W.O.D. 1.9.10
Lucky 7's
5 Rounds for time of:
7 (L/R) Kettlebell Snatch
7 (L/R) Kettlebell Press
7 (L/R) Single Arm KB Swings
7 (L/R) Turkish Get up Sit-ups

Free January:
CrossFit Class 8:30AM

Greg Amundson writes (in the CrossFit Journal) about the early days of CrossFit at 2581 Research Park Dr, Santa Cruz, Calif.

"Coach instilled in his athletes a trait that I have not seen repeated in any other professional culture: Coach believed that the moment you learned something, you had the responsibility to teach it to others."
-Greg Amundson in his new CrossFit Journal article about the "early days" of CrossFit.

45# Mike B 18:23
35/45# Mike F. 18:40
15/25# Kim 18:31
35# Cate 13:49
25# Granny 13:36
10/15# Jamie 17:38
25#/35# Megs 19:56
35# WW 20:46
35# Sam B. 10:21
25# Aimee 11:10
45# Jim C. 15:26
15/25# K-Ditty 16:46
10# CC 12:25
35# Jerry 11:18
35/45# Joe A. 19:02
20/35# Plentus 12:43


Chris P. said...

thanks everyone for coming out to Nutrition 101! I just wanted to clarify a major point about the Zone: when a meal is "3 blocks" it means 3 blocks of Fat, 3 blocks of Protein, and 3 blocks of Carbohydrates. If you are Zone-ing you will have fat/protein/carbs at every meal and in equal blocks (NOT equal quantities since 1 block = 9g carbs, 7g protein, 1.5g fat)

Feel free to ask questions here or post topics you'd like to see in the future! It would help us immensely in forming future presentations.

Melanie said...

Hi Chris, do you have any handouts from your lecture? I wasn't able to make it last night and really wanted to hear the information. Zone makes the most sense fort life personally so if you have anything you can share, I would love to read it.

Cindy Handler said...

Melanie I left a couple of packets at the box at the desk in blue folders. I can make more if anyone else wants them.

Melanie said...

Thanks Cindy!

Chris P. said...

Cate, I have a question so when you get a chance, email me at christopher.plentus@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Adria and I started today. I had no idea I wasn't eating ENOUGH food! It was a good day cleaning the pantry and now our house resembles a Produce Junction. Thanks again. I'll keep you posted with how we do.


Chris P. said...

Nature has a funny way of putting natural roadblocks to eating too much bad stuff. For instance, 3 blocks of spinach (27g of carbs) is 9 cups! You would get the same amount in less than 1 bagel and nowhere near the quality of other vitamins and minerals.

Some people like to start out weighing and measuring. This might include clean food or processed food. Other people like to start just by changing the quality and going to just clean food but eating as much as they want. Do what works for you (e.g. starting with just changing breakfast, or cutting out soda/juice, or going cold turkey on everything, etc)