W.O.D. 3.6.11

1000M Row
50 Thrusters 45#
30 Pull-ups

"While intelligent people can often simplify the complex, a fool is more likely to complicate the simple."
- Gerald W Grumet

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Nikki said...

9am and 10am results
Howard 13:04 (jumping PU)
Jess S 14:00 (33/G)
Meghann 14:51 (G)
Brittany 14:20 (25/G)
Darlene 13:50 (G->Bk)
Mike T 9:58 Rx
Eric H 10:31 Rx
Lisa C 14:25 (33/Blue)
Maura 13:47 (sub 15# DB SP for PU)
Joe G 15:30 (33/G)
Rachael 11:50 (15*/G) *ouchie back
Todd 9:03 Rx
Kailee 12:08 (25/G)
Warnek 6:08 Rx
JP 18:38 (33/Bk)
Trish 14:31 (25/jumping)
Cate 8:50 Rx
Steph 14:11 (MF)
Danny 9:14 Rx
Kristen T 13:34 (G->G+B)
Ditty 14:44 (Blue)
Plentus 8:12 Rx
Kristen SB 16:21 Rx (squat depth)
Cline 16:13 (G)
Jerry 7:28 Rx (squat depth)

Great job today guys! Special shout outs to Todd for smashing his former PR by 3 minutes and Warnek for beating his old PR as well. Jerry - way to keep the pace up. Danny - off the rower in 3:27! Kristen SB for doing today's WOD as prescribed. And last but not least Trish for her first group CrossFit class!