Double Unders
Sit ups

Floor Press
(compare to 9.18.12) and (3.5.13)

What is a Floor Press: 
It's just a bench press from the floor. We will do it narrow gripped, with your elbows by your sides to mimic the pressing position of the push-up and ultimately the handstand push-up.
The Floor Press is essentially a Bench Press minus the actual bench.  At the bottom of each rep, there will be a momentary pause before locking the bar out over the chest. The pause at the bottom of a Floor Press does two things; firstly it removes the stretch reflex normally present in Bench Pressing. This will produce a similar training effect as seen in Box Squats where the pause at the bottom forces your muscles to move the weight without the benefit of an elastic rebound.  Secondly, a slow and controlled Floor Press will protect your wrists and upper arms. That's also pretty important...

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Keith B said...


Balmer 6:45 Rx 235
Wax 10:52 Rx 235
KT 6:49 Rx 120
Steve Z 15:36 su 95
Rachael H-A 10:00 su 85
Anne 11:00 su 85
Fayth 10:53 su 65
Jen F 12:08 su 70


Patrick 10:24 Rx 245
Marci 10:40 su 75
Tracy 10:33 su 90