Dan Faby

What first brought you in the doors of CrossFit King of Prussia? 
Well back in the day I was pretty into long obstacle course races, such as tough mudders or spartan races. I did not like the typical gym setting, then found out about crossfit and thought it would be perfect for training. Did a quick google search and found that Crossfit KoP was very close to my apartment at the time so I decided to check it out.

What has kept you consistent?
Always setting small and big goals for myself in order to motivate myself and to get better. Before it was half marathons and 24hr obstacle course races. Now its getting better and stronger at the olympic lifts. Maybe in the future it can be to do more cardio/wods again...maybe.

What advice do you have for newer athletes?
Advice for newer athletes would be try not to have a big ego and have fun. No need to worry about what everyone else is doing, figure out your own goals and accomplish them. Also it pays to take the time to learn the correct technique.

What would you tell someone thinking about joining our community?
I would say Crossfit KoP offers a lot and will help you reach where you want to go. You will get some great coaching and meet some even better people. I would tell them that this gym/community will change your life for the better because thats what it did for me.

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