Nikki and Nick

Plentus, Pappas, Charlie and Swine.

W.O.D 1.04.09
for time:
30 Clean and Jerks
(compare to 9.19.09)

Clean and Jerk
Clean & Jerk...[wmv][mov] Clean...[wmv][mov]

Videos on the Bench Press:
Intro to the Bench Press Part 1
Intro to the Bench Press Part 2
(These are posted to help clarify questions that we received today. If you have other resources, we encourage you to share so we can all learn. Enjoy Rip's helpful hints)

"Shoulder Prep" with Kelly Starrett, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

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-Mark Rippetoe

Rx Results:
Charlie 6:33
Cate 4:03
Jason 2:49
Aimee 3:26
Nikki 4:59
Swine 3:41
Jen S. 9:13
Curin 4:52
Mike B. 3:21
Jeff 7:40
Sam B. 4:48
Rob 6:14
Han 3:52
Shawn 5:58
Jim C. 5:18

Ditty 65 5:14
Laura 73 4:46
Liz 75 7:59
Megs 73 5:41
Nick 80 5:45
Max 95 5:28
JZ 105 7:30
Melanie 63 5:18
Jamie 45 4:05
Maureen 35 5:41
Kristen S. 7:16
Patti 55 6:15
Donkey 55 6:21
Chris T. 65 6:57
Kara 55 5:37
Tim P. 115 7:14 (squat cleans)
Gina 55 3:52
Dorothy 73 6:16
Cindy 63 4:03


c wiss said...

My favorite lady! Enjoy it, and go heavy!

Cindy Handler said...

Plentus you are truly one demented elf! Welcome back!!!

Dorothy said...

Any ideas of a good weight to use?
I used 65# when I did the wolverine cub which was 10 reps for 4 rounds. That was 2 months ago when I was new to crossfit. It was really hard.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I want to challenge myself, but still be able to finish.

Nikki said...

Dorothy - Wow, you used 65# on the wolverine cub?! That's a good amount of weight, especially for being so new to CF 2 months ago! If you were able to complete all 40 C&J at that time, you can definitely go heavier today.. Exactly how much heavier will depend on what your form looks like. After the warmup I'd load a bar to 65# and do a few reps, then go up to 75# and ask a coach to watch your form. I've done Grace 3 times - at 65#, 75#, and 85#. Going up by 10lbs each time was a good increment for me.

dorothy said...

Thanks Nikki! That is very helpful.

Jason Lyons said...

As always, safety should come first and you should choose a weight that allows you to perform all of the movements without rounding your back. If you were able to do this 40 times during the cub, you should be able to do it 30 times during this workout and you may be able to go up in weight.

What you need to keep in mind is that Grace is a workout that tests the relatively short time domain. The best in the business finish this workout in 70 seconds but I would say that if you are less than 10 minutes, you are still accomplishing what the workout was intended to do and you will be huffing and puffing and in a ball of sweat at the end. If you can maintain that intensity with 65# or more, while maintaining form, by all means go for it and work your way up to Rx. If doing more weight means that the WOD will take you 30 minutes or more because you start to fail multiple lifts in a row, you are missing the point and should use less weight. That being said, I would load your bar in a manner that if you need to drop mid-WOD, you are able to. Hope that helps.

Just thought this was funny. My word verification was grains. LOL.

Anonymous said...

wow what is with the face chris..lol

Anonymous said...

can we split??? :-)

Jason Lyons said...


Yes, you can split but it will slow you down as you will need to bring your feet back together to have the rep count.

Chris P. said...

that's my re-enactment to Timmy adding 50# to the bar after the warmup and thinking it was a "conservative" jump

Nikki said...

Steph - to echo what Jason said - if you can do 30 C&J at your chosen weight without splitting, that's the way to go. This WOD is all about speed... and you can lose a couple seconds on each lift if you have to bring your feet together from a split position. Over 30 lifts that can easily add a minute (or more) to your time. Splitting is useful when doing a 1RM lift, but usually not a good choice for a timed WOD. :)

Dorothy said...

Thank you everyone for cheering me on tonight. This was one of my favorites because I accomplished more than I thought I could. I love raising the bar on myself (ha ha! pun intended!) Without all of you guys/gals it I wouldn't have been able to do it.

I thought you asked if you could spit? I thought maybe that was your secret to super strength. "Just spit between reps...it keeps the lactose from building up."