To quote Aretha Franklin..."R-E-S-P-E-C-T"

We have a great deal of respect for every athlete who walks through the doors at CFKoP. The time and dedication we put into our continued education and into our coaching staff is unparalleled. We have also invested a lot of time, money and heart into the equipment and maintenance of the facility. All of this so that we can provide you with the best atmosphere and cleanest gym possible.

What we ask of you in return is to respect the equipment and the space you work out in. The following class does not want to work out in your sweaty mess...please clean it up. No one wants to sit their nice clothes in a chalky mess...please clean it up. We love to have the little ones around as they are too a part of our community but if your kids make a mess...please clean it up. No one wants to use the bloody bar you just scraped your knees on it...please clean it up. No one wants to pick up your nasty tape left in the corner after your pull-ups went bad... However coaches, family and several members of the gym are left to do all of this...we scrub mats, disinfect bars, throw away trash, clean the messes in the bathroom & pick up after you have left for the evening so the gym looks as good as it can for the next day.

This is our community and it is your gym, please treat it like you would your own home.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Jason Lyons said...

I know it is summer and as a result, we may sweat a little more and the bar may get a bit more slippery. We have chalk at the gym for your safety. However, the purpose of chalk is NOT to turn you into Casper the friendly ghost, it is to dry your hands. If your hands are white you have ENTIRELY too much chalk on them and will INCREASE your chances of ripping. Bring your own towel or use the ones we provide at the gym to dry your hands and then apply a LITTLE bit of chalk to dry your hands.

Also, we screwed the buckets of chalk to the wall for a reason. We figured if there was going to be a mess, it would be at least located in one spot. The buckets are screwed to the wall so they do not leave the wall....that means that the blocks of chalk in them should not leave either. CF is hard and you get tired and it is extremely easy to forget where you put it and step on it or drop a weight on it. Please keep the chalk in the chalk bucket.

Finally, I am sure that you can all see the completely destroyed 10's and 15's in the corner. We have ordered new plates so that we can continue to provide the weights that are needed but as it is insane to spend 2k every 2 months on 10's and 15's, we have to institute a rule that bars that only have 10's or 15's on them cannot be dropped from overhead unless it is a safety issue. Remember you can get to 65# by using the 15# bar and 25#. Totally acceptable to drop. Starting immediately, anyone seen dropping a bar from above the waist with just 10's or 15's will be issued a 50 burpee penalty at the end of class.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Cate said...

Oh I loooove penalties. :-)