W.O.D. 7.7.11

Interval rowers!

Joe D. back at the nooner!

Row 150M x 6
rest 1 minute between intervals


"The Baseline"
500M Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

Community Reminder:
Today is the first Thursday of the month, Open gym will run from 5PM - 7PM. All CFKoP members are welcome.

Check out these archives - CrossFit San Francisco plays with Overhead strength
[mov] [wmv]

"Spirit ... has fifty times the strength and staying power of brawn and muscle."
- Unknown

Mike P 5:14 Rx
Steve Z. 9:12 KB/Ring Row
Jay E. 5:31 Rx
Nina 6:48 floss
Peterson 5:35 Rx
Nick 5:47 Rx
Kara 6:35 Blue
Dianne 8:35 green
Kevin B. 4:45 DC
Tim (visitor from NEPA) 4:44 Rx
Nicole Mc 6:18 Green
Dorothy 5:33 Rx
Karen 7:32 Green
Joe D. 8:02 blue
Rhonda 5:32 green
Keith 7:06 Rx
Jen S. 6:21 Rx + GHD
Olan 4:22 Rx
Donkey 6:01 Rx
Sharon 7:19 Mental floss
Kate 4:55 DC
Victor 6:34 band
Gina 6:06 green/knees


donkey said...

the baseline?? the baseline! awwwwwww yeah!

Aimee Lyons said...

yes, Donkey you owe me a completion of the scores on the board!!!!

donkey said...

LOL, i did it Rx a while ago but keep forgetting to put it on the board. i will be at the nooner for this one for sho!

TP said...

TP & LP European Adventure wod on the Barcelona Beach local pullup barcenter.
10rounds of Cindy for Time
LP 9:34
TP 7:14

Jason Lyons said...

tim...forget about cf and enjoy europe!!!

Todd said...

I love the baseline, and so close to my two year cf anniversary!

Hey, side note, anyone know a good electrician?

donkey said...

holy shiznit, did anyone watch that video? i just watched a guy do pistols with my 1RM OHS.

Vinny said...


Mike Rx 5:14
Steve Z 9:12 (KB swing / ring row)
Jay E 5:31 Rx
Nina 6:48 (MF)
Peterson 5:35 Rx
Nick 5:47 Rx
Kristen 6:16 (MF)
Kara 6:35 (thin Blue)
Dianne 8:35 (green)

Great work everyone...way to smash those base line times, even after 6 sprints on the rower. PRs for Nick and Kara!!!

Tamas said...

Too bad I'm missing the Baseline. Looks like fun!
I'm enjoying the hospitality of CF NYC "The Black Box" for the next two days...

Jason Lyons said...

Tamas is the new CF Gypsy! How many different boxes have you been to?

Jeff said...

Tamas, if you run into Mike Mishik up at The Black Box, tell him we say hi and we miss him. He was part of CF KoP prior to going to NY, a great guy.

Mike P said...

. . . deceptively simple WOD on paper, but in actuality very, very humbling - love this stuff.

Melanie said...

Danny- what crazy WOD are you doing at tonight's open gym?

Jason Lyons said...

Danny is running to Walgreen's for some Vagisil and won't be joining us tonight. Two days off in a row...he is not well.

Melinda has asked me to get people do to Morrison so I will give it a go.

wall balls, box jumps, kbs.


Mike P said...

If I'm able to move after my repeats, I'll make a go at a 1/2 Morrison - I need practice on wall balls, among other things.

Nina said...

I'll do the morrison!!
I am also really interested in doing last wednesdays WOD.. 21, 15, 9 ground to overhead, squats and lunges..75# for girls
Maybe some kipping practice?!?! PLEASEE..friggin pullups are killing mee

Mike P said...

yes, yes, kipping practice por favor!

Charles said...

I've never gotten to do just plane old Annie. I might have to give her a try.

Cate said...

We have used keith martin. Keith Jr did our work and I tried forever to get him to come to crossfit! He was really nice. If you call you should request him and then harass him to come to Kop. The number is 610 687-5928.

out of office reply said...

Danny is out of the office today and all weekend AMRAP'ing PBR's. Be back Monday!

Melinda said...


Can't wait to see results from whoever does Morrison w/you! This one killed me!

Good Luck to whoever is taking a shot at it tonight!

donkey said...

vagisil? is it the MPH WOD again?

Jen S. said...



Todd said...

Thanks Cate!

Aimee Lyons said...

There were some awesome Baseline improvement times today! Congrats!

Special shout to Todd, from his first baseline of 9:17 (and spending 45 minutes on the ground after) to a rocking 4:17...nice job!

Howard said...


Barcelona is only a few short hours from Pamplona and the San Fermin Festival. TP and LP running with the bulls. Now that's a European Adventure WOD.

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