2013 Open Results

If you are interested in how you stack up against everyone in your division as well as those in KoP, please click on the link below. 

This year, the Open is proving to be much more competitive that in years past.  With over 138,000 people signed up, the level of competition can only get better and better.  Some may have the goal of getting to Regionals, some may have the goal of finishing in the top half of their age bracket, and some may just want to finish.  Whatever your goals are, be proud that you are competing and putting yourself out there for everyone to see.  

The KoP team is off to a decent start.  With more than 3 times the amount of teams that competed last year, it was assured to be a struggle to retain our streak of going to Regionals.  After WOD 1, we are sitting in 53rd place.  Some may be disappointed by this but it is important to note that we finished lower than 50 in a workout last year as well.  That being said, they only take the top 30 so we have some ground to make up.  We do not know what will come out of the hopper but we will need to do our best to leave week 2 knowing that no matter what we did, none of us could have gotten another rep.  Leave EVERYTHING on the gym floor and lets hope that whatever comes out is totally within our wheel house.  We have some impressive showings so far.  Cate is 9th in the Region in her age group and Patrick is 22nd.  These are great accomplishments...congratulations.  For everyone else, you did awesome in week one and the energy in the gym was off the charts.  This week we will be going on Friday night so lets make sure to beat the energy from week 1 by a mile.  See you at the gym!

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Melanie said...

Thank you for doing this spreadsheet. I know that takes some time to do and me being a spreadsheet junkie, appreciate seeing all of the results in this format! So great to see so many more names on the list this year!!!!