W.O.D. 3.4.11

Happy Birthday Vinny!!!
Congrats on the big 3-0 and the Muscle Up!

Muscle up

30 Muscle ups for time

15 Muscle ups for time

The scale will be transitions with the band or jumping Muscle Ups based on level and ability.

Muscle Up Madness Videos:
Congratulations to Olan, Jerry and Vinny who all accomplished their first Muscle Up at open gym and joined the CFKoP Muscle Up Club.
Olan's Muscle Up
Jerry's Muscle Up
Vinny's Muscle Up

A MOO-vable feast by Dianna Marder
Community Events:
Saturday March 12th CrossFit Explode will be having an Open House at their new location, 540 E. Union St. West Chester, PA. They will host a Workout of the Day at 12pm that promises to be CF Explode worthy. Followed by a celebration...check 'em out, family and friends are welcome.

Charlie Sheen Quotes:

"The only thing I'm addicted to is winning"

"Can't is the cancer of happen"

"Let's face is folks you just feel better when you say it winning"

Tim P: 10:59 (Rx)
Aimee: 13:50 (Rx)
Plentus: 14:51 (Rx)
Nikki: 8:01 (Rx)
Tony 6:56 (Rx)
Sam B 6:11 (Rx)
Vinny 23:25 (Rx)
Kevin 22:30(Rx)
Mike S: 4:50 (transitions)
Bekah: 3:15 (transitions)
Tori 3:05 (transitions)
Jay E 4:45 (transitions)
Sheng Ching 6:50 (transitions)
Sandy 8:17 (transitions)
Karin 3:35 (transitions)
Jon 6:37 (transitions)

Practice Makes Perfect:
Brian R
Rob Ph
Sarah S
Chalk Bucker Kicker
Jen S
Jeff Hi
Rob P
Jess C


donkey said...

MONSTROUS muscle up week! Congrats, everyone! I am not worthy!

Kristen SB said...

Happy Birthday, Vinny! Awesome muscle ups! Enjoy your day!

Jerry said...

Happy Birthday "Vinny Young Buck"!!!
Great job tonight....

Melanie said...

Way to go everyone this week on their muscle up accomplishments!! I just know Jason will be joining that club soon!!
Happy birthday Vinny!!!!

donkey said...

oops! Happy birthday, Vinny! bet it feels all the better to hit 30 with muscle ups!

shoeless said...

Happy birthday Vinny! Love your attitude at the box. You're so humble and talented, and your enthusiasm about improving your skills is so contagious, that I always find myself wanted to practice double unders with you when you are doing them. You get along with everyone as soon as you meet them, and I love doing team wods with you because of your passion and relentless support!

Megs said...

Happy Birthday Vinny.

And congrats on muscle ups to Olan, Cate (again), and Vinny.

Olan said...

Happy birthday globo-gymer Vinny!
Your birthday WOD is body weight curls, and crunches.

shoeless said...

Aimee, love the quote selection for today, lol

Seth Parsons said...

CONGRATS TO THE MUSCLE UP CLUB! I'm wicked jealous! happy birthday vinny

Stephanie Vincent said...

Happy birthday S.A! Weren't you born doing muscle ups???

Unknown said...

What a week at the box! People getting muscle-ups and double unders. The bar have been raised. Great Job. Happy Birthday Vinny

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Vinny! And congratulations to all who just joined the Muscle Up Club at KoP!

Peterson said...

Happy bday vinny

Jeff said...

6AM class:

Mike S 4:50 (transitions)
Bekah 3:15 (transitions)

Nice work on this beautiful morning!

Jason Lyons said...

What's a muscle-up? I don't know what you guys are talking about.

Well, whatever they are, seems cool. Congrats on getting them.

Happy birthday too.



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Vinny - you always bring a great attitude to the gym. Hope you have a great one!

Congrats on all the first time muscle uppers! Perfect timing for this wod.

Sam B.

karen largent said...

happy birthday vinny!

congrats to all three of the guys on the muscle ups! awesome!

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Vinny!!!

Lindsey said...

Happy birthday Vinny! Congrats on all the muscle-ups everyone!!!

JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Vinny!!

Much like Charlie Sheen, all of you with muscle ups seem to have Tiger's Blood and Adonis DNA.

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Vinny - it's been awesome working out with you during the sectional training. Nice work on that muscle up too :) Have a great 3-0!

Congrats to all the other's that joined the muscle up club, I'm working on it!

Laura Pappas said...

Website Help Question - Hey guys I know we've got a lot of smart people in our community. I need some help working on redirecting a site to a new domain name...anyone able to help, I'd really appreciate it!

Peterson said...


I haven't tested the info here (and I'm not a programmer anyways), but it seems like there's several options here:


Chris P. said...

Whether it's giving it your all in a WOD or talking about gear, you're a good dude to have around. Happy birthday!

congrats to all the MU'ers!

Kevin, are you doing 30 MU again today, so you can beat your time from yesterday?

Charles said...

@Laura: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meta_refresh

Nikki said...

Tony 6:56
Sam B 6:11 (turnout)
Vinny 23:25 (3 consecutive!)

Tori 3:05
Jay E 4:45
Sheng Ching 6:50
Sandy 8:17
Karin 3:35
Jon 6:37

Jeff Hi
Rob P
Jess C