For time athletes must complete:
100 Pull ups and (7,000-men/4,000-ladies) pounds from Shoulder to Overhead

This work can be completed in any order but you can only select one weight and one rep scheme from the list below. The bars will be taken from the floor.

The weight selections are as follows:

135# for 52 reps
115# for 61 reps
95# for 74 reps
65# for 108 reps

95# for 43 reps
75# for 54 reps
55# for 73 reps
35# for 115 reps

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” 
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Faby 11:13 rx
Chris A 17:19 rx
  Jason 15:51 rx
Keith 10:41 rx
Aim 11:20 rx
Sharon 22:43 rx
Smizzzzy 26:44 band
Rachel 17:24 band
Mike S 25:10 rom (Jason says rx)
Matt B 13:58 band
Flounder 18:33 rom (Jason says rx)
Kathy 20:00 band
Wax (70/35)
King 15:46 rx
Beth O 18:47 rr 1 arm db
Maria 18:?? rom and band
Erika 20:00 band
Oleg 17:17 rx
Steph 19:10 band
Coxhead 8:41 rx
Shival 22:29 band
Dinger 15:21 band
Matt G 18:21 (3/4 pullups)
Brennan 12:28 rx
Megs 12:05 rx
Kate K 8:02 (1/2 reps)
Alison 5:31 (1/4 pullups)
Lauren 16:00 band
Chip 14:17 rx
Kimbo 11:16 band rr


Paul S said...

Pissed im missing this Saturday Crew. Crush it.

Stephanie Vincent said...

WTG Flounder and Mike S!! You guys have integrity and pull ups :-) way to rock it.

King said...

coxhead - unreal! nice job dude - you killed it!

King said...

Wax - great to see you back at the box

Mike S said...

Thanks Steph! I gotta admit that I smiled when I saw that Jason called it out as Rx on the blog. I really appreciate the great support and encouragement from John C., Flounder, Aimee and others this morning!