Pam Gulotta

What first brought you in the doors of CrossFit King of Prussia? 
I have always been interested in fitness. Early on, I found running. A few co-workers of mine told me that I “had to” try CrossFit. They swore I would love it. I started at a box near my office. Shortly later a friend had told me about KOP and that she researched that it was the best around. It was closer to my house so I would try to go at night on my way home from work and loved it.

What has kept you consistent?
Honestly, what has kept me consistent initially was the convenience. I was offered a full time work from home position with my company. One of my first thoughts when accepting the position was “now I get to go to KOP every day!” And I did. And I was hooked. I loved the coaches, the people. I worked out at noon on my lunch break. As the years went by I loved all the extra help and added opportunities that came my way to get better. I added more programming, more training and Aimee not only allowed for me to do this but also guided me and showed me how. I am forever grateful because this made CrossFit a way of life for me. And now she is stuck with me forever.

What advice do you have to newer athletes? 
My advice to newer athletes would be to put 100% into it. Set goals and if you commit to working on them, you will achieve them. Even when you think you can’t. If CrossFit and general physical fitness is a goal for them, then they are 100% in the right place. Some days are hard, some days you don’t succeed. But the days where you achieve something you couldn’t do before, those days are priceless.

What would you tell someone thinking about joining our community?
To do it! Joining KOP has made me stronger, healthier and more confident. Each day that I go hard and give my all I feel like I’m teaching my daughters that they can do whatever they dream of. Besides this personal growth, CF KOP has also introduced me to life-long friends. This community is the best CrossFit community out there! Join us!

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