W.O.D. 3.10.11

Kate - mid burpee

Danny on the 33" box

AMRAP in 5 Minutes of:

300m Row
10 Ring Dips
Max Burpees

Rest 2 Minutes.

AMRAP in 8 Minutes of:

500m Row
15 Box Jumps 25"/21"
Max Squats

Rest 2 Minutes.

AMRAP in 5 Minutes of:
150 Double Unders (sub DU Attempts or Single Unders x3)
Max Push Ups

Score is total number of Burpees, Squats and Push Ups.

WOD courtesy of CrossFit East County

Food as Medicine by Laura Pappas

"The time your game is most vulnerable is when you're ahead, never let up."
- Rod Laver

Kristin T.- 42/109/0=151
Jay E. - 35/112/0=147 Rx
Danny - 52Rx/117/21=190 Rx
Chris T. - 28/97/0=125
Kate - 57/120/0=177
Brie - 41/125/13=179
Sharon - 24/74/0=98
Kara - 28/100/0=128


Jason Lyons said...


If you read this, am I to learn yet who is good and who is bad in this Malazan book?

Like is Alomander Rake the guy I cheer for or should I cheer for the Empress? I am kind of confused on the story line but I am only half-way through the book.

You can email me off-line if you want...

thekidd at gmail.com

Jason Lyons said...

Also, for the KoP team, I have:

Mike V
Jen S

If you did not sign up, please do so, so that I can approve you on the team.

Anonymous said...

I plan to sign up, will do so today

Jay E

Borden said...

In general, I root for the Bridgeburners. That is one of the things I really like about the series, there isn't really a clear cut delineation between the good guys and the bad guys. There are individuals that I sympathize with more than others.

I think overall, most of my favorite characters are of the Malazan empire, but the empire as a whole is painted in poor light.

The story and universe unfold slowly over the course of the first 5 or so books. By then, you are starting to get a grasp of how vast the world is that Erikson has created. Also, by the end of the 5th book, you are starting to see how everything is linked together, and all these seemingly disconnected stories are actually part of an overall whole.

I have had discussions with people recently about favorite fantasy series. I consider the Malazan Book of the Fallen the absolute best fantasy series in print at this time. The Lord of the Rings was the first, and none of these would exist without Tolkien. Jordan's Wheel of Time really started the modern epic fantasy movement. Martin upstaged Jordan with The Song of Ice and Fire, being better written and a better story.

I don't think any of them hold a candle to Erikson when it comes to world crafting. The history, magic system, mythology, geography are all so well thought out, and revealed in such a way to allow the reader to actually grasp and internalize a hundred thousand years of history.

Christine said...

I have a question about Sectionals - do the spectators/cheerleaders/gawkers pay an entry fee?

Nikki said...

nice air, kate!

Peterson said...

To all the sword of ice and fire series lovers, july 12th is the official publication date! Damn, i have to read the series again now!

Jason Lyons said...

@ Christine; not this year, only athletes competing.