King and Queen Heats

The time has arrived, we are excited for Saturday's event, the 9th annual - King and Queen of Prussia.

Arrival Time: 8:00 am
Athlete Briefing: 8:30 am
First WOD begins: 9:00 am

We will provide a catered lunch and beer. Please feel free to bring some snacks and drinks to share as well. 

We will soon assign "hydration buddies".  As a hydration buddy, you will be assigned a fellow athlete. Your job is to make sure your buddy is well hydrated, fed, and having a great time (you will be their #1 cheerleader).

Heat List (take 2)

Heat 1:
 Andrew Coyle
 Andrew Mahle
 Jeff Paul
 Carl Beigler
 Taylor Williams
 Joe Smutek
 Laura A
 Pam G
 Jen C
 Dana D
 Theresa L

Heat 2:
 Kevin Bray
 Pete D
 Josh Mc
 Joe C
 Dan M
 Mark Spak
 Danielle G

Heat 3:
 Kevin T 
 Matt T 
 Julie R 
 Alison K 
 Jen Solt 
 Mary H 

Heat 4:
 Mike C 
 Jeff H 
 Kevin L 
 John Mc 
 Ben M 
 Kevin H 
 Alex B 
 Jackie H 

Heat 5: 
 Mike Roth
 Mark P 
 Jonathan T 
 Bryan S 
 Matt D 
 Mike San 
 Brain Strauss 
 Jess M 
 Therese W*

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