W.O.D. 7.27.11

For time complete:
Row 1000M
10 Muscle Ups

*Muscle Ups can be subbed with MU transitions (w/ or w/out) the band or jumping MU or Pull-ups (20) and Dips (20).

Cash out:
30 GHD Sit-ups
30 GHD Hip Extensions

Community Reminder:
Coach Pappas will have Endurance class tonight at 5:30PM. Meet in the Lobby.

A New Perspective by Gillian Mounsey

"It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them."
-Mark Twain

Nicole 7:56 (transition)
Mike P 5:32 (green)
Mike S 7:46 (green)
Jay E 8:27 (jumping Mu)
Todd 7:57 (Rx)
Dianne 10:48 (transition / ring dips)
Keith 9:00 jumping mu
Katie 11:51 (pu/rd)
Denise 11:00 (pu/rd)
Stephanie 10:43 (pu/rd) black
Tom H 14:53 (pu/rd)
Joy 10:17 mu transitions and pu
Tracy 8:30 mu transition practices
Kim G. 10:10 (pu/rd) green
Rhonda (pu/rd) green
Terri 11:49 (pu/rd) black
Rob Ph 4:59 trans
Mike F 7:36 trans
Kill B 7:25 jump/MU
Brian R. 6:32 trans
Ross 11:08 Rx (congrats on your first MU- welcome to the club)
Tidmore 6:04 trans/pink
Becca 6:33 trans/dip
Kelli 7:02 trans
Margot 7:19 trans/dip
Plentus 8:05 Rx


Jen Naspinski said...

someone asked about the origins of Rx or "as prescribed". Rx which we relate to prescriptions is said have evolved from the eqyptian symbol for the eye of horus. I had the privilege of traveling to Egypt a few years ago and learned this on my tour.



Vinny said...


Nicole 7:56 (transition)
Mike P 5:32 (green)
Mike S 7:46 (green)
Jay E 8:27 (jumping Mu)
Todd 7:57 (Rx)
Dianne 10:48 (transition / ring dips)

Way to go everyone....giving 100% to the MU and the MU transition is the only way to go...Nice Job!!

Jason Lyons said...

Games site announced that all athletes must complete a "swim test" today to demonstrate they can do certain things in the water. Let the Games begin!

Kerry will be so happy

Peterson said...

I just saw that Jason. Ridiculous! I'm waiting for a rock climbing test to be next. Are you certified in belaying?

Aimee Lyons said...

Swimming will be FUN! Lots to watch, can't wait!

Laura Pappas said...

I just saw the swim test, all those tri-athletes that are also Crossfitters are grinning :) Oh and the Megs and Kerry's too!

Megs said...

Perhaps swimming with objects from one end to the other?

I am soooo excited to watch this event and cannot wait till Aimee's dad starts building a pool! lol

Peterson said...

Weighted swimming. 100 lb weight vest and you run along the bottom of the pool while holding your breath the whole time.

Jason Lyons said...

i did not watch the video but kerry saw something that said it was only 25m or something. i think it is a pass fail test today and not an actual wod. i do not know though.

Jason Lyons said...

i want to give mad props to tim h for yesterday. tim powered through the wod and at the end when i was asking your weight and whether or not you did it as prescribed (because we all know prescribed means weight, reps, AND range of motion) tim said that he did the weight but he wouldn't give himself an rx because sometimes he came out in front for the sdlhp and maybe he hyperextended his back one or two times. his wanting to take away his rx because his form was not perfect on some reps needed an explanation so i explained to him that just makes him less efficient. if you are perfect, go faster. he locked out every push press overhead properly, he got the bar to his chin every time, he did the weight and he did the reps. that my friend is rx...be proud!

Donkey said...

I have been saying they are gonna throw swimming in for months! Can't wait to see what they do!

Ditto props to Tim. Love when people hold themselves to standards. Makes my job less about reffing and more about coaching.

Finally, Gillian's article was very thought provoking. I remember you guys going up for her 100 muscle up fundraiser. She's been a voice in the community for a long time. I'm glad she's found what works for her.

Mike P said...

Special gracias to Vinny, Todd and Jay E for spending some extra time (and patience) with me on muscle ups . . . . I'll be ready to try jumping muscle-ups the next time they come up on a WOD.

Jason Lyons said...

I am bothered that the article infers that CrossFitters are not athletes, but exercisers.


donkey said...

Maybe I missed it elsewhere, but the context she mentions it in, I agree that she was disrespecting her body AND her sport by focusing on speed rather than form, on chasing the Rx and the "ideal" body rather than focusing on moving correctly and eating and sleeping properly to support her activity. She mentions a number of times that she was basically abusing herself via exercise. An athlete respects the sport, and the skills needed to compete, and her own body to listen to what it needs to do its best. she was athletic but in the context she's defining it, and with which I agree, she was NOT an athlete.

I wrote this quickly, but I think you get the gist.

Anyone can lift weights. Hell, I smoked a pack a day and was still in the gym 3-4 times a week, lifting. Was I an athlete or an exerciser? I think the latter is more appropriate.

Cate said...

Noon results:

Keith 9:00 jumping mu
Katie 11:51 (pu/rd)
Denise 11:00 (pu/rd)
Stephanie 10:43 (pu/rd) black
Tom H 14:53 (pu/rd)
Joy 10:17 mu transitions and pu
Tracy 8:30 mu transition practices
Kim G. 10:10 (pu/rd) green
Rhonda (pu/rd) green
Terri 11:49 (pu/rd) black

Feel free to post to comments if I got your band wrong! thanks!

Charles said...

Interesting. I met Gillian in November 2008. I didn't know at the time that she was on the podium at the games. (Nor did I know what the games were). She was one of the original fire breathers in NYC. It's a shame that she doesn't crossfit anymore, but, whatever works for you, you know.

Jason Lyons said...

CF in one word is intensity. It is a balance. If your form is perfect go faster, if your unsafe, go slower.

One rep maxes require perfect form, grace for soneone that can c/j 250 does not. Different argument.

Both are important but I don't disrespect the oly lifters.

Chris P. said...

5:30 and 6:30 row your boaters

1 = jumping mu's
2 = banded transitions
3 = ring rows/banded dips

Chris S. 5:52 @1
Josh 6:00 @1
Tim H 5:51 @3
Arin 6:26 @3
Ben 6:55 @1 Welcome visitor!
Travis 6:48 @1
Randy 9:55 @3
Mr. Peterbutt 15:34 2mu +@1
Mrs. Peterbutt 9:36 @2
Sam 6:51 Rx
Sheng Ching 8:52 @3
Kristy 7:10 @3
Barrett 6:52 @1
Cline 10:55 @4 <-- jester
KSB 10:32 @2
Nick 10:28 @1
Jess C 7:25 @2
Charles 7:04 @1
TP 6:19 Rx

this was a quick hit to the lungs, grip, and overall strength, then a high skill movement. Work on your base strength to do pull ups and dips proficiently and then you can work on the skill of the elusive mu!

Lindsey said...

I actually did ring rows and dips and not transitions.

Cline said...

Plentus, surely you doth not think I was jesting or even japing. I chose one of the scaling options that was not listed on the board (20 PUs/20 Ring dips) and expanded the list of choices.

If I were wearing gloves, I'd slap you with one and challenge you to a duel.