W.O.D. 7.26.11

"Constantly Varied"
"Alien Invasion"
...you decide...or choose the caption!

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (55#/75#)
Push Press (55#/75#)

Community Notes:
Congrats to Charles for getting on the 100 + DU board with 103!

"Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might have been."
-Arthur Mitchell Ransome

Howard 11:10
Kristin T 9:04
Jay E 5:26
Todd B 11:57
Mike P 12:18
Kara 14:40
Victor 14:54
Keith 11:50
Olan 9:17
Alison 11:14
Rob Pl 7:52
Sam B 6:43
Chris B 12:01
Joe A 10:12
Paul F 12:14
Aimee 5:53
Donkey 11:28
Dorothy 10:21
Rob Ph 8:58
Shoeless 10:29
Travis 12:53
Jeff 8:30
Mel 12:55
Megs 11:24
Shawn 7:00
Mike F. 8:28
Steph V. 6:46
Tim P. 6:46
Tim H. 14:15
Kate 7:59
Plentus 5:58
Sharon 13:51
Jen S. 8:07
LP 7:58

Mike S 16:33 (55#)
Kim G 10:05 (45#)
Becca 19:45 (45#)
Charles 12:28@ 55
Nathan 5:10 @ PVC
JNa 12:18 @ 35
Dan B 10:10 @ 45
Steph J 10:07 @ 25
Gina 12:16 @ 45
JP 12:44 Ouchie at 9's @ 55
Joe C. 13:54 65#
Bonnie 17:08 45#
Diego 15:03 60#
Lizzie 12:52 45#
Denise 13:59 45#
Rachael 14:32 45#
Stasie 22:33 22#
Erika 8:40 45#


donkey said...

Nicely coordinated outfit.

Aimee Lyons said...

the flight of the bumble bee?

Dorothy said...

Chloe, I am your fatha

Megs said...

Lululemon makes gas masks now?

Melanie said...

May the force be with you Jason!!!

Congrats Charles!! Everyone should note that your dedication and hard work on double unders has paid off!! Good work on getting on that board!

Christina - Paper Rock Scissors said...

Song just heard accurately describes picture: "Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow."

Steph V said...

someone please send that picture to main page! congrat charles on the DU-all that practice has paid off!! And Cheng Ching nice 135# Clean!!! KOP is just ooozing with strong chicks...love it!

Charles said...

Snoopy does Crossfit!

Thanks guys. I would never have done any off the things that I have done this past year without all of your help.

Josh said...

Smart thinking Jason, with that mask you'll never gas out

Jen S. said...

"i'm a bee i'm a bee i'm a bumble bumble bee...???" haha

mikefab said...

Someone is trying out a King and Queen WOD? Are all of the competitors going tochave toxwear the mask? Way to go Charles congrats.

Paul F said...

So I know I disappeared from the box for a while, but I still make sure to check out the action here when I get a chance. Sounds like Charles got on the 100 DU board? If that's the case...mad props Charles! Hopefully I'll be back there soon! Maybe even for this WOD...

Jeff said...

Charles, congratulations on getting on the board, well done! Your hard work is definitely paying off.

TP said...

6am'r Setting the Pace
Lots of good intensity today, nice.

Howard 11:10
Kristin T 9:04
Jay E 5:26
Todd B 11:57
Mike P 12:18

Mike S 16:33 (55#)
Kim G 10:05 (45#)

Peterson said...

Nice job Charles!

I'm going to make an attempt (hopefully only one) at this month's open gym (if I can make it). Hope to join you soon!

Cate said...

9:30 results...everyone chasing Jay E.

Becca 19:45 (45)
Kara 14:40 rx
Victor 14:54 rx
Keith 11:50 rx
Olan 9:17 rx

great job everyone! we'll catch Jay E. next time. :-)

Mike P said...

Jay E = BEAST!

Jim Curran said...

Did you have tacos for dinner last nite Jason? Miss the KOP!

Chris P. said...

630pm Results

Charles 12:28@55
Alison 11:14 Rx
Steph J 10:07@25
Gina 12:16@45
JP 12:44 Ouchie at 9's@55
Rob Pl 7:52 Rx
Sam B 6:43 Rx
Chris B 12:01 Rx
Joe A 10:12 Rx
JNa 12:18@35
Dan B 10:10@45
Paul F 12:14 Rx
Nathan 5:10 @PVC

nice intensity everyone, that's a grip and shoulder burner! also, the cash out 200m sprint was fun to see the guys cheer on the girls and vice versa. Shout out to Nathan for nice form and Gina because I don't think I've seen that kind of intensity at the end of a workout before! Also, welcome back from 2 months of GRE work Paul!