 complete the following for time:
2 Rds
100 Thrusters 105/155#
50 Chest to bar Pull-ups
200M Fireman's carry

Work must be completed in the order indicated above. Two athletes work at at time. All four athletes finish with the fireman's carry - each athlete must complete one 100M leg of the fireman's carry.

"No one does anything from a single motive."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Ditty (75#/C2B)/Joe A (145/C2B)/Jason B (135/C2B) 18:48
Mike S (75/jump)/Tom S (155/jump)/Jess S (55/jump) 18:18
Peterson family (Peterbut 95/C2B), Lindsey (scale). Donna (scale), Nicholas (scale)): 13:32
Melinda K (85)/Rebecca K (85)/Aimee (Rx)/Kristin T (75): 18:18
Jim C (115)/Danny (Rx)/Gabe (95)/Mike Fab (135): 19:24
Cindy (35/jump)/Elyse (65/blk)/Jess C (65/grn)/Sheng-Ching (63/bnd): 19:20


W.O.D. 3.19.11

Tabata This

Kettlebell Swings
Double or Single Unders

Tabata=20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 consecutive intervals. Follow this pattern for the above 4 exercises. Your score will be the total of all 8 intervals for all 4 exercises

Community Notes:
Good luck to all the athletes competing at the OPEN Sectional at CrossFit Delaware Valley today!
Good luck to Katie and Mel- both getting married today!!

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart."
-Helen Keller

Dorothy- 112/70(35#)/115/135(DU)
Howard - 104/58(45#)/112/103(SU)
Lindsey - 115/72(26.5#)/93/105(SU)
Mike S. - 73/42(45#)/82/111(SU)
Ken - 81/58(35#)/50/56(SU)
Joe G - 91/60(26.5#)/79/40(SU)
Nicole - 93/64(35#)/91/93(SU)
JP -75/DNF - Ouchie
Jess S. - 108/72(35#)/100/101(SU)
Eric - 94/69(53#)/111/60(DU)
Shawn - 107/70(55#)/119/124(DU)
Liz - 96/64(35#)/104/151(DU)
Cline - 88/67(35#)/87/105(SU)


W.O.D. 3.18.11

Thanks to all the participants in the Maltz Challenge this year!!!

Alex & Randy

Kathleen & Aaron

Jerry- the masters Man!

Olan, Jerry, Mike & Ryan

The Maltz Challenge

· 400 meter run
· 50 pull ups
· 100m fireman's carry or 200 meter farmer's walk with 50#/25# dumbbells
· 50 dips
· 100 push ups
· 50 knees to elbows
· 100 sit-ups
· 400 meter run

On March 23, 2003, Master Sergeant Michael Maltz, a U.S. Air Force PJ (Para-rescue) was killed in action in a helicopter crash along with 5 of his brother PJ's while attempting a rescue mission of injured/sick children in the mountains of Afghanistan. MSGT Maltz is the late brother of Derrick Maltz, Special Agent in Charge of SOD. According to those who were close to him, MSGT Maltz possessed an enormous amount of strength and stamina. Bearing this in mind, a workout was specifically developed that would be particularly challenging in honor of him. The 4th Annual MALTZ CHALLENGE is being held today by DEA Offices around the world in honor of MSGT Maltz and others who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, we at CrossFit King of Prussia will honor Master Sergeant Michael Maltz by completing this WOD in his honor. According to those who were close to him, MSGT Maltz possessed an enormous amount of strength and stamina. Bearing this in mind, a workout was specifically developed that would be particularly challenging in honor of him.

The 2011 Honorees are:
USMC LCPL-Justin D. McLeese , 11-13-2004 - Iraq
US Army PFC-Matthew E. Wildes, 08-27-2009 - Afghanistan
US Army- Specialist-William D. Smith, 03-24-1971 - Vietnam
CIA -Para-Military-Darren LaBonte -12-30-2009-Afghanistan
US Army-Specialist-Stephen W. Castner- 07-24-2006-Iraq
US Army -Corporal-Bernard P. Corpuz -06-11-2006-Afghanistan
US Navy-SEAL-Danny Dietz -06-28-2005-Afghanistan

"I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to
succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with
anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right, and part with
him when he goes wrong."
- Abraham Lincoln

Jerry: 36:05 (Rx)
Mike: 30:15 (DC)
Ryan: 27:53 (Rx)
Olan: 41:31 (Rx)
Alex: 66:07 (DC)
Randy: 49:37 (scale)
Kathleen: 37:01 (scale)
Kate: 35:32 (scale)
Jim C: 26:40 (DC 1/2)
Aaron: 52:07 (scale)
Lisa C: 28:17 (1/2 scale)
Dorothy: 41:04 (scale)
Rob Ph: 33:28 (scale)
Brian: 41:08 (DC)
Kevin: 28:37 (Rx)
Sara B: 34:27 (scale)
Jim B: 35:18 (scale)
JZ: 19:29 (Rx 1/2)
Ian/Nikki: 18:54 (Rx)
Dave: 29:28 (DC)
Arthur: 21:04 (1/2 scale)
Howard: 20:51 (1/2 scale)
Gina: 36:20 (scale)
KSB: 42:11 (scale)
Mike T: 31:06 (DC)
Bekah: 21:09 (scale)
Peterson: 21:04 (scale)
Pat: 25:23 (scale)
Meghann: 49:40 (scale)
Nina: 22:28 (scale)
Tim G: 48:10 (DC)
Sandy: 37:34 (scale)
Sarah S: 37:54 (scale)
Liz: 38:56 (scale)
Mike F: 42:14 (scale)
Dana: 17:06 (1/2 scale)
Sheng Ching: 22:20 (1/2 scale)
Daniela: 26:40 (1/2 scale)
Jay E/Rob P 21:29 (DC)


W.O.D. 3.17.11

Strength of the Irish:
Shoulder Press

"Shamrock Shake Up"
AMRAP in 7 minutes:
Teams of 3 complete the following in Relay fashion...
DB Push Press 25/40
Tire Sled Pull 45/90

Your score is the total number of DB Push Press and Burpees, the tire sled is the time element in the middle.

The History of the CrossFit Games by Reebok - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov - Download Only]

Are you sensitive to gluten? by Laura Pappas

If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky?
-Stanislaw J. Lec

Kim: 53
Nina: 93
Tom S: 180
Kate 87
Steve K 115
Olan 155
Chris T. 70
Dianne 80
Denise 65
Bekah 65
Kara 65

Team 0600: 182 reps
Team 1200: 321 reps *
Team 1200 #2: 274 reps *

*1200 teams did KBS, DB Push Press & Burpees in teams of 4


Chris T.


W.O.D. 3.16.11

Knees to Elbows
Ring Rows
Ab-mat situps (butterfly style)

Community Event:
Click here to register for the upcoming Level 1 Certification at CrossFit KoP on June 18/19.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
-Robert Byrne


W.O.D. 3.15.11

Grans Overhead

From The Mid Atlantic Regional Qualifier 2009

Run 400
21 Over Head Squats (65#/95#)
21 Box jumps (21"/25")*
Run 400
15 Over Head Squats
15 Box jumps
Run 400
9 Over Head Squats
9 Box jumps

*heels on box!


Mid-Atlantic Qualifier Men's Final Results
Mid-Atlantic Qualifier Women's Final Results

Community Reminder:
The Maltz Challenge is this Friday March 18th! This will be the WOD for all classes on 3/18.
The open Sectional WOD for week 1 is announced tomorrow! Good luck to all the competitors!

"There are many qualities that make a great leader. But having strong beliefs, being able to stick with them through popular and unpopular times, is the most important characteristic of a great leader."
- Rudy Giuliani

Results: Time (ohs weight/box)

Jerry 15:44 (75/25)
Kara 15:35 (15/21)
Brie 11:56 (15/21)
Chris T. 15:15 (35/21)
Pat P. 16:28 (Rx)
Pete T. 16:43 (Rx)
Steve K. 19:26 (15/21)
Grans 11:19 (Rx)
Olan 14:20 (Rx)
Vinny 12:14 (Rx)
Tim P 9:36 (Rx)
Dorothy 13:54 (Rx)
Karen 15:19 (65BS/Step)
Randy 14:51 (65/21)
Kurt 14:27 (DC)
Megs 15:38 (Rx)
Jim C 15:38 (DC)
Nicole S 14:08 (45)
Mike T 14:18 (DC)
Shoeless 13:43 (Rx)
Tim H 13:50 (row/PVC/17 step)
Jeff Hi 12:35 (85)
Sam B 11:55 (Rx)
Killer JB 15:08 (65/21)
P practice
Miranda 13:05 (Rx)
Sandy 14:46 ?
Denise 16:07 (45)
Kristin T 14:29 (DC)
Jessica S 15:45 (45)
Tony 10:48 (Rx)
Jon 13:15 (PVC)
LP 11:43 (Rx)
Howard 17:25 (65)
Sarah S 11:58 (15/13)
Paul 14:02 (85)
Danny 10:05 (Rx)
JP owie
Jay E. 16:07 (Rx)
Ditty 13:03 (45#)
Sheng Ching 17:38 (45#/17")
Shawn 13:07 (Rx)
JB 14:06 (45#)
Arthur 15:33 (15#/21")
Liz 14:26 (45#)
Dana 13:50 (35#)


W.O.D. 3.14.11

Kristin SB with some solid work on the hang clean!

Hang Clean

Cash Out:
Reverse Hyper 3 sets of 20 reps

Mobility Monday:

Hips and Quads: Much of the work in CrossFit, and in life, involves the hips and quads. This Monday we'll work on hip flexibility with some out-of-the-ordinary stretches and work on our quads with rollers, PVC pipe or balls to loosen and "un-stick" the muscles. For the athletes participating in the Open Sectionals, many of the movements you can probably expect to see are quad-dominant, so be sure to maximize your performance with rolling and stretching!

Mobility Classes at 5:30 and 6:30PM

Community Notes:
Congratulations to Steph V, Vinny & Eric who all completed the CrossFit Level 1 Certification at CrossFit KoP this weekend! Stay tuned for details on the next Level 1 which KoP will host-June 18/19th!

Click here
to see John Curran on the CFKids page!


"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."
- Norman Cousins

Dianne 73
Mel 105, 110x1
Seth 155
Peterson 175, 185x1
Lindsey 105
Pete 165
Chris 83
Kara 73
Steve K 115
Steph V:135#
Gabe:135#x2 145#x1
Jeff:155#x2 165#x1
Olan:155# Form
Shoeless:155#x2 165#x1
Jackie:98#x2 103#x1
Sara B:128#
Jessica S:63#x2 73#x1
Jeff Hi:125#
J Z:135#x1
Denise:93# 97#x1
Flounder:115# 125#x1
Nicole S:105#
Mike T:165#
Melinda:120# 125#x1
Chris S:165#
Jim C:200#
Daniela: Form
Kurt: 207.5#
Tyler: 145#
Miranda: 135#x2 140x1 PR


W.O.D. 3.13.11

T & P Adventure WOD - Day 2
The surprise awaits you!

Meet and Park at Frosty Falls for the start of your favorite adventure WOD

10:00AM ONLY

Friends and Family welcome

Day light savings begins...spring forward!

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."


W.O.D. 3.12.11

Happy Birthday Adventure Coach Plentus!

T & P Adventure WOD

The surprise awaits you!

Meet and Park at Frosty Falls for the start of your favorite adventure workout

10:00AM ONLY

Friends and Family welcome

Happy Birthday Plentus and Megs!

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away“!
Weekend Schedule

We will be having T & P Adventure WOD's on both Saturday and Sunday at 10AM. Friends and Family are welcome to come try out CrossFit see what its all about. Unfortunately, we will not be having our normally scheduled weekend classes which include the 11AM barbell strength on Saturday and 11AM CFKids class on Sunday. We are hosting a CrossFit Level 1 Certification course so please park and meet T & P at Frosty Falls to start the Adventure!

Regular schedule resumes on Monday.


W.O.D. 3.11.11

Kit...the ULTIMATE wingman
Congrats on your first flight!!!

5 Rounds for time of:
1 Rope Climb
10 Kettlebell Swings (55#/70#)
10 Snatch (65#/95#)

Happy Birthday Dianne

A Dose of Intervention and The Land of Dr. Oz by Gary Taubes

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."
-William James

(Rope scale if applicable/KBS/Snatch)
Jay E: 15:16 (rope scale/70/95)
Meghann: 17:37 (rope scale/35/65)
Peterbutt: 18:45 (70/75)
Lindsey: 18:56 (rope 2/3 climbs/35/35)
Granny: 16:15 (KTEs/85# back squats)
Todd: 26:24 (70/75)
Pat: 20:13 (rope scale/70/65)
Mike V: 13:05 (Rx)
Sharon: 31:09 (rope attempts/45/35)
Donkey: 26:36 (55/53)
Daniela: 26:33 (scale rope/18/15)
Kristen SB: 27:42 (rope attempts/45-35/55)
Arthur: 18:20 (3 climbs/53/50)
Randy: 14:38 (35/65)
Karen: 13:14 (rp/35/40)
Olan: 19:23 (DC depth)
Kevin: 16:02 (Power Snatches)
Roman: 18:14 (55/65)
Dorothy: 18:05 (35/53)
Sara B: 14:52 (15PU/35/33MS)
Jessica S: 14:03 (rp/35/35)
Katie F: 14:47 (rp/35/35)
Denise: 13:43 (rp/35/35)
Sarah S: 14:32 (18/10db snatch)
Tim G: 21:23 (DC depth)
Tim P: 12:55 (Rx)
Jerry: 17:50 (70/75 depth)
Chuck: 19:18 (2 climbs/45/45)
Howard: 16:50 (rp/53/65)
Dianne: 17:49 (rp/26.5/25)
Rob 15:26 (Rx)
Tony 19:24 (Rx)
Jon 15:52 (45/55)
Nicole 24:31 (33/55rus)*
Shawn 19:41 (Rx)
Jen N 16:35 (20/35)
Melinda 26:24 (55/55)*
Tyler 14:05 (75/55)*
Cline 20:12 (55/45)
Kathleen 14:55 (35/45)
Sandy 16:16 (35/35)
Jim R 17:48 (Rx)
Jeff Hi 20:10 (75/55)
Charles 22:51 (45/53)
Sam B 22:04 (Rx)
Rob P 21:10 (Rx)
Jen S 18:53 (53/55)*
Kristin T 21:26 (43/45)
Sheng Ching 25:35 (53/45)
Miranda 20:20 (65/55rus)
Joe A 29:16 (Rx)


W.O.D. 3.10.11

Kate - mid burpee

Danny on the 33" box

AMRAP in 5 Minutes of:

300m Row
10 Ring Dips
Max Burpees

Rest 2 Minutes.

AMRAP in 8 Minutes of:

500m Row
15 Box Jumps 25"/21"
Max Squats

Rest 2 Minutes.

AMRAP in 5 Minutes of:
150 Double Unders (sub DU Attempts or Single Unders x3)
Max Push Ups

Score is total number of Burpees, Squats and Push Ups.

WOD courtesy of CrossFit East County

Food as Medicine by Laura Pappas

"The time your game is most vulnerable is when you're ahead, never let up."
- Rod Laver

Kristin T.- 42/109/0=151
Jay E. - 35/112/0=147 Rx
Danny - 52Rx/117/21=190 Rx
Chris T. - 28/97/0=125
Kate - 57/120/0=177
Brie - 41/125/13=179
Sharon - 24/74/0=98
Kara - 28/100/0=128

Going forward for April, May, June, July... (as long as interest merits)
Each month I will run the intro session after the monthly open gym class(1st Thursday of each month), starting at 7pm. This class will be mandatory for the workshop series and we will cover the fundamental principles and background information that you will need to understand so that the drills/skills classes are effective. The following 3 weeks of the month on Wednesday evening will be skills and drills classes, you can attend 2 of the 3 classes that are offered - giving some flexibility on dates. When we do the sign up for the next month if Wednesday is not an ideal day for those interested, we can look at other options based on schedules.

For the March session, I will add a 4th class and we will follow the same idea as what is listed above, but on a compressed schedule. So the first class on 3/16 will be mandatory and will be covering the fundamentals. I will add a 4th class the week of the 28th - once we get commitment from the individuals that are interested I'll do my best to accommodate the day that works for most people.

Okay CrossFit KOP - It's time to listen up- The following is a note from Running Coach Pappas!

Spring is right around the corner so as the days get longer and the weather warms, many of you athletes are realizing it's about that time to get their run back on. The earlier the better is that time to get tuned up on your running form, so you can condition your legs and lungs to process more oxygen during the many more upcoming running workouts that will be programmed. In my mind, there IS NO better lung capacity/cardiovascular building workout then doing sprints and interval training runs- and as much as some people hate that, it's what your body systems need to better your body as a whole, and keep those systems optimally operating. Your form along with injury prevention should be important to you, and if your dedicated enough to make some changes, I can assure you it's worth it for the long and short run.

This workshop series helps you run with less injury and be more efficient in your stride.

The objective of the workshops is to teach you the proper techniques based on the most efficient method for energy transfer, and forward movement, and to eliminate injuries and maximize more of a natural potential.

Utilizing better posture which is what CrossFit is all about, and knowledge from my combined on the track experience and Crossfit Endurance Pose Running Certification this workshop will teach you the tools needed to run with proper form.

These techniques enable athletes of all levels to perform at their best and to reduce stress and impact on the body.

Main Points we will touch on,
Improve your running technique-

* Prevent "overuse" injuries
* Move with less effort
* Learn ideal running position – “Figure 4”
* Run with gravity, not against it

The 3 session package (cost $50) is what we are offering. This is 3 separate 1 hour sessions, including a workout that will boost endurance, instructional time in each class, and the additional form assessment.

3/16 6:30pm
3/21 7:30pm
3/24 6:30pm

*These times and dates could vary based on interest and athlete availability.

Who's in? Post to comments or contact Tim directly at tpnova1@gmail.com.