W.O.D. 2.4.12

Kit “silhouetted” as he walks to his plane for the final week of Marine flight training. He will earn his Wings as a 1st LT USMC pilot on 10 FEB in Corpus Christi, TX. Congratulations Kit. Thank you for serving our country!

Split Snatch

3 x 400M Run
(rest 2:00 minutes between runs)

"You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's initiative and independence."
Abraham Lincoln

Gabe 115
Erika 68
Tim M 160
Megs 68
KT 95
Faby 150
Kate 100
LP 85
Nick 115
Tim P 170
Jason 165
Lam 125
Becca 65
Susan 75
Kim G 60 power form
Flounder 125
Roni 65
Tony 175
Matt G 145
Anna 30 form
Joe P 105
Beth O 25 form


donkey said...

Kit: so proud of you--can't believe you're nearly done! congratulations on your achievement and thank you for serving. rawk!

Mike P said...

Congrats Kit, and thank you for your service.

Howard said...

Thank you for your service Kit. Congratulations!

Melanie said...

Congratulations Kit!!!!! Super proud if you!

And how bummed am I that I am missing not only snatches but SPLIT snatches!!! Have some fun for me!! Be back tomorrow!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Love you Kit, for so many reasons. Congrats on the end of one journey and I'm sure the start is a new one. Thanks fort being who you are in the world.

Jen Naspinski said...

That picture gives me the chills - what an awesome accomplishment. semper fi!

Megs said...

Kit its a true privilege to know you! Stay safe. THANK YOU!!

Jason Lyons said...

mad props to timmy on a wicked snatch. your speed through the middle was redonkulous. that being said, you owe me 30 burpees for being late. :)