CF Endurance Results

"Ever wonder what your mile time might be?"

Tonight the CFE class did a 1 mile time trial (TT), in order to get a mile time and see where they were at...everyone ran the fastest mile they could along the river. CFE class will revisit it in about 6 weeks and seek the improvements, similar to the baseline WOD we do with everyone at intro sessions.

Kate Conn 6:32 (smokin)
Chris Tidmore 6:33 (ultra distance runner)
Megs 7:49 (wow)
Rachael H 7:58 (building endurance)
Howard 8:31 (mean kick)

Then because it was a TT, they had FULL rest, so like 5-7minutes.
Then 3x400m intervals.


Laura Pappas said...

Wow solid times in the HEAT from the endurance Wodders...wish I would have made it as well, I may have to do this on my own.

Thoughts, did you run faster since you were being timed and running with others? What mile course did you use, 2x800?

Unknown said...

The heat made this one tough...I'd like to think I could knock a good 10 seconds off in normal temperatures. I'm interested to see how I do next time.

I think I probably ran a little faster since I was with others. It was good to have someone pushing me from behind, although I know from experience I do better when someone else sets the pace and I am chasing. The course was 2x800, starting down by the river. I also wonder what difference the rolling hills made, if I'd be faster or slower on a track.