Get to know your coaches- Keith

1.    How long have you been doing Crossfit?

Since May of 2011

2.    What certifications do you have?

Crossfit Level 1 Seminar April 2012
            Ass-kicking Savage March 1982

3.    What future certifications do you want to get?

CF Gymnastics/Oly/Powerlifting Coaches Prep, Certified Crossfit Coach(CCFC) and Level II.

4.    What are your favorite things to coach?

All of the gymnastics/bodyweight movements.  I feel that I have a very good understanding of those movements and that I can easily relate that understanding to others.

5.    Why do you like coaching?

I like coaching for the same reason that you’ve probably read from the other coaches.  There is a lot that we get out of coaching others and helping them reach their goals.  I believe that the desire to help others succeed/obtain goals is human nature. Being a coach gives me another avenue to do so.

6.    How would you classify your style?

Empathetically humorous.  Everyone has something that they need to work on and it’s easy to get frustrated when whatever task they’re trying to accomplish doesn’t go as planned.  I try to relate (humorously) to our members and let them know that, even though they may feel like an “IDIOT!” now, their fitness goals are a constant work in progress and they’re never going to be finished.

7.    Other interests outside of Crossfit?

Fast cars, my dog, live music, Jeopardy.  ß Yes that says “Jeopardy”. I actually DVR it and watch it religiously and I challenge anyone to watch an episode with me and see if they can answer more clues than I do.

8.    What are your top 2 Crossfit goals for 2013?

Well, when I was supposed to write this profile 2 months ago they were
1)    300lb Clean
2)    Complete “King Kong”
But being that I am a terrible procrastinator I have achieved those goals and need to set new ones so here goes
1)    300lb Clean AND Jerk
2)    Be better than Aimee when she comes back from what Vinny refers to as her “Situation”.

9.    Favorite Crossfit memory?

May 9, 2011. That was the day that I came in for the Intro. I was an over-weight out of shape 29 year old who had no idea how to workout. My Dr. wanted to put me on medication for high cholesterol. The WOD that day was 1RM Clean and then 3 cleans @ 80% 1RM on the minute for 7 minutes. Before the intro started I walked in on the EMOM and heard the barbells crashing and everyone busting their ass to complete the workout. Later the baseline crushed me. My time was 9:49 and that was with pull-up attempts. I couldn’t do a single one. We often see in movies, and read in books about “life changing experiences/events/moments”. I never really believed that things happened like that but that day was one for me and I knew it as soon as I walked through the door.

10. What's your "day" job?

I’m the owner of a small retail franchise called “Nutrishop”.  For the past year I have been doing everything I can get it open but some guy named “Murphy” and his “Law” keep f**king with me.  Thankfully there isn’t much left to do and I should be open soon!

11. What would you be doing for exercise without Crossfit?
8.4oz Reb Bull curls by day.
12oz Bud Light curls by night.

12. Favorite cheat foods?

I have a crippling addiction to sweets!!  Cookies are by far my favorite.  I’ll eat any kind.  Even those terrible Italian ones that everyone’s Grandmother or older relative bakes around Christmas.


Jim C said...

300 lb clean AND cookies? Now I have two reasons to want to be like Keith.

Chris P. said...

Good stuff Keith, thanks for the good read. You're clearly very enthusiastic about CF (well, you and Paul can battle it out for living arrangements at the box). Not many guys your size can do King Kong, so that's a pretty sweet accomplishment.

Gina Spinelli said...


You represent O-Town to the highest degree!!!! Growing up with you was awesome and you have not changed one bit. Love seeing you at the box, it's like having a little piece of home there!! :)

Mike Worth said...

Keith, you are an excellent coach and a TON of fun to have leading a class! Thank you again for all of your goofy humor and great cues when you teach sarah and I! Here's to your next year being even more epic!!

Melanie said...

Keith, I hate your face! Smellanie

Jason Lyons said...

I beat you....once.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Keith; King Kong doesn't have shit on you...

Dan L.