Get to know your coaches- Steph

How long have you been doing Crossfit?
Since September 2009

What certifications do you have?
CF Level 1, CF Coaches Prep, CF Kids, CF Olympic Weightlifting, CF Goal Setting and I’m getting my USA Weightlifting L1 in March 2013

What future certifications do you want to get?
I’d like to get certifications in CrossFit Kettlebell, Mobility and Rowing, as well as get my Level 2.  I'd also take additional clinics in Olympic lifting with the experts in that sport, so that I can bring the knowledge back to CFKOP.

What are your favorite things to coach?
My passions are Olympic Lifting, the art of scaling and the mental side of CrossFit.

Why do you like coaching?
It's funny that there are many parallels between my coaching in the gym and my life coaching practice.  In both cases, I hold for my client their potential.  I hold it, even when they cannot see it themselves.  My job is to move them towards that potential.  That is what I love, watching people discover their possibilities.  I'm going to be with them when it’s going great and also when they're in the heart of the suck.  Watching people reach down and give 100% of who they are to a workout or to life is the same thing to me.  I also love community...its essential to a fulfilling life.  I like being a leader in this one.

How would you classify your style?
I guess I'd say my coaching style is very "Right Brained".  I'm creative, intuitive, humorous & passionate.  That being said, I also know my shit and strive to learn more every chance that I get.

Other interests outside of Crossfit?
Fitness wise, I enjoy olympic weightlifting, yoga and adult gymnastics classes. Outside of fitness, I’d say I like trying anything new, socializing with friends and family, and being creative.

What are you top 2 Crossfit goals for 2013?
My top two goals will always be to enjoy my training and that my training is in alignment with me being as physically functional as possible now and in the future. Also I am going to scratch “do an Olympic weightlifting competition” off my bucket list this year.

Favorite Crossfit memory?
So many memories, it's hard to pick one.  I think I have to go with the "Bad Ass Bitch" strongwoman competition I did at Iron Sport Gym in August 2010.  It's not exactly a CrossFit memory, but the only training I did for it was CrossFit.  It was so weird to be going to a competition where everyone would be focusing on my body (I spent so many years avoiding that).  I was so nervous and had absolutely no expectations of winning anything.  I had been CrossFitting for only about 10 months.  I did my best in 5 events, including my entrance into the 300# dead lift club on the axle bar (that was an awesome PR!) and ended up winning the novice division.   It was so cool to win something, and having a plaque that says I am a bad ass bitch...that's priceless!

What's your "day" job?
I have a Life Coaching Practice.  My practice focuses on two populations.  One is women who want to have a better relationship with there bodies. The other is CrossFitters and athletes that wish to improve and be more satisfied in their mental performance.  Also, my newest adventure is a workshop I created called The 5th Element of Fitness.  It’s all about giving CrossFitters insight and tools that will help them integrate their mind and body...which leads to all sorts of good stuff!  I'll be taking the workshop to other CrossFit affiliates throughout the year! I'm psyched.

What would you be doing for exercise without Crossfit?
I very well may have been doing NOTHING for exercise without doing CrossFit first.  CrossFit not only developed a foundation of fitness I NEVER had (which allows me to do the other physical activities I enjoy) but it also introduced me to my body in a way I never thought was possible.  I never knew how much fun it could be to move, to learn to new physical skills, to have real progress in my abilities.

Favorite cheat foods?
In my mind there is no such thing as cheat foods. I subscribe to the idea that every time I eat I get to make a conscious choice. Most of the time I eat with fueling my body as the main motivation, sometimes I eat out of convenience, sometimes it’s social, sometimes it’s pleasure. You could say there is no cheating in my relationship with food, we have an open relationship. That being said my favorite pleasure foods are french fries and potato chips.


Chris P. said...

Congrats Steph! You have an amazing before/after story and it just keeps getting better. Thanks for sharing.

Jason Lyons said...

I really want to go to your meet. Please let us know when it is.

Kathleen said...

Great write-up Steph! I love all the creative ideas you bring to your warm-ups and cash outs. Your enthusiasm is second to none and it is contagious! Keep up the great work! Thanks for all you do for our community.


Mike Worth said...

Great content, Steph! I always enjoy having you as my coach, either on the nooner, or coming over to help me. Your focus on mentality and staying in the moment has been so helpful to Sarah and I. Rock out this year!

King said...


You really have a great way at looking at things. I can and do learn a lot from you - thanks for your commitment to bettering people in many ways.


Gina Spinelli said...

You rock Steph!!!!

Miranda said...

Congrats Steph! You are so motivational and always so upbeat and positive. You are an inspiration to every athlete at the box. Love having you as a coach! Rock on with your bad a$$ self!!

Miranda said...

Congrats Steph! You are so motivational and always so upbeat and positive. You are an inspiration to every athlete at the box. Love having you as a coach! Rock on with your bad a$$ self!!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Love you all. The weekend of May 4-5 is when the competition is going to be held. Don't have all the details, but its an East Coast Gold Meet and its supposed to be at CrossFit Lancaster. Their will be an Open and Novice divisions...so I am hoping maybe to hustle some more KOP peeps in to do it :-)