Beginners are welcome

So you are new...we promise, we are friendly, you won't be intimidated, you just need to walk though the doors of CrossFit King of Prussia.

We have a special running to entice you to join for 2015 and get fit. The cost is only $50 and you get 9 classes and two free weeks of membership. Technically 25 classes for $50, you can't resist...join us NOW.

Our Fitness Kickstarter program is for YOU... it starts in February.

If you are currently a member please share this offer with a friend and help them get fit in 2015. 

10 Reasons Why?
1) Get healthy
2) Loose weight, tone up
3) Gain strength
4) Supportive Community
5) Get Motivated
6) Reach your goals
7) Train for something more
8) Live longer
9) Great coaches
10) We do the programming, you just show up

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