Weekend Schedule

We will be having T & P Adventure WOD's on both Saturday and Sunday at 10AM. Friends and Family are welcome to come try out CrossFit see what its all about. Unfortunately, we will not be having our normally scheduled weekend classes which include the 11AM barbell strength on Saturday and 11AM CFKids class on Sunday. We are hosting a CrossFit Level 1 Certification course so please park and meet T & P at Frosty Falls to start the Adventure!

Regular schedule resumes on Monday.


Chris P. said...

Peoples, wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty! And yes, invite others who might be interested in CrossFit or just a good sweat, these are open WODs

Tim P said...

Yes, and goggles if you have them.

Laura Pappas said...

Thank you T&P for some awesome outside workouts, I only got to make one day and am sorry I missed the tire!

Thanks especially to Coach P for spending your birthday with everyone too!