W.O.D. 3.15.11

Grans Overhead

From The Mid Atlantic Regional Qualifier 2009

Run 400
21 Over Head Squats (65#/95#)
21 Box jumps (21"/25")*
Run 400
15 Over Head Squats
15 Box jumps
Run 400
9 Over Head Squats
9 Box jumps

*heels on box!


Mid-Atlantic Qualifier Men's Final Results
Mid-Atlantic Qualifier Women's Final Results

Community Reminder:
The Maltz Challenge is this Friday March 18th! This will be the WOD for all classes on 3/18.
The open Sectional WOD for week 1 is announced tomorrow! Good luck to all the competitors!

"There are many qualities that make a great leader. But having strong beliefs, being able to stick with them through popular and unpopular times, is the most important characteristic of a great leader."
- Rudy Giuliani

Results: Time (ohs weight/box)

Jerry 15:44 (75/25)
Kara 15:35 (15/21)
Brie 11:56 (15/21)
Chris T. 15:15 (35/21)
Pat P. 16:28 (Rx)
Pete T. 16:43 (Rx)
Steve K. 19:26 (15/21)
Grans 11:19 (Rx)
Olan 14:20 (Rx)
Vinny 12:14 (Rx)
Tim P 9:36 (Rx)
Dorothy 13:54 (Rx)
Karen 15:19 (65BS/Step)
Randy 14:51 (65/21)
Kurt 14:27 (DC)
Megs 15:38 (Rx)
Jim C 15:38 (DC)
Nicole S 14:08 (45)
Mike T 14:18 (DC)
Shoeless 13:43 (Rx)
Tim H 13:50 (row/PVC/17 step)
Jeff Hi 12:35 (85)
Sam B 11:55 (Rx)
Killer JB 15:08 (65/21)
P practice
Miranda 13:05 (Rx)
Sandy 14:46 ?
Denise 16:07 (45)
Kristin T 14:29 (DC)
Jessica S 15:45 (45)
Tony 10:48 (Rx)
Jon 13:15 (PVC)
LP 11:43 (Rx)
Howard 17:25 (65)
Sarah S 11:58 (15/13)
Paul 14:02 (85)
Danny 10:05 (Rx)
JP owie
Jay E. 16:07 (Rx)
Ditty 13:03 (45#)
Sheng Ching 17:38 (45#/17")
Shawn 13:07 (Rx)
JB 14:06 (45#)
Arthur 15:33 (15#/21")
Liz 14:26 (45#)
Dana 13:50 (35#)


Jason Lyons said...


Kit just joined the team this morning so it may be working again. When you search for KoP and click on it. There should be the word "join" somewhere on that page. Let me know.

Melanie said...

Best of luck to all of you competing at Sectionals!! I hope to catch some of the action on the 26th.

Jason Lyons said...


Please sign up for Sectionals. Even if you have no desire to do Regionals, we may need 3 women that can do MU to get our team to Regionals and you are the best chance for number 3 since you can get them pretty regular. You can help us qualify and then be happy on your trip across the pond....

Thoughts? Pretty please.

Jen S. said...

Mel Mel - have a great Wedding!!!! We will miss you!

Jen S. said...

I second the want to have Jen compete with us :)

jen.curran@verizon.net said...

Jas, I'm so outta the loop-but i can tryl. I just need to know where and when... for sitters, especially... As for the MU"s, rusty, at best with rotator issues~ grans

Cate said...

granny, i bet someone would step up and watch your beautiful kids for you!!!

If i have to i'll watch 5 kids at once.

Jason Lyons said...

Grans, just come to the gym on Thursday when you can and we will figure something out. Someone there will watch your kids while you do a short WOD.

It will be a great going away present. :) We know that you will not be around to compete in Regionals or the Queen of Prussia so this can substitute for you. Remember that you doing well means the team does well. That is what is awesome. Thanks!

That goes for anyone else by the way. Do not feel embarrassed to sign up. You never know what may come out of the hopper. Be proud to be a CF'er and show the world that you are an athlete. There is no reason the whole box is not signed up for Sectionals!!!!

Chris P. said...

6:30 "Oh My Legs!"

JP owie
Jay E. 16:07 (Rx)
Ditty 13:03 (45#)
Sheng Ching 17:38 (45#/17")
Shawn 13:07 (Rx)
JB 14:06 (45#)
Arthur 15:33 (15#/21")
Liz 14:26 (45#)
Dana 13:50 (35#)

nice work tonight everyone! Shoutouts to Arthur for putting up with my "encouraging," Ditty for beating Shawn, and Shawn for taking it like a good sport. haha!